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『壹』 成为一名医生应该怎么做英语作文

How to be a good doctor?
A good doctor will seldom treat bad with patients.They did good job.They never misread the illness.They put resuce person from death above all things.
To be a good doctor need a long way to go.Fisrt you should have the ecation background of MCAT.To finish this kind of study mostly need 5-8years.Then pass through the exam of license of doctor.Get the license you can work as a doctor.But to be a good doctor should to more than that.You need practices.More and more,with the experience acumulation maybe you can become a good doctor.

『贰』 写医生利弊的英语作文开头怎么写

Pros and cons of doctors <---非正式
Advantages and disadvantages of doctors <----正式点

『叁』 《我想当一名医生》的英语作文


『肆』 当医生的好处和坏处是什么、用英语说.

What are the pros and cons of being a doctor?,

『伍』 关于英语介绍医生的作文有哪些

我的梦想是当一名医生(my dream is doctor)
I am an ordinary person,I have an ordinary dream:Is a doctor.
Because doctor may let these experience personally the human which the indisposition suffers to get rid of the pain.
May let the human change the health.At the same time,I believed that,will help others,own also to be able to obtain joyfully.Therefore,I hoped future I might be a doctor.
I want to be a doctor I want to be a doctor in the future because doctors can help sick people and make them happy.They can make me happy,too.However,many people think the hospital is always dirty and it's easy for doctors to be ill.But if I am a doctor,I don't care it .I love this job very much and I believe my dream can come true one day.To be a doctor is good for me and I'll try my best to help sick people.

『陆』 以“我想当一名医生我将会怎么做”为题写一篇75词的英语作文

I Want To Become A Doctor
" My dream is to beome a doctor and I will help the patients who have few trained doctors and very little medicine.China is a developing country, which needs good doctors,especially in countryside.Many patients are suffering the ill pain and struggling in dying,and how they wish to get the good and trained doctors' help.
So I am determined to become a doctor to try my best to help the poor sick people.
Now I am a student studying in a school,but I must do my best to get good grades.Now I am working hard to close to my dream step by step. I know that this is not fantasy,I beilieve that I will certainlly succeed in the future and I will help the patients out of the pain and let them live a happy life." 谢谢采纳!

『柒』 医生的英语作文 就写职业,my mother is a doctor

Dear doctors and nurses,
In this spring,the best season,we can see beautiful flowers everywhere,but nobody knows a diabolic claw is stretching to the pleasant people.SARS broke out in Beijing.Everybody is too frightened to go out of his house.But there is a group of brave people going to the front to fight against SARS.It is just you.We know you leaveyour children at home by themselves.You can't take care of your sick parents.Some of you delay your weddings.Like soldiers,you go to the front without thinking about your own safety and health.
I don't know how to show my love to you.I will do my best to study hard.Let's fight against SARS together.We'll be the winners.
Take care of yourselves.
Love from,
Li Tao

『捌』 写一篇英语作文关于我最喜爱的工作是医生

Everytime I am asked what I want to do in the future. I think a minute and say being a doctor is my dream job.
Doctor is an other kind of artist who does human art by fighting with diseases and making people feel good. I think it is a pleasure to try my best to bring happiness to others. It is a feeling of pride and I am fond of it. In modern life, a mass of people work day and night to seek wealth and as a result they ignore their health. It is known that strong body is a foundation of beatific life. I dreamed to be an excellent doctor who can help them have a right to enjoy life again. Curing people is a doctor's holy responsibility.
Being a doctor is my dream job, now I should study hard to gain more knowledge to reach my goal.

『玖』 我想当一名医生的英语作文

When I first read an article written by Chairman Mao, I knew a great doctor named Bethune. I’ made up my mind to be a doctor ever since I realized how important a doctor’s job is.

In the dictionary, doctor means a person who has been trained in medical science and who treats people that are ill. But I don’t think that is quite correct. In my opinion, a doctor is an angel who brings patients from illness to happiness and gives the hope to the patients to live on. Doctor himself is the most effective medicine to a patient.

I used to get sick in my childhood, so I had to go to see the doctor frequently. Every time I saw a smile on the doctors face, I felt safe and warm. It seemed that the doctor was the only person that the pain should be afraid of. And at very beginning, I thought I should do something in return for the doctor’s unselfish help. Of course, the best way is to be a doctor.

To be a doctor, I know, is not easy for everyone. It requires a kind heart and a difficult process of learning. But I have the faith to realize my dream and overcome all the difficulties I have to face. For me, I’ll treat every barrier on my way as a step of a ladder through which I can achieve success.

At last, there is one thing for sure that it’s my honor to join in the glorious team of doctors and devote my whole life to helping others.



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