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① 谁能帮我写篇英文作文,内容是:学校正在招募志愿者,请写出你的特长与所能做的志愿活动...

On Volunteering




The volunteering spirit has spread among the Chinese people in recent years, especially among young people.

Volunteering is of tremendous benefits to both those in need and society. Take the Wenchuan Earthquake as an example. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers play an active role in Wenchuan quake-hit areas. And they contribute daily necessaries, offer medical help and psychological help to the disaster relief work.

Besides, volunteering would be beneficial to the volunteers themselves~ Getting involved in volunteering, volunteers will be exposed to a new environment, and they can learn how to work well in a team, how to improve their interpersonal skills and organizational skills, all of which are critical for their professional growth.

As a college student, I sincerely hope that everyone would join the volunteering work. It is not only good to our society, but also a chance for us to grow and to learn.





As we know, a growing outbreak of H1N1 flu has been sparked in many countries. An increasing number of cases are being reported every day。

It’s thought that H1N1 flu spreads in the same way that regular seasonal influenza viruses do, that is, spreading from person-to-person, mainly through the coughs and sneezes of people who are sick with the virus。

Faced with this severe disease, here are some everyday measures we should take to stay healthy. First, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread that way. If you get sick, stay home from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them。

Finally, H1N1 flu is not a terribly deadly disease, which is curable. So, don’t be nervous and just keep calm as usual。







生词:国际贸易博览会 the International Trade Exposition

Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for taking your time to read my letter. As the coming of the International Trade Exposition, I’d like very much to be a volunteer。

All our citizens are hosts for this special event. Above all, I promise I should endeavor to serve with enthusiasm our distinguished guests from all over the world. Besides, I have a rich knowledge about Chinese history, so I will be not only a servant but also a carrier for our splendid culture. What’s more, as we all know, English as an international language, will play an important role in communication ring the Exposition, and I am good at it. I can express myself fluently and clearly in English。

To sum up, I believe I can be a qualified volunteer. I will value it and do all I can if I could be accepted to be one。


Li Hua

② 英语招募作文十句话

Teachers Wanted
21st Century English Training Centre
Teachers Wanted
We need native English teachers who have experience in teaching
English as a second language to join us.
We are a leading training school, managed by China Daily.
We provide English instruction to alt students and staff of international companies who wish to improve their English communication skills.
This is a very good opportunity for you, and we will pay you a high salary and local travel costs.
Please call or fax and tell us about yourself!

③ 招募自愿者的英语作文

If you are Li Hua, leader of a certain University student council. Students decided to organize a summer volunteer activities, would you please prepare a poster to recruit volunteers
1 This event was started August 1 for two months
2 Application time: As of July 30, registration Venue: Student Union Reception
3 Activities: In order to provide courses of mountain child counseling, volunteer to be fluent in English
4 Nizhao 50 volunteers, board and lodging from the local school is responsible for

④ 招聘艺术人才的英语作文怎么写初一年级




⑤ 英语写作:你们学校的音乐俱乐部想招聘两个音乐家,请你写一个招募广告。(

My favorite subject is music because I want to be a musician.
I am a music club member at school.

⑥ 写一篇5句话的英语招募启事的作文

Recruiting some volunteers for the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010.


1. above 18 years old, healthy, and dedicated.

2. Excellent Spoken English and sufficient spare time.

3. Work time: 3 - 4 times each weak and 60 - 120 minutes each time.

4. Volunteers experiences are preferred.

⑦ 关于英语招聘启事的范文





LSG Sky Chefs is one of the larg airline catering company world-wide by serving about 260 airlines from our 200 different locations in over 40 countries on all continents with everything that makes flying pleasant.This success is achieved by our professional logistics infrastructure,newest techniques and highly qualified personnel.

To cope with the rapid expansion in Greater China,we now invite applications for the following position to be stationed in China.

We offer an attractive remuneration package in commensurate with the qualifications and experience to the right candidate.Interested parties please apply with full resume,present and expected salary and date available to the email box to us.

For more details,please visit our Website.


驻地经理(中国区) Station Managers (China)

电子邮箱:[email protected]

发布日期:2006-02-16 工作地点:广州市
招聘人数:若干 学 历:本科
工作年限:三年以上 薪水范围:面议
外语要求:英语 熟练


-精通Microsoft Office

The incumbent is accountable for overseeing,directing and controlling all operative activities at one of our Flight Kitchen in China.He/she has to plan and carry out the ties and responsibilities with a view to maximizing on-time performance and efficiency and ensuring the satisfaction of airline Clients.

-Degree holder in hotel &catering management or related discipline
-At least 6 years relevant experience in catering instry of which 3 years in supervisory level and overseas working experience is preferably
-Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
-Strong analytical and leadership skills
-Good command in both written and spoken English and Chinese (Mandarin)
-Proficient in Microsoft Office

⑧ 英语招募启示作文

An English Editor Wanted
We need a Volunteer to work for us.If who has good English and Artist Talent,could have a try.In addition,be Voluntary to take some rest time to serve Classmates.Someone who is interested could connect to Students’ Union.
There're two parts,one is to pick up an Article for Students on the English Magazine and the Internet.The other one is to Choose and edit Students‘ Draft.
Welcome Students to Attend it.

⑨ 假如你是学校运动俱乐部的组织者,现在想招募会员,请写一则60词左右的招募启示 英语作文

Boy, does not it?



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