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A. 用英语写一篇自我介绍(适合口语

Hello,everyone!My name is Winnie.I'm a 15 years old girl. I live in the beautiful city of Rizhao.I'm an active,lovely and clever girl.In the school,my favourite subject is maths.Perhaps someone thinks it's difficult to study well.But I like it.I belive that if you try your best,everything can be done well.I also like sports very much.Such as,running,volleyball and so on.I'm kind-hearted. If you need help,please come to me .I hope we can be good friends!OK.This is me .A sunny girl.
hello!just call me little monkey,i am a new one here. i graated from hebei tv university,but i major in nuresing.now,i fond a new job at shijiazhuang that is the capitl of hebei. i want to introce my hospitl to evryone,she is an old hospitl and the first one in shijiazhuang city.thank goodness, i have this chance to know evryone.i like make friends,so if you are free please talking to me. i am so sorry to that i have forgot some of the words.bye,i must go home my boyfriend is calling me.
I'm 13 years old and I live in the city of Zhaoqing. I study very well.I have a sister.Everyone loves us.But they often compare my brother with me.This makes me angry.I don't want to be like my brother. I only want to be myself.I am active girl.I like sports very much.I am good at swimming.I also like riging a bike.Because my home is far from school,I ride to school everyday.I'm kind-hearted.If you need help,please come to me.I'll try my best to give help to you.I hope we can be friend.
Good morning!It is really my honor to have this opportunity for a interview,I hope i can make a good performance today. I’ confident that I can succeed.Now i will introce myself briefly I am 26 years old,born in shandong province . I was graated from qing university. my major is electronic.and i got my bachelor degree after my graation in the year of 2003. I spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET4/6 . and i have acquired basic knowledge of my major ring my school time. In July 2003, I begin work for a small private company as a technical support engineer in QingDao city.Because I’m capable of more responsibilities, so I decided to change my job. And in August 2004,I left QingDao to BeiJing and worked for a foreign enterprise as a automation software test engineer.Because I want to change my working environment, I’d like to find a job which is more challenging. Morover Motorola is a global company, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of company ennvironment. That is the reason why I come here to compete for this position. I think I’m a good team player and I’m a person of great honesty to others. Also I am able to work under great pressure. That’s all. Thank you for giving me the chance.
I am Andrea. Perhaps the word "average" can best describe me. I am of average height, average weight and of average complexion. I have a thin face, double-lid eyes and a pointed nose. My hair is black, short and straight. I have never worn my hair long.I look like both my mother and
my father, but I have inherited their best parts.
lam a teacher, and I like my job. I believe her or his students can sometimes teach a teacher. Actually I have learnt a lot from my own teaching experience and my students. One particularly good thing about being a teacher is that I am learning something new each day and thus making progress each day. This is wonderful. Of course the income is modest, but on the other hand, quite stable. I keep growing all the time. I find great rewards both monetarily and mentally.
I have many hobbies: reading books, raising pets, making dresses, etc. I like volleyball very much, but I can't play it very often, because it is a team sport. It is difficult to get enough people to play volleyball with me. It's a shame. I derive great pleasure out of my hobbies.
Generally speaking, I am open, honest and easy-going. I hate hypocrisy and injustice. Fairness is very important to me. I try to be fair in everything I do. I have great appreciation for physical and spiritual independence. I am a bit disorganized and impatient sometimes.
I don't have many friends, but I do have a few. I have both male and female friends. We do sports together, go shopping together; and we exchange our views and ideas and share happiness and sadness. Of course we help each other if necessary. I always consider myself a lucky person. I am lucky in my family, I am lucky in my career, I am lucky in my friendship, I am lucky in many things. In one word, I am lucky in life. I am really grateful for all these.
Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introce
myself. My name is ***, 24. I come from ******,the capital of *******Province. I graated from the ******* department of *****University in July ,2001.In the past two years I have been prepareing for the postgraate examination while I have been teaching *****in NO.****middle School and I was a head-teacher of a class in junior grade two.Now all my hard work has got a result since I have a chance to be interview by you .
I am open-minded ,quick in thought and very fond of history.In my spare time,I have broad interests like many other youngers.I like reading books, especially those about *******.Frequently I exchange with other people by making comments in the forum on line.In addition ,ring my college years,I was once a Net-bar technician.So, I have a comparative good command of network application.I am able to operate the computer well.I am skillful in searching for information in Internet.I am a football fan for years.Italian team is my favorite.Anyway,I feel great pity for our country’s team.
I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning .Of course, if I am given a chance to study ****** in this famous University,I will stare no effort to master a good command of advance .

B. 用英语写一份采访报告

I made an interview about whether you like sports yesterday and the peolpe I interviewed was my family.To my surprise,my brother doesn't like basketball best though I often see him playing in the neighbourhood,he likes football best.My father and mother are busy with working so they can't go out for some sports ,but they have their own way to do some exercise .....
The interview I finished lets me know more about my family,maybe I can do some other interviews int the future.

C. 英语作文 写一篇报告

on july 15th,we took a wonderful trip to Hangzhou by plane,hangzhou is famous for the West Lake,and there are also many places of interets.we thought it is a good place to go to.the place took off at 6:00 in the morning at the capital airport and arrived after two hours.we got to the West Lake then,we did a lot of interesting things.we rowed a boat in the lake ,climbed hills ,took photos of the wonderful view ,made videos and so on.what a wonderful time i had! i would never forget such a fantastic trip!

D. 用英语写一封信。


E. 报告用英语怎么说



report,英 [rɪˈpɔ:t] 美 [rɪˈpɔ:rt]


vt.& vi.报道;公布;宣告



1、This report offered the most specific and accurate description of the problems.


2、The words of this report are as apt today as in 1929.





英 [spi:tʃ] 美 [spitʃ]


She is e to make a speech on the economy next week.



英 [tɔ:k] 美 [tɔk]



You went into too much detail in your talk.


F. 怎样写一篇三分钟英语小报告,带翻译,要简单一点,谢谢

从什么我开始东西的建立一和睦校园"和谐"存在,中国的传统文化最好的决定了让代表存在的一观念的有一共用特征在所有当中好事情.建立一个和睦校园是一永恒主题. 建立一和睦的校园需要建立一和睦老师-学生关系.Teachers,向学费传布常见问题和答案其也是老师给出我们灵感和文化知识有助于从无知到从孩子到成熟我们知识的.老师给我们雨,我们需要存在a全心全意的接受我们宝藏付给老师,尊重老师的劳动的知识.老师和students相互尊重和相互爱和因此向建立一和睦学习大气. 建立一和睦的校园students需要建立一和睦关系.愿意帮穷困学生帮助他们感受到温和和睦校园.保持一种好姿态, 随着一颗诚挚心Quhuan也,处理人民有的忍受力一颗诚挚心.在以此建立a和睦人与人之间的关系学生中间友好关系 .建立一和睦的校园需要建立需要建立一研究的好款式,一好学校社会的精神特质.我们必须促进一队的充满活力款式,一挫折-了解研究,目标是一理想的建造,整体,自我改进变得有用的款式的精神.一种课研究的气氛和艰难勤劳的款式的整体和进展将促使在一好环境中个体长大.一例如死了静悄悄向前活动的每个吸引students诗人社会好爱校心进入次序向理想和努力工作.以此建立一和睦有教育意义环境建设性爱校心.一和睦的校园需要建立信誉和文明款式.在学生中间相互责任和坦率处理说实话,做实际东西.考试为他们自己和他们的老师坚决结束诈骗,有的诚实和力量 一份令人满意报告s转身进入.严厉款式和文明和因此向建立一和睦学校文化.建立一个和睦校园需要我们共用努力,我们必须根据一和睦的群students战斗,符合一在a和睦人与人之间的关系中类型感情中和睦天堂的利益,根据和睦根据一和睦校园文化演奏人与人之间的关系演奏出租学习的我们a愉快和的和睦有教育意义气氛成长!我希望我们学校得到较好者和较好者!

G. 用英语写一封简单的信




H. 求英语高手来给一篇口语报告,通俗易懂(大一水平),主题不限,我准备背下来。不要复制过来的

today i want speak something about reading, Reading make a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man. And therefore, if a man write little, he had need have a great memory; if he confer little, he had need have a present wit: and if he read little, he had need have much cunning, to seem to know, that he doth not. Histories make men wise; poets witty; the mathematics subtitle; natural philosophy deep; moral grave; logic and rhetoric able to contend. Abeunt studia in mores. Nay, there is no stand or impediment in the wit, but may be wrought out by fit studies; like as diseases of the body, may have appropriate exercises. Bowling is good for the stone and reins; shooting for the lungs and breast; gentle walking for the stomach; riding for the head; and the like. So if a man\'s wit be wandering, let him study the mathematics; for in demonstrations, if his wit be called away never so little, he must begin again. If his wit be not apt to distinguish or find differences, let him study the Schoolmen; for they are cymini sectors. If he be not apt to beat over matters, and to call up one thing to prove and illustrate another, let him study the lawyers\' cases. So every defect of the mind, may have a special receipt.

I. 用英语写一封信

Dear webmaster,

Thanks for the prompt response you have forwarded to me regarding the problem I have on my website.

I understand an investigation will be necessary for you to provide me with an answer. I will appreciate being informed as soon as the investigation comes to a result.

Thank you again.




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