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㈠ 要外出旅游都要掌握什么英语口语

您好 How are you!
初次见面问好 How do you do!
很高兴见到你 (It's) nice to meet you.\Pleased to meet you. \ It was a pleasure meeting you.
先生/女士 早晨好 Good Morning Sir/Madam .


请问您从哪来?Where are you from?
请问贵姓?Can I have your name?\May I have your name, please?
我叫...。 My name is ... (I'm ...)
希望再见到你。 Hope to see you again.
这是不是说我以后可以再见到你? Does that mean that I can see you again?
谢谢! Thank you!
多谢! Thanks a lot!
对不起,麻烦你。 Excuse me.
对不起 I am sorry.
抱歉 Excuse the mess.
请 Yes , Please
您能帮我个忙吗?Could you do me a favor?
需要帮忙吗? Can I help you?
谢谢你的帮助。 Thank you for helping me.
无论如何,我还要感谢你. Thanks, anyway.
玩得快乐。 Have a good time.
祝你好运。 Good luck.
一路平安,走好。 Have a safe trip home
怎么了? What's the matter?
我真为你感到难过。 I'm sorry for you.
我可以试穿一下吗? May I try it on?
多少钱? How much?
请把菜单给我。 Please show me the menu.
干杯! Cheers!
我迷路了,您能告诉我怎么回饭店吗? I'm lost.Could you do me a favor to find my hotel?
你能帮我拍照吗?Could you take a picture for me?
非常感谢。Thank you very much.
不客气。You're welcome.
让我们保持联系。Let's keep in touch.
我怎样能跟你联络上?How can I get in touch with you?
我将会尽我最大努力。 I'll do my best.
请稍等一下。Wait a moment please.
你先请 After you
我们该走了。 We'd better be off.
真是那样?Is that so?
我不确切知道 I don't know for sure.
太好了,太棒了That's something.
这主意真棒!Brilliant idea!
此话当真?Do you really mean it?
你帮了大忙You are a great help.
看情况再说 That depends.
我不懂英文。I can’t speak English
请再说一次 Please say it again
当然 Of course
顺便提一下By the way
能够使用电话吗?May I use this phone?
能够坐在这里吗?May I sit here?
我想问点事情?May I ask something?
现在几点了?What time is it now?
我很累 I am tired
尽快 As soon as possible
我感觉不舒服 I feel sick
你讲英语吗?Do you speak English?
我可以讲一点英语 I can speak a little English.
请慢慢讲 Please speak slowly.
请将大声一点 ?Would you mind speak louder please?


请 问 如 何 前 往…… ? Excuse me, How do I get to the ....... ?
例如:How do I get to the airport\bus station\train station\ XXX hotel\the police station\post office\? 请 问 如 何 前 往 机 场\公车站\火车站\某某酒店\警察局\邮局 ?


是否可介绍一家附近口碑不错的餐厅?Could you recommend a nice restaurant near here?
我想去一家价位合理的餐厅。I want a restaurant with reasonable prices.
我想去一家不会吵杂的餐厅。I'd like a quiet restaurant
.我想去一家气氛欢乐、活泼的餐厅。I'd like a restaurant with cheerful atmosphere
是否可建议这一类的餐厅?Could you recommend that kind of restaurant?
此地餐厅多集中在那一区?Where is the main area for restaurants?
这附近是否有中国餐厅?Is there a Chinese restaurant around here?
这附近是否有价位不贵的餐厅?Are there any inexpensive restaurants near here?
你知道现在那里还有餐厅是营业的吗?Do you know of any restaurants open now?
我想尝试一下当地食物。I'd like to have some local food.
最近的意大利餐厅在那里?Where is the nearest Italian restaurant?
到达餐厅 开始点餐:
请给我菜单。May I have a menu please?
是否有中文菜单?Do you have a menu in Chinese ?
在用晚餐前想喝些什麼吗?Would you like something to drink before dinner?
餐厅有些什麼餐前酒?What kind of drinks do you have for an aperitif?
可否让我看看酒单?May I see the wine list?
我可以点杯酒吗?May I order a glass of wine?
餐厅有那几类酒?What kind of wine do you have?
我想点当地出产的酒。I'd like to have some local wine.
我想要喝法国红酒。I'd like to have French red wine.
是否可建议一些不错的酒?Could you recommend some good wine?
我可以点餐了吗?May I order, please?
餐厅最特别的菜式是什麼?What is the specialty of the house?
餐厅有今日特餐吗?Do you have today's special?
我可以点与那份相同的餐吗?Can I have the same dish as that?
我想要一份开胃菜与排餐(鱼餐)。I'd like appetizers and meat(fish) dish.
我必须避免含油脂(盐份/糖份)的食物。I have to avoid food containing fat(salt/suger).
餐厅是否有供应素食餐?Do you have vegetarian dishes?
你的牛排要如何烹调?How do you like your steak?
全熟(五分熟/全生)。Well done (medium/rare),please.


我会晚一点到达,请保留所预订的房间。I'll arrive late, but please keep my reservation.
我在新加坡已预订房间。I made a reservation in Singapore .
我的名字是……。My name is .
我想要一间安静一点的房间。 I'd like a quiet room.
我想要楼上的房间。I'd like a room on the upper level.
我想要一间视野好(有阳台)的房间。I'd like a room with a nice view (a balcony).
随时都有热水供应吗? Is hot water available any time?
我可以看一看房间吗? May I see the room?
是否还有更大的(更好的/更便宜的)房间? Do you have anything bigger (better/cheaper)?
我要订这间房间。 I'll take this room.
麻烦填写这张住宿登记表。 Would you fill in this registration form?
这里可使用信用卡(旅行支票)吗? Do you accept credit cards (traveler's checks)?
是否可代为保管贵重物品? Could you keep my valuables?
餐厅在那儿? Where is the dining room?
餐厅几点开始营业? What time does the dining room open?
早餐几点开始供应? What time can I have breakfast?
旅馆内有美容院(理发院)吗? Is there a beauty salon(barber shop)?
是否可给我一张有旅馆地址的名片? Can I have a card with the hotel's address?
是否可在此购买观光巴士券? Can I get a ticket for the sight-seeing bus here?
最近的地铁站在那里? Where is the nearest subway station?
何时需退房? When is check-out time?
明早你是否能帮我将行李拿到大厅? Could you bring my baggage down to the lobby tomorrow morning?
请送给我一壶咖啡(热水)。 Please bring me a pot of coffee (boiled water).
请送给我一些冰块和水。 Please bring me some ice cubes and water.
我想设定早晨的呼叫铃。 I'd like a wake-up call, please.
冷气(电视、灯)无法开启。 The air-conditioner (T.V. set、light) doesn't work.
房间内没有热水。 There is no hot water.
热水不够热。 The hot water is not hot enough.
我要退房。请给我帐单。 I'd like to check out. My bill, please.
是否能以信用卡付帐? Can I pay by credit card?
我住的很愉快。 I enjoy my stay.

㈡ 我想学习旅游英语口语

要想学好英语口语,就必须首先做到四个最基本的要求:“听,说,读”。听内,是听的细;说,是说的懂容;读,是读的准;写,是写的对。听,要做到听的细。一周必须要用两到三天的时间来花费一两个小时听磁带,一边拿着书,一边还得跟着磁带大声读出来,这样可以能够更快的,而且不易忘记的顺利记住。说,要做到说的懂。把英语文章或单词的汉译重新说一遍,要保持翻译的时候不能卡壳,要翻译的顺畅,像语文那样也要做到翻译的用词准确,句子通顺,有条件的童鞋可以找老外一起练习: 读,要做到读的准。(如果发音不准的先学音标)听一些英语材料,跟着读,一开始可以调慢速,一句一句跟着读。

㈢ 旅游英语口语怎么学习是最好的方法


㈣ 旅游英语口语难学吗


㈤ 出国旅游常用的英语口语有哪些

  1. Excuse me,How do I get to the.......?请问如何前往......?

  2. How do I get to the airport?请问如何前往机场?

  3. How do I get to the bus station?请问如何前往公车站?

  4. How do I get to the metro station?请问如何前往地下铁路站?

  5. How do I get to the subway station?请问如何前往地下铁路站?

  6. How do I get to the underground station?请问如何前往地下铁路站?

  7. How do I get to the train station?请问如何前往火车站?

  8. How do I get to the Hilton hotel ?请问如何前往希尔顿酒店?

  9. Excuse me, Is there....... nearby?请问附近有没有...?

  10. Is there a disco nearby?请问附近有没有的士高?

  11. Is there a hospital nearby? 请问附近有没有医院?

  12. Is there a night club nearby?请问附近有没有夜总会?

  13. Is there a post box nearby?请问附近有没有邮政局?

  14. Is there a public toilet nearby?请问附近有没有公共厕所?

  15. Is there a restaurant nearby?请问附近有没有餐厅?

  16. Is there a telephone nearby?请问附近有没有电话?

  17. Is there a travel agent nearby?请问附近有没有旅游社?

  18. Is there a youth hostel nearby?请问附近有没有青年旅馆?

  19. Is there a baker nearby? 请问附近有没有面包店?

  20. Is there a bank nearby? 请问附近有没有银行?

  21. Is there a bar nearby? 请问附近有没有酒吧?

  22. Is there a bus stop nearby? 请问附近有没有公车站?

  23. Is there a cafe nearby? 请问附近有没有咖啡店?

  24. Is there a cake shop nearby? 请问附近有没有西饼店?

  25. Is there a change bureau nearby? 请问附近有没有找换店?

  26. Is there a chemist"s nearby?请问附近有没有药剂师?

  27. Is there a department store nearby?请问附近有没有百货公司?

  1. 机场费 airport fee

  2. 出站(出港、离开) departures

  3. 国际机场 international airport

  4. 登机手续办理 check-in

  5. 国内机场 domestic airport

  6. 登机牌 boarding pass (card)

  7. 机场候机楼 airport terminal

  8. 行李领取处 luggage claim; baggage claim

  9. 国际航班出港 international departure

  10. 国际航班旅客 international passengers

  11. 国内航班出站 domestic departure

  12. 中转 transfers

  13. 卫星楼 satellite

  14. 中转旅客 transfer passengers

  15. 入口 in

  16. 中转处 transfer correspondence

  17. 出口 exit; out; way out

  18. 过境 transit

  19. 进站(进港、到达) arrivals

  20. 报关物品 goods to declare

  21. 不需报关 nothing to declare

  22. 贵宾室 V.I.P. room

  23. 海关 customs

  24. 购票处 ticket office

  25. 登机口 gate; departure gate

  26. 付款处 cash

  27. 候机室 departure lounge

  28. 出租车 taxi

  29. 航班号 FLT No (flight number)

  30. 出租车乘车点 Taxi pick-up point

  31. Tourist 游客

  32. United States (U.S.) 美国

㈥ 出国旅游常用的英文口语有哪些

Where's the tourist information center? (旅游信息问讯处在哪儿?) Sorry, I'm a stranger here, too. (对不起,我也不是本地人。) 能给我一张免费城市地图吗? May I have a free city map? 博物馆几点开馆? When does the museum open? When does the museum close? (博物馆几点闭馆?) 能告诉我这座城市有哪些好玩的地方吗? Please tell me about some interesting places in this town. Is there anything to visit here? (这儿有没有可看的地方?) 您对什么感兴趣? What are your interests? What are you interested in? What kind of things are you interested in? What do you like? 我对建筑感兴趣。 I'm interested in architecture. 都有哪些路线的旅行呢? What kind of tours do you have? (都有哪些路线的旅行呢?) Well, we have... (是啊,我们有……) What kind of tours are available? What kind of tours do you offer? What kind of tours are there? 请告诉我去的路线。 Please show me the way. 他们星期六开门吗? Are they open on Saturdays? 有旅游车吗? Are there any sightseeing buses? *sightseeing “观光,游览”。 Is there a sightseeing bus tour? (有旅游车游览团吗?) Do you have any sightseeing bus tours? (你们有什么旅游车的旅行团吗?) Are there any sightseeing bus tours? (有旅游车游览团吗?) 我想坐出租车旅游。 I'd like a tour by taxi. 我想要一个导游。 I'd like a guide. 我想要一位会日语的导游。 I want a Japanese-speaking guide. I'd like a Japanese-speaking guide, please. I'd like to request a Japanese-speaking guide. Could we have a Japanese-speaking guide? 一天多少钱? How much is it per day? 入场券多少钱? How much is admission? How much is the entrance fee? 买两张票。 Two tickets, please. 那个建筑物是什么? What's that building? 它的历史有多久? How old is it? 我们能进到里面吗? Can we go in? (我们能进到里面吗?) Of course. (当然能。) 我们去看看那座城堡吧。 Let's go to see the castle. 多美的景色呀! What a beautiful view! 我想多呆一会儿。 I want to stay longer. 我们走吧! Let's leave now. 我想休息一会儿。 I want to rest a while. I want to rest for a while. I want to rest. I want to take a rest. 这儿可以照相吗? May I take a picture here? Would it be all right if I took a picture here? 您能给我们照张相吗? Would you take a picture for us? Will you take a picture of us? 能和我一起照张相吗? Would you mind posing with me? *pose “(为了绘画和拍照)摆出姿势、样子”。 我会把照片寄给你的。 I'll send the pictures. 哪儿有礼品店? Where is the gift shop? Where can I find the gift shop? 洗手间在哪儿? Where's the bathroom? Which way is the bathroom? Is the bathroom around here? Could you tell me how to get to the bathroom? How can I get to the bathroom? 出去然后往左拐。 It's outside, to the left. It's outside, on the left. It's outside, to your left. It's outside, on the left-hand side. It's outside, on your left. 我能走得到吗? Can I walk there? Is it walking distance? *walking distance “能够徒步行走的距离”。 Do you think I could walk there? (你觉得我能走得到那儿吗?) 你最好坐公共汽车。 You should take a bus. Can I walk there? (我可以走得到那儿吗?) You should take a bus. (你最好坐公共汽车。) It would be better if you took a bus. I'd recommend taking a bus. You'd better take a bus. 今天晚上的节目是什么? What's on tonight? *on 除了表示“在……之上”之外,还有类似“电影上映,戏剧上演”的意思。 What's playing tonight? What are you showing tonight? 一共演多长时间? How long does it last? *last有表示“连续,持续”的意思。 How long will it last? How long is it? 几点演完? What time will it be over? What time will it end?

㈦ 旅游英语常用口语对话


1.Do you have any plan for the approaching summer holiday?


2.I’m going to travel in Sydney for 2 weeks after resignation.


3.My parents plan to visit Beijing ring the spring break.


4.Do you have something new for the graation trip?


5.She suggested the best places to us to head for.


6. The magazine has selected annual top ten destinations for travelers in Europe.


7.I’m dreaming to go abroad ring the break.


8.You have no idea how much I desire to go to Greece.


二、旅游英语常用口语对话:Conversation 1

A: Judy said that you are going on a trip this summer?


B: Yes, but I haven’t decided yet.


A: Do you have any plan?


B: Well, I’m looking forward to go to Europe ring the break.


A: There is no better place than Greece if you need my recommendation.


B: Have you been there before?


A: Yes, I went there more than once.


B: Wow! Sounds attractive! Maybe I can have a try.


三、旅游英语常用口语对话:Conversation 2

A: I’m going to have a three-week vacation. How about planning a trip?


B: Really? You’ve been dreaming to go to the United States. Now it’s on the agenda.


A: Sounds exciting. I want to visit the Grand Canyon.


B: Good idea. And we can stay a couple of days in Las Vegas.


A: And the New York City can’t be missed out.I’d like to watch a Broadway play.


B: But it’s on the other side of the county and we have to fly five hours to get there.


A: It doesn’t matter. I can’t wait anymore.



㈧ 出国旅游常用英语口语有

Where is the railway station? 火车站在哪?
Melbourne central station, please. 墨尔本中心火车站
How much is it? 多少钱?
Is there a bus that goes to Melbourne central station? 有去墨尔本中心火车站的巴士吗?
What station does the train for Melbourne leave from? 去墨尔本的火车是从那一站离开的
Where is the ticket office? 卖票的地方在哪?
A ticket to Melbourne, please. 一张去墨尔本的票
One way or a round trip ticket? 单程还是环程票
Second class one way, please 二等单程
Are there reserved seats on the train? 火车上设有座位预留吗?
I don’t think it’s necessary, as the train won’t be crowded. 我想没有必要,因为火车不是很挤
Can I stop over on the way? 我可以中途下车吗?
Can I have a second-class ticket to Melbourne, please? 一张2等票去墨尔本
Are there any discount tickets for me? 我买票有折扣吗?
May I see a timetable? 我可以看看时间表吗?
Does this train run everyday? 这天天通火车吗?
I’d like to go to Melbourne tomorrow. What time is there a train? 我想明天去墨尔本,几点的火车?
Is there a train that goes any faster? 有更快的车吗?
From which station does the train leave? 火车从哪站出发?
At which window can I make a reservation? 在哪个窗口我可以做预订
I’d like to reserve a seat on this train 我想要订个座位
I’d like to reserve a sleeper to Melbourne 我想订张去墨尔本的卧铺
I’d like the upper (the lower) berth. 我想要个上层(下层)的
Are any reserved seats available? 可以预订座位吗?
I’d like to change my reservation 我想改变我的预订
Do I need a reservation? 我需要预订吗?
Smoking (non-smoking) car, please 吸烟(非吸烟)车厢
How long is the ticket valid? 车票多长时间有效?
What time does the first (last/next) train to Melbourne leave? 什么时候第一辆(最后一辆/下一辆)车从墨尔本出发
Is it a direct train? 有直达车吗?
Is there a connection to Melbourne? 有去墨尔本的联运吗?
Do I have to change train? 我还需要换车吗?
Will the train leave on schele? 火车准时出发吗?
What time does the train arrive in Melbourne? 火车几点到墨尔本
Are there any express train? 有特快列车吗?
Where does the train go to? 这辆车是去哪的?
Does the train split up? 列车会分离吗?
Is there a dining (sleeping) car on the train? 这有餐车(卧铺)车厢吗?
Does this train stop at Melbourne? 火车在墨尔本停吗?
Is there a direct train to Melbourne? 有直达去墨尔本的火车吗?
Where do I change trains? 我在哪换车?
How long does it take to get to Melbourne? 多长时间能到墨尔本?
What platform does the train leave from? 火车从哪个站台出发
Is this the right platform for the train to Melbourne? 这个是去墨尔本的站台吗?
How long does it take to go to Melbourne? 去墨尔本需要多长时间?
Do I have to change trains to go to Melbourne? 去墨尔本我需要换车吗?
Can you help me with these bags? 你能帮我看一下包吗?
Does the train to Melbourne shop at this station? 去墨尔本的火车在这站停吗?
How many more minutes will it take for the train to arrive? 还有多长时间火车能到?
Is this the train to Melbourne? 这是去墨尔本的火车吗?
Excuse me. May I get by? 打扰一下,我能过去吗?
Is this seat taken? 这座有人吗?
May I sit here? 我可以座这吗?
I think this is my seat 我想这是我的座位。
May I smoke? 我可以吸烟吗?
Do I need a reservation for the dining car? 我需要订餐厅的座位吗?
Could I reserve a table at 7 o’clock? 我可以在7点订桌吗?
Can I stop over with this ticket? 我可以中途下车吗?
This car does to Melbourne, doesn’t it? 这是去墨尔本的车,对吗?
Does this car go to Melbourne? 这车去墨尔本吗?
May I open the window? 我可以打开窗户吗?
What is the next stop? 下一站是什么?
How long does this train stop there? 车在这停多长时间?
Could you let me know before we get to Melbourne? 到墨尔本之前可以告诉我一下吗?
What time do we get to Melbourne? 我们什么时间到墨尔本?
What station is this? 这站是哪里?
Where is the sleeping car? 卧铺在哪里?
Where is my berth? 我的床铺在哪里?
Could you make up my berth? 可以整理一下我的床铺吗?
Could you make me up at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning? 明早7点能叫我起床吗?
I lost my ticket. What should I do? 我丢了我的票,我该怎么办?
Can I cancel this ticket? 我能取消这张票吗?
I’d like to change this ticket to the first class. 我想换成头等票
I missed my station. 我找不到火车站拉
I missed my train. 我找不到火车拉
I left something on the train. 我忘了些东西在火车上
Please validate my pass 请确认我的通行证
I’d like to start using this pass for 45 days from the day after tomorrow. 我开始用这张通行证在45天之间
Can I get on this train with this ticket? 我可以用这张票上车吗?
Where is ABC office? ABC 办公室在哪?
Do I need a reservation? 我需要预订吗?
I have an Apass 我有A票
Could you issue the supplement coupons 你们发行增刊的优待券吗?
Where is the bus depot for the ABC buses? ABC线路的巴士站在哪里?
Where is the ticket office? 卖票的地方在哪里?
To Melbourne, please 到墨尔本,谢谢
Can I get a ticket on the bus? 我能上车买票吗?
What time does the bus for Melbourne leave? 墨尔本出发的巴士是几点?
How long does it take to get to Melbourne? 去墨尔本多长时间?
Do I have to transfer? 我还得换车吗?
Where can I check my baggage? 在哪里可以检查我的行李
Could I keep this baggage? 我能带者这些行李吗?
Which gate does the bus for Melbourne leave from 从墨尔本出发的车在几号门?
Which bus goes to Melbourne? 哪辆车去墨尔本
What time does next bus leave? 下一辆车什么时候出发?
Is this seat taken? 这个座有人吗?
May I sit next to you? 我可以做你旁边吗?
Where should I put my baggage? 我的行李应该放在哪里?
What time does this bus leave? 巴士什么时候离开?
Where is the rest room? 洗手间在哪里?
How long does the bus stop here? 巴士在这挺多久?
I’ll get off here 我在这里下车
I’ll take the next bus. 我要坐下辆车
May I have a bus route map? 可以给我张巴士线路图吗?
May I see the time table? 我可以看一下时刻表吗?
Is there a bus to Melbourne? 有去墨尔本的巴士吗?
Where should I transfer? 我应该在哪转站?
Where can I buy a ticket? 我在哪能买着票?
How long does it take to get there on foot? 步行去那里需要多长时间?
Which bus goes to the airport? 哪辆车去飞机场?
Does this bus go to Melbourne? 这是去墨尔本的巴士吗?
How much is it to Melbourne? 去墨尔本多少钱?
Transfer ticket, please 换车票
How many stops to Melbourne? 去墨尔本要停多少站?
I’d like to get off at Melbourne 我在墨尔本站下车
Could you tell me when to get off? 能告诉我什么时候下车吗?
How can I get the bus to stop? 我怎么能让巴士停下来?
I’ll get off at the cathedral. 在教堂前我要下车
I’ll get off here 我在这下车
May I have a subway map? 我可以看一下地铁线路图吗?
Which line should I change trains to go to Melbourne? 去墨尔本我应该换哪条线?
Which exit should I take for Melbourne central station? 我从哪个出口走在墨尔本中心火车站?
Is the next station Melbourne central station? 下一站是墨尔本中心火车站吗?
Where is the taxi stand? 哪有出租车站台?
Could you call a taxi for me? 你能为我叫辆出租车吗?
Where can I catch a taxi? 我在哪能赶上出租车?
Where to? 去哪里?
How much does it cost to zoo? 去动物园多少钱?
Could you take me to Melbourne and bring me back? 你能带我去墨尔本在接我回来吗?
Could you turn on the heating (air-conditioning)? 你可以把暖风(空调)打开吗?
Could you help me carry my baggage? 你能帮我搬行李吗?
To this place, please 去这里
I’m in a hurry 我有急事
Could you give me a brief tour of the city, please? 你能带我去市中心大概转一下吗?
Would you wait for me? 可以等我吗?
Could you drive more slowly 可以开的慢点吗?
Please turn to the right (left) 请右(左)转
Shop here, please 停这里
How much is it? 多少钱?
The fare is different from the meter. 收费和仪表盘上的不一样
Thank you。 Keep the change. 谢谢,不用找拉。
What kind of excursion cruises are there on the river 在这条河上有什么样的游览船?
How many cruises are there each day? 这里一天有多少游览船?
Where can I board the ship? 我在哪里上船?
How long does it take to there and come back? 来回需要多长时间?
What time does the next ship leave? 下一班船什么时候出发?
Is there a moonlight cruise tonight? 有夜间的游览船吗?
Does the fare include meal? 费用包括吃的吗?
What time do we board? 我们什么时候上船?
What time does the ship leave? 这艘船什么时候出发?
Where is my cabin? 我的船室在哪?
How long does it take to south bank? 去南岸需要多长时间?
At which port do we stop? 我们在哪个码头停靠?
Can I reserve a deck chair? 我可以预订一张甲板上的椅子吗?
From what time can I have breakfast? 什么时候可以吃早餐?
How long do we stop here? 我们在这里停靠多久?
I’d like to do some sightseeing while the ship is in port 当船靠港的时候,我想看看周围的景色
I’m seasick, may I have some medicine? 能给我些药吗,我晕船
Could you call a doctor, please? 能帮我找个医生吗?
I’d like to rent a car, please 我想要租一辆汽车。
Where can I rent a car? 在哪里我可以租到车?
I have a reservation. 我做了预订。
This is my voucher. 这是我的凭证。
What kind of cars do you have? 你们有什么样的车?
I’d like an automatic (a compact/a sports) car 我想要辆自动档(轻便/运动)车
May I see the rate list? 我可以看下费用单吗?
I’d like to see the car before I rent it. 我想在租之前看下车
I’d like to rent this type of car for 3 days. 我想租这种车3天
Do you have any special rates? 你们有特价吗?
What is the rate per day (week)? 每天(周)怎么收费?
How much does it cost for 3 days? 3天的费用是多少?
Is the mileage free? 公里数是免费的吗?
Does it include gas? 包括汽油吗?
No. Fill the gas when you return the car. 不。 还车的时候请加满油
Does the price include insurance? 保险在这费用中吗?
Can I drive a car with my Chinese driving license? 我可以用中国的驾照开车吗?
Do you want insurance? 你想要保险吗?
I’d like full insurance. 我想要全额保险
This is my international driving permit. 这是我的国际驾照。
Please write down your home address 请写下你的家庭住址
Where are you staying? 你在哪里暂住?
Please send the car to Boston Hotel tomorrow morning 明天早上请把车送到波士顿酒店。
When do I have to return the car? 什么时候我还车?
Can I drop it off at my destination? 我能把车放在我的目的地吗?
Can I drop it off in Melbourne? 我能把车放在墨尔本吗?
How much do you charge for dropping off the car? 你们取车需要收费多少?
Do I have to pay a deposit? 我需要支付押金吗?
Please tell me some places to call in case of trouble. 请告诉我一旦发生紧急情况我应该给谁打电话
May I have a road map? 能给我张道路地图吗?
Is there a gas station around here? 这附近有加油站吗?
Fill it up, please 请加满油
Ten dollars of gas, please 10圆钱
How can I use this gasoline pump? 如何使用这个油泵啊?
Could you check the battery (brake fluid)? 你能检查一下电池(刹车油)?
The clutch isn’t working right 离合器片没有正常工作
The car makes a strange noise. 车发出奇怪的声音
I have a flat tire. 我有一个瘪胎
My car has broken down. 我的车抛锚拉
Could you show me on the map where I am? 能告诉我在地图上的什么位置吗?
Where is the nearest motel around here? 这里最近的旅店在哪?
Where can I park? 我可以停在这吗?
Please call the police. 请叫警察
Please call an ambulance. 请叫救护车
Where is the nearest telephone? 最近的电话在哪?

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