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❶ 写一篇关于寒假的英语作文

My winter holiday life
I have a good time this winter holiday. During the Spring Festival, I am so happy to see some relatives and friends.
I like sports, so I usually do exercise in the morning or in the afternoon. I think this will be help for my health, so I keep doing exercise everyday.
After the lunch, I often go to the book store to read some interesting books. I like the books which tell the stories about some famous people.
In my spear time, I will do my homework,, watch some TV shows, playing computer games and so on.
The winter holiday is going to finish, it is time to go to school again. I miss this holiday so much..

❷ 写一篇关于寒假的英语作文



happy winter holiday

I have got a happy winter holiday this year. In this year, I have a 20-day winter holiday. In the first day, I went back to my hometown with my parents. When I got there, I saw my grandparents. Then we had lunch together. At that time, we not only had dilicious food,we also talk about our wonderful life. We laughed and sang, it was so happy then. After lunch, I got out and found my old friends in the field. They were all taller and stronger than before. We sat down on the ground and talk about funny things. It was so interesting and fun. We also played some funny games. I have never play such a funny game since I leave my hometown for a big city. I was so happy that day.It was the happiest time in my holiday. And it was so funny.

❸ 求六篇描写寒假生活的英语作文60词上下。

an unforgetable day of my winter vacation

To wake up 10 o'clock a.m. everyday, after a washing, have a good lunch with their parents. Next they play computer games till the time to have supper. This is one ll day of most people's winter vacation. Things always goes like taht, nothing is different for everyone's life. Luckily,not mine .

Everyday i waked up early and read books.Sometimes I also watch TV,do some housework and homework,listen to the music or the radio . Somtimes I do some exercise and visit my friends though it was very cold outside .The most unforgettable day maybe is the Spring Festival.Early in the moring , every child gets up and dresses up.When i open the window,it's all white outside.Wow,it was snowing.I was so excited.

I extend greetings to my parents. and get money as a New Year gift, wrapped up in red paper.Then we eat mplings for breakfast, which is my favourite food. I visited all my relatives and got a lot of gifits.After that, my father and I made snowmen together.Mother joined us later.We made three just look like a family.It's cold outside,but we all felt very happy! I watched the spring festival party of the CCTV in the last seconds of the 2011 year! I think this is the thing most people of china doing at that time.

What a happy day in the winter vacation.

Spring Festival.
This morning, I got up at six o'clock. Then I brushed my teeth and washed my face. After that, I had breakfast with my parents. At noon, I went to my grandparents' house and visited my aunts, uncles and cousins. In the afternoon, we made mplings together. In the evening, we had mplings, sweet and sour pork, and lots of nice dishes for dinner. After dinner, my parents and I went home. We set off fireworks and went to bed then.
We were all very happy. That was a nice Spring Festival.
This winter holiday I wanna going to Australia to enjoy my vacation.Australia is still pretty warm in winter and alwans sunny.I will go sightseeing ,shopping, enjoy some special snacks and learn more about European culture and history.The most important is that I can have a good rest.What a fantastic plan !I can't wait !
I had a great time ring the winter holidays. I had a lot of homework to do but I was happy because I could stay home with my family. My mom helped me with my homework and I helped her with the housework. I often went out to play with my friends and we also helped each other with some problems with the vacation homework. I think I enjoyed the winter holidays very much because I became more closer with my family and my friends and I learnt a lof of things from them.
Winter holiday is coming. I will do many things ring the holiday. Here is my plan.
First ,I'll finish my homework . Then, I'll do some reading. I like reading very much, I think winter holiday is the best time for reading. Next , when I have time ,I'll play computer games with my friends. I think that will be fun. Oh, I'll go to the cimema, too. I'll see many good movies there. At last ,I'll do something for my parents. I think they'll be very happy.
This is my plan for my winter holiday. I believe I'll have an interesting holiday.
As the winter vacation is drawing near, I have a plan about my vacation. I'm going to do what I want to do. I'm going to study harder in order to get good grades in the following term. After finishing all my homework, I'm going to enjoy myself in the sea of knowledge. Reading must be a good idea. I'm going to keep fit at the same time. I'll get up eary in the morning everyday and play sports. I really love sports. Besides that, Eating a balanced diet is also good for my health. I'm going to help my mom and dad with the housework as well in the vacation.I'll learn to cook. As for travelling, I'm planning to go to Hainan. But whether going there or not will be decided on the weather.During the vacation,I'm going to visit my friends,I really miss them.

❹ 寒假你在家里做了什么英语作文3篇

My winter vacation was very rich .First,On February 19 is our country's Spring Festival.many poeple celebrate it.On that day,I got lots of money.But I needed to give people happy new year.That was very interesting!

I like the winter holiday very much. I watched cartoon every day. I needn't go to school . Sometimes I went to play with my friend outside. I played video game with my brother. I often won my brother.

In this winter vacation day.When I finished my winter vacation homework.I read some interesting books.I also helped my mother to do some housework.During the holiday,I learned a lot.

❺ 寒假作业,关于写假期的一篇英语作文。。

may day is coming. i’m so happy because my father and my mother take me to wu quan park this holiday.

版in the park, i see many trees and beautiful flowers. there are many children and many happy playing games, too.my parents take me to the zoo. there are lions, tigers, eagles, bears, deer, monkeys, and so on. i like the monkeys best because they are very clever and they make us laugh. how lovely they are!权

i have a good time that day. what a beautiful and happy holiday.

❻ 英语作文 作为学生,每年寒暑假我们都要做家庭作业

Spring Festival is the most important festival in China .It’s to celebrate the lunar calendar ‘s new year .In the evening before the Spring Festival ,families get together and have a big meal .In many places people like to set off firecrackers .Dumplings are the most traditional food .Children like the festival very much ,because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes .They can also get some money from their parents. This money is given to children for good luck . People put New Year scrolls on the wall for good fortune .
The Spring Festival lasts about 15 days long .People visit relatives and friends with the words “Have all your wishes ”. People enjoy the Spring Festival ,ring this time they can have a good rest .

❼ 寒假作业 英语作文

Telegram , telephone , the cellular phone invention
Moll has gained 30,000 U. S. dollar subsidies then in 1843, he has used this money to build a telegraph line , the overall length having been accomplished from Washington , D. C. to Baltimore 64.4 kilometres. Moll has used his both hands being so excited that some tremble then , over ten years painstaking effort has developed successful telegraph , has sent out human being the first share telegram of in history to Baltimore to be controlling in Capitol being having a full house on May 24 , 1844: "A miracle what kind of God has created"! Bell and Wosente have carried out model at last design and improvement in course of on June 2 , 1875, the moment that the at last tests has arrived at , Wosente has stuck the ear to in the another room having shut doors and windows tightly prepare to receive a can on the loudspeaker box, on Bell's leg sulfuric acid splashing onto self now and then carelessly in at last operation, his pain start the field having started shouting: Approximately come to help me Mr. "Wosente! Do not think this words passes the ear lining that telephone biography to have arrived at Mr. Wosente working in another room in his experiment. Also right away, this extremely average words, becomes the implication that human being the first transmits by telephone but makes entry of into history. But on June 2 , 1875, be the great day inventing telephone but be given a souvenir also by people, this local USA Boston court road goes down in history also therefore on the 109th, so far its entrance the nail still lets piece bronze medal , higher authority engrave to have: "Telephone comes into being on June 2 , 1875 here ".

❽ 寒假在家里的作业!老师说要写五篇英语作文!跪求!每篇只要几句话就可以了!要写点实际的!写在家里的事

1.Toady is very happy. Becase my mother ang I go to shopping ,my mother bought my favourite things, Ilike them very much.
2.Today is Mondday,I help my mother do houeswork,After lunch,I washed dishes.

❾ 寒假假期生活作文(英文不少于60词)并写翻译

My Holiday
I like my holiday very much. Though it's very short,I can enjoy the Spring
Festival. I can watch cartoon every day. I needn't go to school. Sometimes I can
go to play with my friend outside. With the festival coming,I can play all the
time. I can play video game with my brother. I am good at playing PC game. Then
more and more relatives came to my home. We had dinner together. It's so lively
that I'm very happy. But I still have to do my homework. During the holiday,I
learned a lot. I love my holiday.

❿ 寒假在家里的作业,我是初一的学生老师让我们写五篇英语作文,题目自拟,70个词左右,求五篇英语作文。

my winter vacation
new year,i kind my friend and my family . we play firecrackers,we verry happy .we eat roundmeal.i play kind my brother . we verry happy .we verry like near .how about you?
you affirm answer verry like.my winter vacation its verry interesting. how about you? yes it is and no it isnt?





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