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『壹』 英语句子中的同义词替换怎么写

(proce)1. We can proce fresh water from the ocean now.
A. get (从海水中分离出食水,所以用get)
(more convenient)2. Life is more convenient than before.
A. easier
(take in)3. Trees are important because they can take in harmful gases.
B. absorb
(In fact)4. In fact, I didn’t listen to our teacher carefully.
B. Actually
(diffcult)5. This question is too difficult to answer.
C. hard
(a lot of)6. There are a lot of animals in the Guangzhou Zoo.
C. many
(discuss)7. We have to discuss the situation(现状,处境) with you, Tom.
D. talk about
(Finally)8. Finally, the soldiers went through the forest.
D. At last
(went to sleep)9. The boy went to sleep in class because he stayed up late last night.
B. fell asleep
(by myself)10. I really did my homework by myself this time.
C. alone

『贰』 雅思写作前必备的4类替换词汇


『叁』 考研英语作文中两个常见单词thought-provoking 、vividly 有哪些同义的单词可以替换

thought-provoking 发人深省的
meaningful 意味深长的, 很有意义的,
eloquent 意味深长的

vividly 生动地

『肆』 谁有一些英语写作中我们大家第一反应词的常用的替换词啊

1.indivials,characters, folks替换(people ,persons)
2: positive, favorable, rosy (美好的),promising六级答案
(有希望的),perfect, pleasurable , excellent, outstanding, superior替换good
3:dreadful, unfavorable, poor, adverse, ill (有害的)替换bad
如果bad做表语,可以有be less impressive替换六级答案
eg.An army of college students inlge themselves in playing games, enjoying romance with girls/boys or killing time passively in their dorms. When it approaches to graation ,as a result, they records are less impressive.
4.(an army of, an ocean of, a sea of, a multitude of ,a host of, many, if not most)替换many.
注:用many, if not most 一定要小心,many后一定要有词。六级答案
Eg. Many indivials, if not most, harbor the idea that….同理 用most, if not all ,替换most.
5: a slice of, quiet a few , several替换some
6:harbor the idea that, take the attitude that,
hold the view that, it is widely shared that,
it is universally acknowledged that)替think
7:affair ,business ,matter 替换thing六级答案
8: shared 代 common
9.reap huge fruits 替换get many benefits )
10:for my part ,from my own perspective 替换 in my opinion
11:Increasing(ly),growing 替换more and more( 注意没有growingly这种形式。所以当修饰名词时用increasing/growing.修饰形容词,副词用increasingly.
Eg.sth has gained growing popularity.
popular with the advancement of sth.
12.little if anything, 或little or nothing替换hardly六级答案
13..beneficial, rewarding替换helpful,
14.shopper,client,consumer,purchaser, 替换customer
15.exceedingly,extremely, intensely 替换very
16.hardly necessary, hardly inevitable ... 替换 unnecessary, avoidable
17.sth appeals to sb, sth exerts a tremendous fascination on sb 替换sb take interest in / sb. be interested in
18.capture one's attention替换attract one's attention.
20.be indicative of ,be suggestive of ,be fearful of代 indicate, suggest ,fear六级答案
21.give rise to, lead to, result in, trigger 替换cause.
22. There are several reasons behind sth 替换..reasons for sth
23.desire 替换want.
24.pour attention into 替换pay attention to
25.bear in mind that 替换remember
26. enjoy, possess 替换have(注意process是过程的意思)
27. interaction替换communication
28.frown on sth替换 be against , disagree with sth六级答案
29.to name only a few, as an example替换 for example, for instance
30. next to / virtually impossible,替换nearly / almost impossible



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