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⑴ 英语写作电子邮件

An E-mail
Dear Jenny,
How are you getting along these days? I hope everything is all right. But I am upset these days because of my parents. I think they take care too much about me and too overvalue my grades. I have to tell them my every exam and my grades. If I do well, they are happy. If I don’, they would be every sad and nervous, especially my mother. My mother even makes a detailed plan for my future. In her plan, I will go the best senior school of my city and then go to a top university of our country. She wants me to be a civil servant in the future, because this job is steady and well-paid. But I don’t like it; I want to be a journalist. I feel so upset about her plan. I told them my feelings before, but they never listened to me and said what they doing are good for me. What should I do?

⑵ 英语高手都来啊!!,写作啊!是写电子邮件

My name is ChenJie,a boy, 13 years old this year. My family has three members. My father is a teacher and my mother is a nurse.I study in nanjing NO.1 middleschool,and in class (5). There are 56 students in our class. I have two English teacher, the one is a Chinese, the other came from the USA,whose name is Rachel. I like English ,music and swimming.
My family lives in changle road 30.The is 210003 , you can write to contact with me. Also you can call me, my telephone number is 025-4341082.And my E-mail is chenjie @ yahoo.com

I want to find a pen-friend.Please write to me.

⑶ 英语电子邮件作文

Dear sir,

I am a student at senior high school. I an eager to buy an e-dictionary to help me with my studies. If I have such a dictionary, I believe I can look what I need easily at any moment in it. However, I don't know which kind of them is better for me to use. I understand that your company has available spots on hand. Would you be so kind enough to give me some suggestion to choose a suitable one? What I want is at least provided with sufficient Chinese and English words and phrases for my needs. Besides, I am now only a student, you know, so the price has to meet with my ability to pay. If you can supply one for me, please tell me about the type of payment and arrival time. As soon as I hear from you, I will get in touch with you in time.

Highest regards!
Yous XX

⑷ 求英语电子邮件写作,高手们快帮帮我吧,明天要用,提示如下,万分感谢!~

Dear sirs,
My name is ,,, I am writing to you to book some seats. This weekend is my best friend's birthday. I am thinking of celebrating his birthdady in your restaurant, as your restaurant is well known for the dilicious Sichuan dishes. I'd like to book a table for four seats. It would be much better if it is close to the window. If it is available ,we will arrive at 7 in the evevning on this Friday.I hope you can give me a reply as soon as possible.



⑸ 帮帮忙写一篇英语电子邮件写作,email writing

电子邮箱不用说明,因为发送时双方都会会看到。我在信里假设Jin是“我” (I) 和Zhang Xiaoli 是“你” (you)。


称谓、头衔 Zhang Xiaoli,

I am planning to travel to China, because I am hoping to discuss the company's new range of procts of this year with you in person.

I am going to be in Guangzhou around April 9th and 10th and am hoping to visit (或者用see或meet)you at ten o'clock on the 10th in the morning.

Could you provide me with some information on the company and the address of the company in detail, please?

Thank you in advance.

Jin Nino所在的公司
Jin Nino的称谓或头衔
Jin Nino (这个名字要用电脑打印上去)

然後签名 (亲笔签名)

⑹ 电子邮件英语作文怎么写

  1. 第一行顶格写你复所要发邮件的对象,制例如:Dear Mike。

⑺ 英语写作的电子邮件格式是怎样的






SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol):SMTP主要负责底层的邮件系统如何将邮件从一台机器传至另外一台机器。

POP(Post Office Protocol):版本为POP3,POP3是把邮件从电子邮箱中传输到本地计算机的协议。

IMAP(Internet Message Access Protocol):版本为IMAP4,是POP3的一种替代协议,提供了邮件检索和邮件处理的新功能,这样用户可以完全不必下载邮件正文就可以看到邮件的标题摘要,从邮件客户端软件就可以对服务器上的邮件和文件夹目录等进行操作。
















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