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A. 介绍动物的英语短文

英文:Compared with the past, the giant panda habitat has been reced by 4 / 5, is the only remaining more than 1 square kilometer was also distributed in more than 30 county, which is facing severe habitat fragmentation and fragmentation. This is less than 1,000 wild giant pandas being cut into 20 small isolated populations. This situation will rece the genetic diversity of giant pandas, leading to adapt to the giant panda breeding, disease resistance, such as the declining ability to more easily into its critically endangered situation.Although the authorities greatly strengthened the promotion and protection of giant pandas, there is still a small number of people take the risk, poaching, smuggling and illegal activities of giant pandas. This giant panda reproction of the population pose a deadly threat to the protection of giant pandas is still a long way to go. And I hope that we work together to protect giant pandas!中文翻译: 跟过去相比,大熊猫的栖息地已经减少了4/5,现仅存的1万余平方公里还分布在30多个县境内,其栖息地面临严重的片断化和破碎化。这不足1000只的野生大熊猫被分割成20个孤立的小种群。这种状况会减少大熊猫的遗传多样性,导致大熊猫适应、繁殖、抵抗疾病等能力的日益下降,更容易使其陷于极度濒危境地。尽管有关部门大大加强了对大熊猫的宣传和保护,还是有少数人铤而走险,进行偷猎、走私大熊猫的非法活动。这对大熊猫的种群繁衍构成致命威胁,保护大熊猫工作仍然任重道远。

B. 用英语介绍自己最喜欢的动物。

My favourite animal

As we all know,animals are our friends.I like every animal.But I like
dogs best.Dogs are not only very lovely,but also very helpful.That's why
we all feed dogs at home.I often share happiness and shorrow with it,
which belongs to me three years ago,called"Betty".In other words,we
should treat them as our real friends.Do you agree with me?


C. 我急需一篇雅思口语的动物类英语范文:猫(是我家的宠物,主要写它的可爱处) 1000字左右


How to Communicate With Your Cat
Scientists have discovered that cats have developed an elaborate communication system with hundreds of vocalizations to tell humans what they want.[1] They know that we are in charge, so it makes sense for the cat to learn to communicate vocally, and to make sure that we understand what they are saying. Cats can also learn to understand what we want them to do by our repetition of words or actions in a consistent manner.[2] In this way, we are able to communicate with cats in a dialogue that takes time and effort to develop but is very rewarding for both.
[edit] StepsRemember that vocalizing is generally not your cat's preferred mode of communication. A cat's "first language" consists of a complex system of scent, facial expression, complex body language, and touch whereas we humans communicate primarily through sound. Cats soon realize that we don't understand the non-verbal signals they send to each other, so they vocalize in an attempt to communicate in our language. By observing which sounds elicit which actions from us, a cat is always learning how to make requests (or demands).[3]
Listen to your cat. If you watch what your cat is doing when it meows, you may learn to distinguish which meows are associated with which requests (or protests) and eventually know the difference between a "let me out" demand and a "give me food" demand by sound alone.[4] Each cat is different and may have its own variations, but some common meows can include:

Short meow - standard greeting.
Multiple meows - excited greeting.
Mid-pitch meow - plea for something.
Drawn-out mrrroooow - a demand for something.
Low pitch MRRRooooowww - a complaint
High-pitch RRRROWW! - anger or pain.
Chatter (rapid teeth-chattering jaw movements) - excitement, frustration (e.g. when prey is out of reach or escapes)
Chirrup (Also called "chirring", a cross between a meow and a purr with rising inflection) - friendly greeting sound, often used by a mother cat to call to her kittens.
Purr - invites close contact or attention
Watch your cat. Since cats are more "fluent" in body language, certain gestures will accompany vocalizations to reinforce their message.

tail straight up - happy
tail twitching - excited or anxious
slowly blinking eyes - affection, equivalent of "blowing a kiss"

sustained eye contact is interpreted as being assertive or even aggressive and makes cats uncomfortable; slow blinking communicates trust[5]
wet nose "kiss" - an affectionate gesture when the cat taps its wet nose to you
ears back - alarmed or in a very playful mood, also used when sniffing something they want to know more about
rubbing head, flank and tail against a person or animal - greeting ritual
head-butting - friendliness, affection
face sniffing - confirming identity
ears back and flattened - fearful, anxious or VERY playful (be careful here)
licks you - this could be the ULTIMATE sign of affection. If your cat licks you, your cat may consider you to be a part of his/her family, like a mother cleaning her kittens. If you push your cat away when he/she licks you, they may feel hurt and confused. Your kitty loves you! Or this could mean you have something tasty on your hand!
Talk back. As mentioned earlier, cats are always learning how to communicate with us; the more we communicate with them, the faster they'll learn.[6]

Use a slightly raised tone of voice to indicate friendliness and a lowered tone of voice to indicate displeasure or aggression.[7]
Repeat the same word, sleep or bed, each time you go to bed, and eventually your cat will begin to associate the repetitive word sound with your actions, and may even get to the bedroom before you.
Use the word shower consistently each time you are ready to take one, and eventually your cat may beat you to the bathroom and might even curl up in the sink to wait for you (See picture at right).
If you blink slowly when making eye contact with your cat, they will usually respond by coming over to be petted, as it is a very non-threatening gesture.
Be consistent. For example, a cat often "asks" before invading another's space and a common blunder many pet owners make is to say "no" but pet the cat at the same time. This is very confusing to the cat. Instead, a very quick "no" combined with gently but firmly pushing the cat away from you, without showing affection, will let the cat know that their presence is not desired at this time. Most cats will try 2-3 times to invade a person's space, often from different directions. Be patient when saying "no" to them.

You can also develop a "command tone" to use with your cat when they are doing something seriously wrong. Use a voice that comes naturally to you, that you can replicate easily, but that is also distinct from your everyday talking voice. If you use this voice sparingly, but seriously, then your cat will learn to associate the voice with the idea that they are being naughty.
Another easy "no" command that cats all understand is a quick, sharp, hiss or "spit" sound as is made by their own kind when they themselves say "no".

[edit] TipsTreat your cat with love and respect and they will become a very happy and loving companion and friend. Talk to them softly and watch how they listen. They might respond with a meow or other sound.
With patience cats can be trained to respond to commands, much the same as dogs. You can even teach your cat to shake your hand.
Siamese & Maine Coon cats have been observed to be especially "talkative", while long-haired cats tend to be on the quieter side.[8] But of course, there are always exceptions!

[edit] WarningsThis is not, by any means, a complete list of cat gestures and vocalizations. The feline communication system is surprisingly complex and extends beyond the scope of this article. Consult the sources below for more details, and always pay attention to your cat - every one is different.
Urinating, spraying and maddening (depositing feces in a prominent spot) are often a cat's attempt to mark territory that it feels is being threatened.[9] It may also be an indication of urinary tract or bladder infection, or other serious health issue. If this is a problem, the cat may need to be treated, neutered or spayed, or separated from other cats. Consult your vet.
Urinating or defecating outside or near the litter box usually means the litter box needs cleaning. Clean the litter box on a regular basis.
Never yell at or physically discipline a cat. This only frightens and angers them, and is counterproctive.

D. 雅思口语如何描述一个有趣的动物

I am raising an Alaska dog, which is a large breed of domestic dog. My dog has a double coat:the undercoat is soft while the outer one is coarse and water-proof. Also, his coat hastwo colors, black and white.
In my opinion, his most attractive feature is the small upright ears which are out of proportion to the head. Having had this dog for almost a year, I find him intriguing. He is very smart, so he learns everything quickly. I once taught him how to fetch. Surprisingly enough, he successfully chased and retrieved the object after I tossed it for the second time. He acted as if he had intrinsically understood the game. He is also friendly to everyone,especially children. Whenever someone visits my house, instead of barking, he welcomes them by licking their feet.
For me, my dog is a friend I can play with after school. I often walk him around the park at the weekends and he seems to like this, as there are different dogs there. I also talk with himregularly and I feel that he can understand what I say. As a final point, I hope that my dog can live with me for a long time.

E. 用英语介绍动物


F. 用英语介绍一下动物的不同种类,要英文简介

Mammals(哺乳动物): Baby mammals are born from their mothers stomach.Any of various warm-blooded vertebrate animals of the class Mammalia, including human beings, characterized by a covering of hair on the skin and, in the female, milk-procing mammary glands for nourishing the young. Bats are the only flying mammal. The biggest mammal is the Blue Whale.
Example: people, dogs, elephants, etc.

Reptiles(爬行动物):Reptiles are cold-blooded animals. Baby animals are born from eggs. Any of various cold-blooded, usually egg-laying vertebrates of the class Reptilia, such as a snake, lizard, crocodile, turtle, or dinosaur, having an external covering of scales or horny plates and breathing by means of lungs.They usually have scales. Example: snakes, frogs, lizards, etc.

Birds(鸟类):Birds are animals that have feathers and wings, but not every one of them can fly. The ostrich is the biggest bird. Birds eat bugs, fish, corn... Example: sparrows, flamingoes, chicken, cks, etc.

Fish(鱼):Fish have scales. They live in water and can't leave it. They don't have legs but fins and tails instead.Any of numerous cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates of the superclass Pisces, characteristically having fins, gills, and a streamlined body and including specifically: Example:clown fish, cat fish, gold fish,etc.

Insects(昆虫): Any of numerous usually small arthropod animals of the class Insecta, having an alt stage characterized by three pairs of legs and a body segmented into head, thorax, and abdomen and usually having two pairs of wings. Some insects provide good use for farmers. Insects include the flies, crickets, mosquitoes, beetles, butterflies, and bees.

The heaviest animal on earth: Whales
The tallest animal on earth: Giraffe
The fastest animal on earth:Jaguars
The slowest animal on earth: Snails

G. 帮忙写一篇介绍动物的英语小短文

Dog on the owner's loyalty, from the emotional foundations of point of view, there are two sources: first, the mother of dependency and trust; second, the group leader of obedience. That is to say, the dog's loyalty to the master, in fact, is a dog or group of leaders, the mother of the faithful as a replacement. From the origin point of view, the modern family dog can be divided into two categories: Jackal and the Wolf kinds of blood lineage. Jackal blood of the faithful dog, the main source of emotional with the first one linked, that is, mainly out of the mother's attachment to the trust; such mothers, which can be expressed in any one of its friendly people. Wolf kinds of descent of the loyal dog, mainly with the second source of emotion linked, that is, mainly out of the group leader of the dog obedience Tadanori; kind of leader, the dog is a lifetime of only one. In this way, loyal to these two different origins of the dog run, and will have a different meaning. Jackal origin of the dog, the so-called loyalty to its master, it refers to all the friendly people that loyalty, while the wolf dog kinds of origin, the so-called loyalty to its master, then refers to an owner or indivial owner loyalty. Jackal blood dog can be loyal to all of its friendly people, said that this "loyalty", for a particular host, it should be disloyal. Wolf kinds of dog blood, because life is only loyal to one master, so it can be said that the wolf dog right kinds of Hu dogs more loyal than the owner. The reason why these two kinds of origin, the loyalty of a dog there is such a distinction is rooted in the genes of these two dogs are different.

H. 动物的英语介绍

Dingo: mammal
The dingo is the oldest purebred dog in the world. It is a fascinating animal with a fine set of sharp teeth. Dingoes were isolated from other dogs for 5000 years or so before the arrival of Europeans and their dogs.

Dingoes differ from domestic dogs in that the female comes on heat only once a year, not twice. Dingoes do not bark, but yelp or howl. They communicate over long distances by this somewhat dismal vocalization. Another difference from most other dogs is that the dingo’s thick triangular ears are permanently erect, which is a primitive taint, which is a primitive taint. The dingo has heavy splayed feet that are usually white, and its short bushy tail is generally white tipped. The skull of the dingo is broader than that of other dogs and its tooth formation is characteristic. In hot areas, dingoes are creamy to reddish yellow, other colours can occur. Early settlers reported white piebald and sometimes black dingoes and albinos. These variations in fur colour have led to the belief that pure-bred dingoes are rare.

I. 用英语介绍一种小动物

Cats are cute animals,they are very special as well.
It has pointy ears, round eyes,little claws,and short but soft fur.Cats like eating fish and mice.They like to keep themselves clean, they do that by licking their fur.Also they are nocturnal animals, they sleep in the daytime and do most of their movements at night.
We should love cat, because cats are our friends

My fauourite animal is the panda.It comes from Sichuan,China.It is black and white.It is lovely.It eats bamboo.It doesn't eat meat.And I also like it very much.
Spider Monkey
Spider monkeys are large in size. Alt monkeys grow to be almost two feet tall excluding the tail. They have a powerful tail that they use as an extra limb. Spider monkeys like to hang upside-down with all four limbs and the tail holding on to branches which makes them look like a spider and thus their name. They also have the ability to swing from branch to branch at a high speed. Their fur color can be black, brown, golden, red, or tan.
Hanger Monkeys Spider monkeys spend most of their time high up in the canopy where they can find fruits and seeds to eat. They also eat plants. They are unusual monkeys in that they have only four fingers and no thumb. Spider monkeys are heavily hunted and are in danger of becoming extinct.
Poison-Arrow Frog
Poison-arrow frogs are social frogs found in Central and South America. They are known by their bright colors which warn other animals that they are poisonous. Its poison is one of the most powerful known and can cause paralysis or death. It is so potent that one millionth of an ounce can kill a dog and an amount smaller than a grain of salt can kill a human. One frog carries enough poison to kill about 100 people. Native hunters use it on the tips of their arrows which is how the frog got its name.
Poison-arrow frogs are about the size of a man's thumbnail (less than one inch). The tiny frogs lay their eggs on leaves. When the tadpole hatches, it is carried on one of the parents' back to a bromeliad where the parents feed it small insects, ants, spiders, crustaceans, and tiny water animals. The mother frog may also lay infertile eggs as food for the tadpoles.
Poison-arrow frogs are beautiful to look at. Their colors vary from red to yellow to blue. The enemies they encounter are large animals (including humans) who may step on them. Though poison-arrow frogs carry a deadly poison, they are usually harmless if left alone.



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