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1. 八年级英语教材全解下册第七单元关于猎豹的一篇作文

Cheetah Acinonyx jubatus) : (name, say again cheetahs, is a kind of cats, is the only species under the cheetah, now is mainly distributed in the Africa and Asia. With the other cats, cheetahs rely on speed to hunt, rather than sneak attack or groups. The cheetah is the fastest land animal, rolling speed can exceed the cheetah, 110 kilometers, equivalent to 100 metres world champion three times faster. The cheetah is not only the fastest land animal in cats, and the oldest members, the most unique and special varieties of alienation.
The cheetah is mainly YouTiLei small prey animals, including Thomson gazelle, GeShi gazelle, impalas and small wildebeest, etc. In order to speed, cheetahs, graally evolved slender waist fine claws can like other cats, in force at that also telescopic than other large hunting animals, so cannot and other large hunting animals such as lions and hyenas, although such success against hunting can reach more than 50%, but hard to catch prey is often stronger predators, therefore the cheetah can accelerate the speed, or eating food into a tree.
Cheetah appearance
Cheetah predatory cheetah appearance and their other most distant don't like cats. Their relatively small head, a nose on each side of the black stripes significantly extends from the corner in mouth, as two traces of these two black lines), to absorb sunlight, thereby more open vision. Their slender figure lean, height, about 140-220cm, height about 75-85cm. Their legs were very long, and a long tail. The cheetah is shallow golden hair, dotted with black spots on the solid round, there also like a mane of hair (some species like the cheetah back brunet mane is quite obvious, and the spots is larger, like a short stripe, this is called "the king cheetah cheetahs." the king cheetah was considered a separate subspecies, but later studies found that their unique and beautiful decorative pattern is proct of genetic mutations. The cheetah is somewhat similar to the paw paw dog, because they didn't like other cats like to withdraw the pads claws completely, but can only take half. The cheetah is 1 meter long trunk to 1.5 meters, long tail was 0.6 meters to 0.8 meters high, shoulder is 0.7 to 0.9 meters, the weight is generally 50 kg. Males than females size slightly the cheetah cheetahs, cheetahs back color is yellow. It is the abdomen, usually lighter color is white. It is a black spots, from the mouth to the eye has a black stripes, the stripe is we used to distinguish the cheetah and a leopard.
Cheetah life
The cheetah is the predator cheetahs live there, and is usually the sunrise, whether. Before five o 'clock in the morning is usually go foraging, it began to walk, when compared to alert and see if it can look on its prey. Additionally, it also prevents other beast of prey. It is commonly at lunch, afternoon nap time, it every six minutes to check it up, what is dangerous, look around. Generally speaking, the cheetah every game, only kill a walk every day is about five kilometers from more than 10 kilometers, go up. Although it ShanPao walking distance, but it's not far. The cheetah is currently running on land in the world's fastest animal, it can achieve 115 kilometers per hour. If the human world champion and cheetahs dash to 100 meters race, cheetahs can let the world champion ran 60 meters, the final destination is not the cheetahs, dash champion of the world. Why does it run so fast? With its physical structure, it is one of the long legs, the body is very thin. Then a cheetah is very soft, the spine to bend, like a big spring. It is, everyone can see, it all in hard fore and hind legs, but also in the middle YiQiYiFu run, so it can run very fast. Cheetah, because in the running of the antelope, chasing a sharp turn, it is the large tail plays a role, not the balance.

2. 英语初二下学期第七单元作文。

The Manners of Visiting an American Family
Friends,have you ever been a guest of an American family? Well,let me tell you about the American table manners.First,a present is necessary,you can take a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.Then it is very important to be there on time,or ten minutes earlier.Second,remember to say something good about the food while enjoying the meal.Third,don't stay for too long after the dinner.Fourth,thank your host or hostess again when leaving

3. 八下英语第七单元2d的作文题目


4. 初二下册英语全品第七单元作文

Dear Dave,
I’m happy to be your pen pal. I’d like to tell you something aboutChina.
China is the biggest country in Asia. It’s almost as big as theUSA.Chinahas the biggest population in the world. The people here are friendly and hard-working. The Yangtze River is one of the longest rivers in the world.Chinais over 5000 years old. It has a much longer history than theUS. The Qomolangma is the highest mountain in the world.
I loveChinavery much. Welcome toChinaand play with me.
Li Lei

5. 八年级英语下册第七单元作文

I get annoyed when someone stands in the subway door.
When this happens , I usually say ;''Would you mind going away.
I get annoyed when people cut in line.
When this happens , I usually say;''Would you mind waiting in line

6. 初二英语第七单元

not at all 一点也不 turn down 把--调低;关小 yard 院子 right away立刻
task 任务 poster 海报 waitress 女服务生 brought 动词bring的过去式 solution 解答 line 队 wait in line 排队等候 annoy 使恼怒 annoyed 恼怒的 polite 有礼貌的 perhaps 或许 door 门 cut in line 插队 hasn't =has not term 术语 etiquette 礼节 normal 正常的 behavior 行为 at first 首先
Asian 亚洲的 unforfortable 不舒服的 impolite 无理的 allow 允许 keep---dowm 控制 voice 声音 public 公众 take care 当心 cough 咳嗽 sneeze 打喷嚏 break 打破 break the rule 打破规则 politelu 有礼貌地 smoke 吸烟 put out 扑灭 cigarette 批评 careful 小心的 drop 落下 litter 垃圾 pick 采;摘;挑选 pick--up 捡起 behave 举止

7. 初二英语下册第七单元日记带翻译的

READING A: 朗朗是当今最著名和年轻的钢琴家之一。纽约时代杂志上写道:他令人震惊。不过,朗朗的生活远比杂志简单评语有趣的多。朗朗1982年生于沈阳。他第一次听到西方古典音乐是在看汤姆和杰瑞的动画片时。那时他才两岁。朗朗三岁时开始学钢琴。两年后,他就赢得了沈阳钢琴比赛的第一名。从那以后,他得到很多奖。然而,朗朗的成功付出了巨大努力。他的父亲对他要求十分严格。他的同龄伙伴在玩耍或是去北京旅游时他一直在练琴。然后,朗朗进入了国内最好的音乐学院。在17岁时,朗朗的机遇来了。1999年8月,在美国一个著名音乐会上,一个钢琴家突然生病了。朗朗被选中来代替那个钢琴家。演出十分成功,朗朗的命运从此转折。到今天,朗朗每年演出150场。他曾经和最伟大的管弦乐队同台演出,还在很多重要场合出演,比如2008北京奥运会。朗朗说他很感激父母,因为他们总是鼓励并支持他。

READING B: 本杰明富兰克林在波士顿出生于1706年1月17日美国。他是一位多才多艺的和有趣的人。他是一个科学家,发明家。他是天生好奇的事情如何工作的,并一直在寻求改善他们的搜索。

这些是好词好句和翻译: He was watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon on television when he first heard Western classical music. 当他第一次听见西方古典音乐时,他正在看电视播放的漫画《猫和老鼠》。

2. He was practising the piano while other children his age were playing games. 他在练钢琴,而这时同龄的孩子正在玩游戏。

3. Lang Lang began taking piano lessons at the age of three. 朗朗在三岁时开始上钢琴课。

4. From then on, he won many awards. 从那时起,他获了许多奖。

5. Lang Lang's success came at a price. 朗朗的成功是有代价的。

6. His father was very strict with him. 他父亲对他很严格。

7. His father gave up his work and took Lang Lang to Beijing. 父亲放弃他的工作,带朗朗去北京。

8. A pianist suddenly fell ill. 一位钢琴家突然病了。

9. Lang lang was chosen to play in place of that pianist. 朗朗被选去代替那位钢琴家演奏。

10. He played with the greatest orchestras in the world such as the London Symphony Orchestra. 他和世界最伟大的管弦乐队合作,诸如伦敦交响乐团。

11. Lang lang is grateful to parents. 朗朗很感激父母。

12. He is a man of many talents, and she has many interests. 他多才多艺,她也兴趣广泛。

13. He was curious about science,he was always searching for answers. 他对科学很好奇,他总是寻求答案。

14. These experiments led to a number of very important finds. 这些实验导致了一些非常重要的发现。

15. He did invent lightning conctor. 他的确发明了避雷针。

16. He was tired of always taking them on and off. 他厌倦了总要把他们(眼镜)戴上又取下。

17. These glasses let him see both near and far things at the same time. 这眼镜让他能在同一时间看到近的和远的事物。

18. Nowadays, these glasses are known as bifocals. 如今,这被称为双光眼镜。

19. Benjamin Franklin set up the first fire company. 本杰明富兰克林创建了第一个消防公司。

20. She plays the violin for love, not just to win competitions. 她拉小提琴是因为爱好,而不仅仅是为了赢得比赛。

21. We sometimes forget about people like that. 我们有时会忘记象那样的人。

22. Come on, let me give you a hand. 得了,让我帮你一把。

23. I saved up about 100 yuan and bought a dictionary. 我攒了一百块钱买了本字典。

24. He fought for his belief all his life. 他终身为他的信仰而奋斗。

25. He thinks that black people are equal to white people. 他认为黑人和白人是平等的。

26. In total, the team won the NBA championship six times. 这支队总共赢得六次NBA冠军。

1. get…into trouble 使……陷入麻烦
They thought it would be funny to make the mouse smart and always get the cat into trouble. 他们认为将老鼠描绘得很机灵并且总能让猫陷入麻烦会很有趣。

2. run around 到处跑
Instead, the two animals are always running around or fighting each other. 相反,这两只动物总是到处跑或是打架。

3. get in trouble with 犯事而落到(某人)手里;laugh at 嘲笑
In almost every one , Tom gets in trouble with his owner, while Jerry laughs at him. 几乎在每一集中, 汤姆会闯祸落在主人手里,而杰瑞(却在一边)嘲笑他。

4. from all over the world 来自世界各地的
Children from all over the world love to watch their show on television. 世界各地的孩子都喜欢在电视上看他们的戏。

5. be delighted with 对…很满意
They baby dinosaur finished his homework quickly and the mummy dinosaur was delighted with it. 小恐龙很快完成了作业而且恐龙妈妈很满意。

6. play against (someone) 同(某人)比赛
You can play against the team from Shenzhen next week. 你可以下星期和深圳队比赛。

7. score a goal 射门得分
I scored three goals. 我进了三个球。

8. play a trick on 和(某人)开玩笑
She looks like she is playing a trick on someone. 她看起来像在和某人开玩笑。

9. set out 出发
He set out on a round-the-world trip in a small boat. 他乘一只小船开始了环球旅行。

10. life jacket 救生衣
We should wear a life jacket when we go diving. 潜水时我们要穿救生衣。

11. in trouble 有麻烦的
When your friend is in trouble, we should help him. 当人们有麻烦时,我们应当帮助他们。

12. date back to 追溯到
Their history dates back to Ancient Egypt. 他们的历史追溯到古埃及。

13. in existence 存在 in good condition 处于良好的状态
There are only thirty copies of the comic still in existence and only three in really good condition. 仅有三十幅漫画保存至今,而且仅有三幅完好。

14. knock (someone) down 撞到(某人)
If I did not carry one, I would be knocked down by people too busy to look carefully. 如果我不拿一支(蜡烛),我就会被急于赶路的行人撞倒。

15. in reply 回答
The blind man asked in reply,” Why do you think there is no use for a blind man like me to light a candle” 盲人回答道:“为什么你会认为像我这样的盲人点蜡烛是没用的?”

16. move out of one’s way 不挡某人的道
Whenever people met him, they would move out of his way to let him pass, one after the other. 无论人们什么时候遇见他,他们都会一个接一个地让路给他。


8. 人教版八年级下册英语七单元b部分3a.3b作文

of medical research, as for women, their left hemisphere of brains are more developed than their right hemisphere of brains, leading to their strong suits are arts, such as linguistics, language. By contrast, men are good at science and technology e to their different brain structure from women’s. Thus, it will be a ridiculous decision to admit equal numbers of male and female students in same major regardless of their different academic aptitude.



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