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Ⅰ 英语看图 写作

My day
On Sunday, I and my mother go shopping in the moring.
We take a bus to a visit to my uncle.
We have dinner together and uncle.
I had a wonderful day.


Ⅱ 大学英语作文,看图写作


Ⅲ 英语作文 看图写作


On Bridge Street there is a hospital. There is a xxx(看不清版,权自己写)between the xxx (看不清,自己写)and the hospital. There are some trees on Center Street. There is a bank on the right of Long Street. And there is a hotel across from the bank.


Ⅳ 英语看图写作 快快快!

One day while a man was riding a bicyle passing a gate, a person drove a car and crashed with him. However, the driver even did not meant to stop. He speeded up his car and drove straight forward. Fortunately, there was girl who witnessed the whole accident. She told the police about the plate number of the driver's car, so the driver received accordingly punishment.

Ⅳ 英语的看图写作题目

i don't know the time

Ⅵ 英语范文看图写作3篇

with the improvement of people's living standards,more and more city refuse has been proced which has caused a lot of problems to the environment and also to people's life.
firstly,city refuse pollutes the environment.for example,everyday we consume countless plastic procts,like plastic bags,plastic papers,plastic cups and so on,and we throw it everywhere.plastic procts cannot be digested by the environment,which has caused "white pollution" problem.

Ⅶ 英语看图作文

Two pupils on the way home from school and saw a heap of rubbish thrown in the garbage bin outside.The little girl put on clean up garbage into the garbage can, the boy took out a pen and paper from the bag, write 'protect the environment' and put in the trash. Then they smile together.

Ⅷ 英语看图写作。谢了。

You Can Do More Than Clicking ”“

Nowadays, most people use social network software like QQ, Wechat etc . People always like to share some articles in their Friend Circle. Also they like Wechat's function of
sharing with friends , just praise the view or something they agree with. Most of them use the action --- clicking "Like".
In my opion, That seems easy and lazy. We could give some words from their heart or share their own thoughts to comminicate with their friends.
Maybe we can do more than clicking "Like ".

From the picture , there are an old person who is wearing patched clothes and a poor child behind her. They are begging in somewhere. There is a bowl in her hand, and a "Like" in the bowl. We can imagine: A man pass by and give her a thumbs-up gesture just as he usually clicks “Like”on what he reads on the Internet. We have to Think about , What is the use of this praise for them? Don't they give them real help instead of the "Like"?
So , Our friends, pls dont click the "Like" always. Please give the help your friend need. Thanks in advance . Wish you have nice everyday!

Ⅸ 英语看图写作的图片

Luo Ming’s Day

Last Sunday, Luo Ming had a interesting morning. When she woke up, she found she had overslept. She felt very nervous, and she took a quick shower, had some breakfast, and then she had gone to school by bicycle. By the time she arrived at school, no one at school. She realized it was Sunday. Then she got to her friend’s home, and she chatted with her friend about the things happened to her. In the afternoon, she had a special lunch with her grandparents. She also watched TV ring the night. In the evening, She got to sleep at 10:00pm.

LuoMing will never forget that special day.



Ⅹ 英语看图写作,80个单词以上,求大神帮帮忙

Today, I went to the park with my friends. We had a great time.
It was a lovely Saturday morning. We took the bus and arrive at the park at around 9 o'clock. There were many people in the park enjoying their weekends. Elder people were doing morning exercise, young boys were playing soccer and others were jogging around the lake. We could really feel their love of life. So we joined them, strolling around the lake, breathing in the humid spring air and feeling the warm sunshine on our skin.
What a wonderful trip we had!



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