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Ⅰ 大学英语写作网络课程作业答案

Advantages of online ecation, the following points:
1, the terminal edge, one classroom, one can be a computer, a smart phone, a tablet future may also be a smart TV. Classroom theory works because the employer, the lighting, temperature, air, comfort and so intelligent terminal compared to freewheeling experience for worse. The advances in technology, will inevitably bring changes in society, I believe this will be a multi-terminal teaching entrepreneurs who create it. In a comfortable situation with respect to the use of network classroom to learn, it will form a trend.
2, the contents of the advantages, if you use a popular word, it is the nature of online ecation is having a rich media. Text, music, videos, links can be easily used to make the teaching content. Most Chinese schools still relatively chalk blackboard teaching, a lot of good it fun and image of the city. Of course, I mean a well-made courses.
3, the time advantage, this is obvious, do not worry about missing any one church linked to the network of instructional videos. In fact, this is a disadvantage, as the Friends of Scouting upstairs said, the broad time, apparently for children and adolescents is a test. The role of traditional classroom deadline actually is great, but this is almost rely on the network consciously.
4, selective advantage, the spirit of the Internet is to share and open, accompanied by the Health is good and bad teaching resources. Like Android open, ios closed shoddy application on Android is a problem. The Internet is the place to get rid of authoritarian, you escape off the cost of a country is very high, but you can jump from one page to another page almost not cost. Choose advantage is evident.
5, the network integration advantages as well, such as listening to Yuan Tengfei speak Chinese history, listen to Chen Guo stresses ideological and moral, this is the advantage of the network.
6, a model of online ecation can go and see Netease open class in the very fir

Ⅱ 基础英语写作主编是黑玉琴的练习题答案


Ⅲ 新起点大学基础英语教程第一册9单元写作的答案

Last sunday. I and my father, mother, grandparents, brother went tofanjingshan
by bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the mountain, I feel a little tired,it began to rain,My West Lake silk umbrella missed,. Dad said to me,“Jill, don’t do anything halfway.” last,So I insisted reached the top, the top of the scenery so beautiful.We were flying kites, I was thirsty, my mother bought me a bottle of water, .finally we went home.finally,Since then, I've kept the umbrella。i was very happ

Ⅳ 0597英语写作基础答案

第一部分 英语写作基础(答案) 第一章 句子写作
1.1 句子的种类 I.
1) Is there any water in the bottle? 2) Can she sing and dance very well?
3) Has he a brother in England? Or: Does he have a brother in England? 4) Does it often rain here in summer?
5) Did you always play together at that time? 6) Who is he?
7) How many times have you been to Beijing? 8) Where do they live?
9) What does your father like very much? 10) Why did he go to school yesterday?
1) “Shall we go by bus or by train?” “Better go by train.”
2) “Are we going to have the meeting today or tomorrow?” “Tomorrow.” 3) “You are not ready, are you?” “No, I am not.” 4) We can’t take these books out, can we?” “No, we can’t” 5) Take care not to catch cold.
6) Speak a little slower. I can’t follow you. 7) Let’s not waste our time arguing about it. 8) How pretty you are in that skirt! 9) What a beautiful city Hangzhou is! 10) How I miss my parents! III.
1) She has not had her lunch.
2) I was too excited to say a ward. 3) None of the problems is difficult.
4) You can find this kind of mobile phone somewhere. 5) He opened the door and we all went in. 6) Put on your coat, or you will catch cold. 7) It was late, so we went home.
8) He doesn’t earn much, but he spends money freely. 9) Turn off the light before you leave the room. 10) I hope that you will enjoy your stay here.

1.2句子的基本句型 I.
1)SVC 2) SV 3)SVC 4) SVOC 5. SVOA 6) SVO 7) SVOC 8) SVOiOd 9) SVOC 10) SVA II.
1) My ink has run out. (SV)

2) My plan has changed. (SV) 3) These flowers smell very sweet. (SVC) 4) The story sounds interesting. (SVC)
5) You should look after your parents. (SVO) 6)
They didn’t accept my invitation. (SVO)
7) They named the boy jack.(SVOC) 8) I saw him come in and go out. (SVOC)
9) He offered her his seat / his seat to her. (SVOiOd) 10) Jack has caused his family some trouble.(SVOiOd) 11) My uncle has sent me a present. (SVOiOd) 12) He is sitting by the window.(SAV)
13) I went there the day before yesterday. (SVA) 14) My mother wants to retire this year. 15) David likes singing in the bathroom. 1.3
句子的统一与连贯 I.
1) They enjoy reading classic Chinese literature, such as the poetry by Li Bai and Du Fu. 2) When I was a little boy, I wanted to become a doctor. 3) We got to the airport in time and took the plane.
4) I booked the plane tickets and received them two days later. 5) He didn’t come yesterday because he was ill. 6) Come with me and help me do / with the work.
7) If you want to keep healthy, you should spend a little of your free / spare time on regular physical exercise.
8) As you are too weak to travel, you should stay at home ring the summer vacation.
9) Teaching, however, is not so easy as others think. It takes me much time to prepare the lesson. And I often feel a bit tense in class.
10) It is difficult to learn English. If we want to have a good command of it, we must study hard. 11) John decided to stop smoking. He did not want to die of lung cancer. Or: John decided to stop smoking because he did not want to die of lung cancer. 12) It seemed so wonderful that she could speak so easy. But she suddenly paused because she was usually shy. II
1) tom is a student who does well in exams, attends classes, reads textbooks, and reviews class notes.
2) The teacher told his students to read the story, to write an outline of it and to develop the
outline into a summary.
3) His speeches were either too long or too short.
4) Knowing how to study and learning how to plan time are very important for college students. 5) The new flat is not only more economical but also some questions. 6) Come to class prepared to take notes and to ask some questions.

Ⅳ 基础英语写作第二版答案

我目前有三个办法给你 第一,加班上群里找同学的抄吧 第二,乱做吧,我以前的时候也是作业多于是乱写。 第三,烧了,开学从来不检查的。当然。最好的办法还是自己做,对成绩有好处。

Ⅵ 求英语写作基础试题答案!

Study the following set of pictures carefully and write an essay in no less than 150 words.

Your essay must be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET 2.

Your essay should cover all the information provided and meet the requirements below:

1. Effect of the country’s growing human population on its wildlife

2. Possible reason for the effect.

3. Your suggestion for wildlife protection

Currently, there is a widespread concern about the previously neglected connection between growing human population and decreasing wild species. As the two graphs obviously portrayed, American population in 1980 was 250 times than that in 1800, a trend accompanied by the extinction of nearly 70 kinds of wildlife in the past 300 years. A clear correlation is suggested that mankind has exerted a tremendously negative influence on natural species.

There are many factors responsible for the aforementioned tendency. First and foremost, to satisfy the space demand for the booming population, the only available solution for Americans is to take occupation of forests and grassland. that used to be habitat of wild animals and plants. Furthermore, the process of instrialization and urbanization has generated severe pollution that essentially destroys environment and ecosystem.

Ⅶ 谁有《英语基础写作教程》(主编 刘爱英 )的练习参考答案


Ⅷ 超星学习通,高级英语写作,完整版答案




学英语的时候,很多童鞋不自觉就套用汉语的表达思维了。我建议买一两本英文小说,看书的同时,思考一下老外是如何进行书面表达的,跟汉语的表达有什么不同。不要太在意书面整洁,边看书可以拿笔写下你的想法等等。另外,选择一两部美剧,如《modern family》,琢磨一下老外又是如何遣词造句进行口语表达的,跟汉语的表达习惯有什么不同。顺便也模仿练下英语口语。带着这样的思考,通过对比学习,了解老外的语言表达习惯。

先前我也曾用过其他单词APP,个人而言,推荐百词斩 有人喜欢扇贝单词,适合自己就好,我喜欢这个APP的三点:可以制定学习计划。如果你想背大学四级词汇,那么,你可以设定每天背15,还是20个单词或其它数据。形式丰富。这是我大爱百词斩的一个重要原因。一个新单词,会有多种形式出现,除了配音外,还会有配图、例句、构词法分解、英语释义、视频解析,甚至这个单词出现过的英文歌曲。



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