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1. 写一篇英语作文,题目是我的研究生规划。

y graate life planning Einstein said: "love is the best teacher." As has been the professional very interested, whichgave me a great driving force, in order to meet the strong desire for knowledge and better study, I chose to read a graate student. In the graate student stage I will work hard, study of heart, to read more literature, to lay the foundation for a phd. "The ideal is the beacon, without ideal,there is no secure direction, without direction, there is no life."Three - year graate study time has a great influence on thedevelopment of human life. " for this reason I made apreliminary plan, what are the shortcomings, hope the teacherto give advice.
The profound understanding to graate students anniversity is different, both in life and learning will be of greatchanges and discomfort. In order to better and faster to adapt to life as a graate student, devoted to scientific research andstudy, I will as soon as possible to adjust, arrange their ownlearning and living habits. By accepting the knowledge tocreate new knowledge, is being a graate student the biggest characteristic. The times of college students is to try to create their own to accept anything but at the masters and doctoral students are no longer for a variety of novel class accept according to the order, but to pay attention to the problems oforientation arrangement, focus all your energy, all courses andread the book should be a concern, must there is a problem oriented learning, and have their own point of view. As soon as possible from the passive recipients into an active explorer,and learn to swim in the academic field. The graate three years life quickly, the key is my life. More important to improve our ability (1) to improve the capability of programming,application software 2 learning ability to analyze and solve problems with 3 people, skills, contacts circle the first semester: understand the subject, course of study first, postgraatecourses study earnestly, must each door to achieve excellent,and timely review more doctrine thinking training; by searching the literature, written literature review and reading reports, in order to further improve the inction, analysis, comprehensive ability, to understand the development of dynamic task and actively to the teachers and students to ask, have a preliminary idea on the study of their future, with a faster access to scientific research activities; at the same time, efforts to improve the foreign language, the computer knowledge, with period with the social requirements of compound talentsconsistent. Second semester: access to research, to determine the appropriate topic, familiar with the experiment, learningcourses have a profound understanding of the research topic,and then determine the research topic. Some preliminary experiments, a preliminary understanding about theexperiment, from the whole of his experimental difficulties have experience. Then is formulated in accordance with thecomprehensive plan to start research. Third semester: began to study thoroughly familiar with in the research stage,personally think that we must develop a good habit, every dayto summarizes the experimental condition, and preliminaryanalysis; design and processing experiment is correct, if you want to use a short time to do experiments or more experiments to do a good job, we must use the method of experiment designokay, so before the experiment design of multiple options,select the best. A preliminary to write a paper, write the paperas a goal, continue to improve, continue to progress,constantly improve. Fourth semester: the beginning ofpublished papers, the main experiment preliminary began towrite a paper, write the paper as a goal, continue to improve,continue to progress, constantly improve; supplementary documents in time, the world is changing every day, to continue to add new document, difference of the experiment is likely andimagine himself great, therefore we need to refer to some literature to study, sometimes to make great changes to his plan! Pay attention to the exchange of ideas, usually more and students, teachers, teacher exchanges, learn from each have the advantage of people. Fifth semester: the final experimentsupplement, published research papers by the two semester ofin-depth study and exploration of the subject, has been very familiar with understanding, then a comprehensive inspection,on the experimental analysis, and further improve, targetedresearch; know well to the research field of books, the formation of the tree of the knowledge of their own;interdisciplinary learning, learn to other areas of uptake ofsome concepts, proce a different kind of inspiration for itselfconcerns, expand their knowledge, their thinking is more active,write papers more sensation; the sixth semester: write a thesis defense began to write research papers, one must first understand the format according to the test requirements, draw up an outline, and then step by step
To draft, note paper creatively, stay time, delicate thoughts!
Thesis writing and knowledge deposition process, the respondent and the explanation of knowledge, declarative,

2. 急求一篇大学英语作文,是关于研究生的一篇调查报告。谢谢


3. 求关于英语作文的研究性报告,注意不是写一遍英语作文,是写研究性学习过程,500字左右

It happens to us. It will happen to our children. It is campus love, just being there, no matter we approve it or not. Can it last long? It seems to be a controversial question and no one can be sure about it. Anyway the answer may not be simply "yes" or "no", but rather complicated.
Many people, me included, believe that campus love can last long. College students, almost half of them I guess, have experienced their "first love" before they entered college. Whether or not their first love is successful, the important thing is that they have experienced it they have learned to show their love, to understand and support each other spiritually, to tolerate and comrienced their "first love" before they entered college. Whether or not their first love is successful, the important thing is that they have experienced it they have learned to show their love, to understand and support each other spiritually, to tolerate and compromise sometimes, and to carefully foster their cherished affection. In the process of first love, they develop a deeper view into love and a better understanding of themselves, which are signs of maturity. Other college students, although have not experienced first love, are already alts and are capable of thinking for themselves and making their own decisions. Having heard of stories and read articles about love, they have formed their own opinion of it and have tho They love and they wish to keep their love.
There are many examples that camp

4. 大学生活中现存的问题(英语作文)

Establish scientific goal

In secondary school, all the students almost have a common goal, and that is that pass the college entrance examination, again so tight, intolerable they can persist. But after entering university, many students entered target blind area, there is a sense of loss and laxness again, and difficult to maintain a high school learning enthusiasm. How to spend blind area as soon as possible, re-establish new learning objectives, directly related to the success through college life, successfully completed the study task.

Some freshmen ambitious, locate for oneself is tall and far, lots of ideas, such as one's deceased father grind, take double degree, English after six, an DengJiZheng, an accountant card computer etc. All you want. But the human energy is limited after all, goal too much, pedal several boats, easy to make oneself attend. Each student will realize clearly, ensure the professional learning tasks can be successfully completed all the fundamental goal is with the prerequisite. Some classmates learn this professional course, would be hard, but also to quote a lot of qualification examination result falls "JiFeiDanDa" ending. Therefore, new students after school, should according to their own goals and circumstances, reasonable positioning, defining long-dated goal and recent goals, main targets and side goal, can chew. Also some students feel "on university has achieved ultimate goals", doing nothing all day long and idle away our time, actually university only a learning stage begins, if do not cherish this valuable learning opportunities, it will empty hands.

From professional find interest

Some students complain of their professional and interest not one-for-one and use it as an excuse in university indignities. A person without a will, beliefs and spirit, even if there is interest, causes also difficult to achieve. For their future the survival and development of college freshmen to remember: when you cannot from interest in search for professional, it is to learn from professional in search of interest. University freshman learning underpowered are the deep reasons for lack of ideals, no set up the correct outlook on life.

Graates example proves: college major learning can not be used as the sole weapon, since BaoDaTianXia various practical skills and comprehensive quality was their life-long benefit and precious treasure. In fact, the modern university ecation especially pay attention to students' practical skills and comprehensive qualities, which is not a professional exclusively, besides, many ability and quality of the training from a professional are not.

Adapt to college study atmosphere

After entering university, middle school that with the teacher as the supervisor of the teaching mode to students self-study became independent mode. University teachers mainly impart learning methods, guide the student to carry on the analysis and inction and dection, knowledge acquisition more must depend on oneself to do. Learn to develop their ability to gain knowledge and information, the so-called "learning to learn". In the college, the concept of learning not only refers to class content, also include other aspects. Such as libraries, doing the experiment and participate in extra-curricular activities and all kinds of competitions, and participate in various activities and listen to the collective and community of lectures, to make social investigation, etc, can more and students, teachers, extensive exchange, mutual discussion.

Fully develop themselves

In the college, test scores are no longer measures student's absolute factors, people more importantly is comprehensive ability cultivation and comprehensive quality enhancement. Here the competition is potential, all-round. College students in addition to learn professional courses outside, still should focus on their own comprehensive ability and consciousness training. These capabilities including: communication ability, social activity ability, expressing ability, interpersonal skills and legitimate access monetary compensation of consciousness. As college students, the vision to open, knowledge will try to expand some, attention should be paid to all-round development. Liberal arts to understand more scientific and technical knowledge, learning science also want to understand a little arts knowledge, no matter what major to learn all want to have some art tastes and accomplishment.










5. 求一篇大学英语作文!急!研究生与本科生学习方便的区别!

On independence

To be independent means to deal with all the personal things in the most effective and objective way, including the most trivial, and the most crucial life decisions you have to make. That's all right you may consult other's suggestions but it is never others but yourself to meet all the problems. You don't escape no matter how hard the difficulties you will encounter. There are some troubles or pains in this life that you will have no other choices but to face them all by your own when they come to you some day.

To be independent means to show your maturity from within. Sometimes you have to hide or even ignore your personal feelings and emotions in order to have a good observation about the situation, to comfort others, and finally to find the right solutions. Though you are unhappy, angry or there are even worse feelings inside you, you have to pretend (sometimes it is to pretend)to be the calmest one on the scene, and also to be relied on.

To be independent requires you managing yourself well. It also means a good arrangement of your whole life, which involves time arranging, friends making, and how to face different people around you. Always to think independently, always have your own opinions and not easily be distracted by others' subjective views.

To be a real independent one, it is necessary to know what you are good at and what your shortcomings are by which you can draw up yourself a good life plan.

Don't go extremes. There are a lot of things in this world unfair and can never be perfect. We should be tolerant that allows us to have a broad view towards life.

Another important element to make an independent one is to live an independent life.
To learn more fundamental living skills is always good for everyone, such as to be a good cook, to know how to make the daily food or dishes more balanced in nutrition, to learn to be a wise shopper ( till today I am still not one. It is such a large field requiring many kinds of knowledge.)

Then, try our best to assure ourselves of a good body, an independently-thinking mind, a good manner, and a real independent one both mentally and physically. Being independent is really a great thing to do.

6. 英语作文 关于学习和科学研究 1.有人认为如今从大学阶段开始就要提倡学生一边学习,一边做科学研究; 2.还

有人认为如今从大学阶段开始就要提倡学生一边学习,一边做科学研究; 2.还有人认为大学生目前还没有做好科学研究的能力,而是应该努力学习知识; 3.我的观点、

7. 论文大学生英语写作常见障碍应付策略开题报告怎么写


8. 国内外关于大学英语四级写作的研究有哪些

关键词:大学英语 四级 写作 策略
学生提高写作能力,要想在四级考试中作文取得高分,不是一朝一夕的事情,要经过教师和学生长期不懈的共同努力才能获得。如果学生们在平时多下功夫,在日常的学习中努力积累知识,多学多练打下牢固的基础,在考试中讲究写作技巧,正如一句英语言语所讲:Practice makes perfect. 考生一定能够发挥出水平,润色出高质量高分数的文章来。

9. 英语写作中汉语干扰因素分析研究现状

Analysis of interfering factors of Chinese in English Writing



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