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① 帮忙写一篇英语作文

There's a new shopping center right next to the school
It's right around the bus stop
The shopping center is really big. We can get all kinds of procts in there.
I always go to that shopping center with my friends after school. We bought clothes sometimes.
Around the shooping center, there's a restaurant where we can have Sichuan food.
Sichuan food is really spicy. But I think you'll like it.

② 帮忙创作一个英语短文,要朗读1分钟左右

In our physical world, money solves many problems. Many people think, wrongly, that money can buy happiness because there is a price tag on “almost” everything.

Some things are not for sale – like my dog, for instance (and my children). Although my doxy costs me about $1,000 a year in maintenance, food and vet bills, we love the little beast fiercely, and he could not be bought for a million dollars – on most days.

You can’t buy back good health, once it’s ruined, and you can’t buy Time. All humans have expiration dates, and few can pay for even a few extra, “good days” once the Grim Reaper comes to visit.

That leaves me defending Fame.

This is why I’d choose fame over fortune. Once we’re gone, what’s left behind is our reputation – the love, positive influence and good memories - that people remember us by. That is our personal legacy, our memorial for being on earth. Few remember us for our fortunes, unless we leave it to them.

Recall some famous people: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, former U.S. presidents; Picasso and Van Gogh, artists; Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark, explorers; Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe, writers; Socrates and Confucius, philosophers; etc.

Probably not a single, mentioned soul became wealthy ring their lifetimes, and they probably all had differing degrees of “success” and earthly “happiness,” but they stand out in history; they affected many peoples’ lives; they changed the earth in some way.

Most of us admire these people; we envy them for their “immortality” because they live on in the history books and our memories; their names have become household words for many of us.

Many people will say things like “Confucius said,” and listeners pay attention, even though he was not of our culture or religion; he was not a movie star; and none of us ever actually met him - since he died a few hundred years ago.

We also quote Shakespeare, even in his many guises as his own created-characters like Macbeth, Hamlet, and Othello who “spoke to us” more than one hundred years after Shakespeare died.

From the time a child starts school, we ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Many kids used to respond with things like “cowboys, firemen, and cops” (noticeably mostly boy-oriented roles) from early TV influence, but today’s television has greatly influenced – for better or worse - how children perceive the world.

Today, most young kids would probably say they want to be movie stars, sports stars, or famous athletes. Even girls have teen idols like Britney and Jamie Spears, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson, etc. but those girls do not have “normal lives,” and many mature girls do not idolize them.

Boys might want to be a basketball or football star, but most realize those “careers” are short-lived and involve many risks of injury or even death. That is the unwanted side of “fame AND fortune.”

Because we appreciate those who “entertain” us, many successful “stars” today are rewarded with great wealth. But those positions are earned by only a few, and once you delve into those peoples’ private lives, most of us no longer envy them, but pity their short-lived fame and huge incomes that cannot buy privacy, happiness, long-term relationships, and untarnished legends.

Many superstars have their lives exposed for emptiness, plicity, questionable relationships (including multiple marriages), and non-real, Hollywood-projected-happiness. In fact, many of their lives include multiple divorces, isolation for self-protection, bankruptcy, and drug or alcohol addiction.

Many lives of the wealthiest and most famous end in suicide: Elvis Presley, John Belushi, Anna Nichole Smith, and Marilyn Monroe came to an early end. Their names live on in sadness and pity. Arguably, stars like Michael Jackson have few choices beyond an early death because of an unrealistic lifestyle; the need for publicity; the need for drugs to keep on going; and the huge push required to maintain their positions at the top of the world, where no regular human can live for long.

Of course, a few, like Oprah Winfrey (TV multi-millionaire), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Donald Trump (real estate multi-millionaire), Barbara Walters (famous interviewer), and others have earned big money along with fame, but they earned it doing something for the public that was an extension of themselves as real people. Oprah (think black and poverty in her childhood) registers with people for her compassion for others and trying to spread “helpfulness” and common wisdom. Gates was a boy-genius (not envied as a teenager) who made money from his “nerdy” efforts with computers.

Walters shows a compassionate side with her hard-hitting interviews, and she earned the respect of her interviewees so she gets the scoop over her peers. Trump is a genius with great timing; he is an executive who seems to make honest, brilliant deals in real estate, but he’s gone through three wives already and admits he was a lousy father.

Few of us can do it all or have it all.

I think it comes down to living genuine, good lives in our relationships with others. That is, ultimately, what it means to be human. Once we are gone, I think most of us would prefer to be remembered for our deeds, names, and reputations rather than for our money.

During my life, I was a child welfare caseworker, and I affected many children’s lives. I would love to be remembered, at least by those whose lives I touched, as one of THE greatest caseworkers ever.

I was the head of dog rescue for several years. I “saved” many dogs. I hope they, and their new owners, remember me for “rescuing” them.

I am a writer. I have been freelancing for over 50 years. It would be nice to be remembered as that “great” writer who affected others’ lives with something she wrote.

But, ultimately, if I am remembered “only” for being a good wife, mother, daughter, and as a basically “good person,” I will feel that I lived a good life; and my memory will live on through those who outlive me.

I won’t regret that I never had a fortune, but I passed on the “wealth” I had to those I loved and those who loved me. Who I was and what I did will become “famous” to those who knew me.

No one should need to ask for more than that.

Fame, fortune, fame, fortune. Well if you juggle those words they both sound good don't they? But in my humble opinion I'm going have to go with fortune. I've always been a material girl, not necessarily designer items, but I do like to relish in beautiful clothes and pamper myself here and there. And honestly, if you have fame you have the money to go with it but would you truly be happy?

Fame and fortune all in one sounds like a great two for one deal doesn't it? In my view, that is wrong. Sure, fame may be amazing when you get your first taste of it. But imagine everything that comes with it, you have a management, publicist, stylish, make up artists even, following you mostly everywhere. Since gossip magazines are such a huge hit especially today, you'll be on the cover of one at least once a month given or take how much fame you have.


③ 帮忙写一篇英语作文

Dear Peter,
I will be coming to Shanghai next week and I hope you can reserve a hotel for me. I would like the hotel's location to be near a subway station, preferably in downtown Shanghai. I will check in to the hotel on March 16th and I plan to stay for three nights. I will check out on March 19th. I hope to book a five-star hotel with a good European restaurant and a spa for my relaxation. Thank you very much!

④ 帮忙写1篇英语作文60词题为my vacation

I plan to go to Hawaii for this vacation with my family !I am going for next Friday !I staying for three weeks . I heard that the weather is sunny and warm .I am going to swim in the sea and eat something Hawaii's foods .Beacurse I heard Hawaii 's food is 美味的 .I going shopping and buying some gifts for my friends ! I going to the beach and piaying volleyball .And I taking a walk in the beautiful beach before dinner !I hope I have a relax vacation !I can't wait !


⑤ 帮忙写一篇英语作文 !!急!1

Computer have come ato our home silently. Because of study, relax and so many reasns, computers appear in many people's homes. A few years ago, computer is just a daydream to me, now however, it has become my close friends.

Through computer we can search a lot information easily at home, instead od losing ourselves in books's ocean. There's no double of that benefit of computer is huge. Because of it, we commmunicate many more, and we just need to pay a little to talk with our friends in foreign countries, and also get rid of the horrible telephone bills. At the same time, the shopping online is also convenient to us very much, all the trasations is just like pressing a key, and the thing you need will come to you in a short time. Saving your time is saving your life. The home computer really saves your life. SOHO is a new occupation because of the popular of home computer. Don't you want to work at your comfortable home?

However, everythings has two sides. The benefit is so big that its adverse consequences also can't be forgotten. Many more recluses come out because of extremely losing themselves in computer. They get addicted deeply, and escape from the real world. And a lot of students can't control themselves from computer games. The poor thing is computer not only distory human's mental, ita slos let people's pphysic go bad. Eyeside will became worse and worse, and the changes of catching cancer will became higher and higher too.

Unquestonably, the develop of computer brings plenty of convenient to us. Because of it, our life change a lot. On the other hand, we must also know the terrible result come with it. Many people can't stand up against the lure of it, and become the slave of computer. The computer becomes a strong drug and makes they addicted.

So we must promote the right use of computer to all the people, let the benefit service us and the adverse affect get away from us.

⑥ 帮忙写一片英语作文

Nobody could have failed to notice that wasting has become a grave problem in many campuses. Take a look around, you will realize the existence of the wasting. In the dining hall, much food are left in the plates and mped into the trash cans. In the classroom, lots of stationery which can be used all the same is discarded on the desks. In the dorm building, the lights are left on though there is nobody there, and the taps are left open, causing water running all the time. And there can be more such examples about the wasting.
Wasting is bound to generate some relative consequences if we do not keep an eye on it. It will put strains on the shortage supply of food, water and other sources; you know that the sources we are using mostly are unregenerative, that is to say the sources are becoming fewer and fewer, some experts have predicted that the coal will be worked out in the next 150 years, and the petroleum will be used up less than 300 years, that’s the reason why the price of energy sources is increasing to a unbelievable level. Maybe you will say that at that time people should have invented new energy resources to replace these resources. However, we can not imagine what will happen in the future, and control the changing world. What’s more, if we don’t pay attention on the wasting, we will get the habit that is against traditional customs and lead a luxury life, which is dangerous to our later life.
In the view of the consequences of this problem, effective measures must be taken before things get worse. It’s high time to that we take steps to stop wasting; we should start from trifles around ourselves: try to order the exact amount of food that you can consume; turn off the tap when you finish washing; turn off the light and the water fountain when leave the dormitory. We students should enhance the awareness of saving resources. Therefore, with effective measures and proper laws, it will only be a matter of time to make wasting a past thing.

⑦ 帮忙写一篇英语作文,短一点就行

Life can be meaningful.
Life may be hard for us.If you were a poor family.Perhaps you will know what kind of life is you want it,you will try to survive.
We must have a right attitude to life.Sometimes,if weren't I opened my mouth.You will think about that it was a joking.But I think that I could use some experience to tell you what is the meaning of life?
The real meaning of life,sometimes not only like your imaging.Sometimes it is hard,not easy,some person will give you some trouble,but everything will pass it.

⑧ 英语写作题目,帮忙做一下,谢谢!





































2。写在答题纸一的一个注记的50 - 60字基于以下情况:





⑨ 帮忙写一下英语作文,谢谢

Though I don't tell you often, I'll always love you and send my best to u on this special day. 虽然不常说,但是我会一直爱你并且把我最好祝福给你在这个特殊的日子里.
·As time goes by, everything changes. Only my love for u is everlasting! I love u Mom! Have a great day!时光飞逝,万物变迁,只有我对你 的爱永恒!我爱你妈妈,节日快乐
·I love u with my heart and soul, U can never have too many hugs or too much love. Happy Mother's Day and happiness always! 我全心全意地爱你,再多的拥抱和爱给你也不够,母亲节快乐,永远快乐!
·As long as I can remember, Whenever I'm happy or sad I turn to u since u are such a wonderful mom. Have a Happy Mother's Day!

·Thank u, Mom, For being the inspiration, And the source of so many precious memories. Wishing u happiness everyday of yr

·Thank you dear Mom, For your love and caring, For your giving and sharing, 谢谢你妈妈,谢谢你的爱和照顾,谢谢你的给予和分享
·Mother's have a great way of giving, helping and teaching… And especially of loving. Happy Mother's Day!妈妈有一种伟大的给予,帮助和教育尤其是爱的方式,母亲节快乐


⑩ 帮我写一篇英语小短文啊```不用太长啊


假定你是李华。应英国朋友Bob的要求, 写一封短信介绍你校图书馆的基本情况。内容须包括下面两幅图中的相关信息。
Dear Bob,
Thank you for your last letter asking about our library.______________________

Best wishes
Li Hua




第二节 开放作文(15分)
You and your Australian friend Jim are visiting a city in China where you see the street sculptures as shown below. You and Jim are discussing what the artist is trying to say. Now you are telling Jim how you understand this piece of art and what makes you think so.
提示词:雕塑sculpture 笔记本电脑 laptop


2.生词:通讯:communicate(with sb.)vi.
communication n.
互联网:the Internet n.


第三节:书面表达 (满分30分)
当前不少文学作品被改编成电影。有人选择看电影,有人则喜欢读原著。请你以“Film or book, which do you prefer?”为题,按照下列要点写一篇英语短文:
1、 看电影:省时、有趣、易懂
2、 读原著:细节更多、语言优美
3、 我的看法及理由
注意:1、词数:100-120 文章题目和开头已给出(不计入词数)。
2、参考词汇: original work 或 book in the original (原著)
Film or book, which do you prefer?
Some of us think that it is better to see the film than to read the book in the original.

Some of us think that it is better to see the film than to read the book in the original. The reason is that it takes less time to understand the whole story. Besides, the film is usually more interesting, and it is easier to follow.
Some others have just the opposite opinion. They think that they can get more detailed information from the original. Meanwhile, the language in the book is possibly more lively and beautiful.
Personally, I agree with the second view. Actually I have more reasons for it. I think I can stay at home, reading quietly in a situation of my own, and what's more, I am able to better understand the author's ideas. In a word, to read the original work is better than to see the film based on it.




调查方式: 访谈

Reading Interests of Senior School Students
Recently a survey has been done to find out the reading interests of senior middle school students.____________________________________________________

One Possible Version

Reading Interests of Senior School Students
Recently a survey has been done to find out the reading interests of senior middle school students. In this survey, one thousand senior middle school students from ten schools in Hubei Province were interviewed. They were asked which they liked reading most among the four categories of English articles:news, stories, popular science articles and articles about learning methods.
The survey shows that more than half of the students like to read news most. Twenty-six percent of the students say that English stories are their favorite. Only seven percent of the students are most inerested in reading articles about learning methods. However, the number of students who enjoy reading popular science articles doubles that those who prefer reading articles about learning methods.


第二节 写作(满分25分)
标题为:My Teacher Mr Moore
There's a teacher Mr .Moore.
Who is lovely and therty-four.
Always dncouraging us to try.
He leads us to a world of why.
We all admire him more and more.
1. 不得照抄短诗原文。
2. 必须结合短诗的内容,发挥想象,适当展开。
3. 必须突出短诗的主题,结构完整,语意连贯。
4. 短文不能写成诗歌形式。
5. 词数:120左右。
One possible version:

Of all my teachers, Mr. Moore is the one who impresses me most. Though he is 34, he looks very young for hes age.And he's one of the most popular teachers in our school.

Compared with other teachers, Mr.Moore pays more attention to his way of tenching .He tries various ways to make his classes lively and interesting .In his opinion,we should not only know what, but also understand why. So, instead of giving us answers immediately, he encourage us to thenk by ourselves whenever he puts forward questions.With his help.we've learned how to analyze and settle problem. What a wonderful world of why he leads us to!

He is such a learned person that we all admire hem very much.

假设你是李华,作为选派的交流学生在美国某中学学习了一年,寄住在Mr. Brown家里,刚回到国内。回国后,你发现自己的一本英语词典遗忘在他家,因此给他写了一封信,请他帮助寄回词典。信的主要内容如下:
Dear Mr. Brown,

Yours, Li Hua

One Possible Version
Dear Mr. Brown,
I'm now safely back home. Thank you very much for all the kindness I got from you ring my stay. Hope everything is fine with you there.
Now I wonder whether I could ask you a favour. When I came back, I suddently realizes that I had left my English dictionary behind at your place. It is a precious gift from mu American teacher. Would you please be so kind as to send it back to me?I'll pay for the postage. The dictionary must be on the bookshelf in my bedroom. It is the one with a red cover.
Thanks and all the best.
Li Hua





安全隐患-potential safety hazard

Dear Manager,
I'm an exchange student from China. Yesterday, I went to your cinema to see a film. The film was very good, but


第二节 书面表达(满分25分)



优 点 缺 点
呆在家中 花费少、适方便 不能亲身了解外界
外出旅游 增长知识、开阔眼界 花费多、旅途不便


The summer holiday is corning.Our class have had a discussion about what to do ring the holiday.

One Possible Version
The summer holiday is corning.Our class have had a discussion about what to do ring the holiday. Some are in favor of staying at home. They think it's both convenient and comfortable. What's more, they can save money for other purposes. But they will lose the chance of getting to know the outside world.However, others prefer to go out for traveling since it can increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons. But they will spend more money and meet some difficulties while traveling.
In my opinion, it would be much better to stay at home, for I can do what I like, such as reading books, watching TV, and helping my parents with the housework.



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