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1. 科普类文章(英文)


Two new fossils were found in China. They are fossils of dinosaurs. The kind os dinosaurs lived 160 million years ago. They are about 3.6 feet tall and 9.8 feet long. Scientists think they are a group of small, meat-eating dionsaurs, with a crest on their head.
They arenamed Guanlong Wucai in Chinese."Guanlong" comes from the crest. People belive the crest isn't for fight but just for show like the peacock.
"Wucai" comes from the rich color of the crest. Scientists guess there are also some feathers on the crest and this makes them think of birds. Maybe they had something the same as birds at the beginning.
Stuing the fossils, from zhe size of them, the stronger legs and the crest, scientists are almost sure they are from the tyrannosaur family. But they are much smaller than tyrannosaurs. Tyrannosaurs are best known from 70 million years ago.if it is ture, wewill say tyrannosaurs were not born in North America.


2. 初中科普英语趣味阅读百篇57篇和58篇翻译

你可以多去 网络词典看看啊 .....
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3. 谁能帮我提供一些适合初中生读的科普、民俗类的英语短文


英语小短文〈An angel〉-这篇写的不错的:)~~



Studying Chinese Language and Culture

4. 初中100字科普英语小作文或阅读50篇

Clean Energy
Clean energies are forms of energy which do not pollute the air, the ground, or the sea.

It includes:Solar power,Wind power,Wave power,Salinity gradient power,Tidal power,Geothermal power etc.Here,I would like to talk about the Wind power.

Wind power is the kinetic energy of wind, or the extraction of this energy by wind turbines. This article deals mainly with the intricacies of large-scale deployment of wind turbines to generate electricity.

5. 英语科普短文

泰哥,我给你找了几个,必须采纳啊! To Pull up the Seedlings to Help Them Grow “拔苗助长”
Once upon a time, there was an old farmer who planted a plot of rice. After he planted the seedlings, every day he went to the field to watch the seedlings grow. He saw the young shoots break through the soil and grow taller each day, but still, he thought they were growing too slowly. Eventually he got impatient with the young plants and suddenly he hit upon an idea that one by one, he pulled up the young plants by half an inch. The next early morning, the young man couldn’t wait to check his “achievement”, but he was heart-broken to see all the pulled-up young plants dying.
从前,有个农夫,种了稻苗(seedlings)后,便希望能早早收成。每天他到稻田时,都发觉那些稻苗长得非常慢。他等得很不耐烦。想了又想,他终于想到一个“最佳方法”,他将稻苗全都拔高了几分。第二天,一早起身,他迫不及待地去稻田看他的“成果”。 哪知,却看到所有的稻苗都枯萎了。

Plugging One’s Ears While Stealing a Bell “掩耳盗铃”
Once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to steal his neighbor’s doorbell. However, he knew clearly that the bell would ring and catch the other people’s attention as long as he touched the bell. So he thought hard and suddenly hit on a clever “idea”. He plugged his ears with something, thinking that everything would go well when he stole the bell. Unfortunately to his disappointment, the bell still rang loudly and he was caught on the spot as a thief.

The Fox and the Crow “狐狸和乌鸦”
One day a crow stood on a branch near his nest and felt very happy with the meat in his mouth. At that time, a fox saw the crow with the meat, so he swallowed and eagerly thought of a plan to get the meat. However, whatever the fox said to the crow, the crow just kept silent. Until the fox thought highly of the crow’s beautiful voice, the crow felt flattered and opened his mouth to sing. As soon as the meat fell down to the ground, the fox took the meat and went into his hole.

Draw a Snake and Add Feet to It “画蛇添足”
Long long ago, several people had a jar of wine among them and all of them wanted to drink it by himself. So they set a rule that every one would draw a snake on the ground and the man who finished first would have the wine. One man finished his snake very soon and he was about to drink the wine when he saw the others were still busy drawing, so he decided to draw the feet to the snake. However, before he could finish the feet, another man finished and grabbed the jar from him, saying, "Who has ever seen a snake with feet?” The story of "Draw a snake and add feet to It.” tells us going too far is as bad as not going far enough.

6. 求英语科普类文章(附中文)

Are the sun and the solar system to the sun as the center, dominated by its gravity and the objects around it sports posed by the system
. Members include the sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Ming
Wang, more than 2000 asteroids 34 satellites, as well as a lot of comets and meteoroids.
The sun (Sun)
The center of the solar system objects. Are a star. Contains nearly 98% of the solar system quality. With the Earth's average
Distance of 149,600,000 kilometers diameter 1,390,000 kilometers, to the Earth 109 times the volume of the Earth's 1.3 million times, Ping
Are the density of 1.4 grams / cubic centimeter. Surface temperature of about 6000 degrees Celsius, the center temperature of 15 million degrees Celsius. By
Nuclear fission of hydrogen nuclei into helium thermonuclear reaction a large amount of energy. The naked eye we see the surface layer called the "light ball"
, Light balls above a layer called the "chromosphere", the most outer layer called the "corona", which formed the sun's atmosphere. Too
Yang's rotation period is 25 days, the bipolar area is about 35 days, the sun on the most abundant chemical element hydrogen.

The sun's activity stems from its central part. The sun's core pressure of more than 34 billion times the Earth. Here at hair
Health of nuclear fusion. Fusion led to the four proton or a hydrogen atom or helium nuclei阿尔法粒子. Al
Law on the quality of particles smaller than 0.7 percent to four protons, the quality of the remaining energy is transformed into the sun and was released to the table
Noodles, and through the process of emitting light and heat convection. Solar core, through millions of years of energy required to reach
Its surface. Per second have been 700 million tons of hydrogen into helium. In the process, there are about five million tons of net energy
Volume was released, so the sun can make light-emitting.

Photosphere are the chromosphere above. Amount of solar power through the region from the center outward transfer. This layer can be seen too
Yang flares. Flares sunspots are formed before the chromosphere the hydrogen generated by hot clouds. Photosphere at some
Region, a slightly lower temperature than the surrounding (usually 4000 degrees Celsius), this is the sunspot.

The sun's outer atmosphere called the corona. Date the region has t. Date ts are the upper chromosphere at the enormous
Flame. The most coronal extension of outer space-oriented and radiation generated by the particles from the sun. Coronal only have the whole day
Can be seen when fresh.

The sun's age of about 46 million years, it can continue to burn about 50 million years. At the final stage of its existence, too
Yang will be in the helium into heavy elements, the sun will also be the beginning of the volume continues to expand, until the Earth swallowed. At
一亿年 the red giant stage, the sun will suddenly collapse into a white dwarf - all stars of the existence
The final stage. Go through several万亿年, it will eventually completely cooled.

Mercury (Mercury)
Ancient China, also known as "辰星." The sun, one of the nine planets. From the sun recently. With solar distance 0.39
Astronomical units, that is 57.91 million kilometers in diameter for 38% of the Earth, mass of the Earth's 5.5%, density of water
5.4 times larger orbit eccentricity, 0.21. Revolution period of 88 days, the rotation period of 59 days. For
The sun side of the temperature of 400 degrees Celsius, while the sun back to -160 degrees Celsius, Mercury has many craters on
And has a strong magnetic field, the surface strength of 1% of the Earth. Shell by the porous soil, or similar surface soil of the moon rock
Composed of stone powder. Mercury is even lower than Jupiter's satellite Ganymede (Ganymede) and Saturn's satellite Titan (soil
Titan) is also small.

Mercury surface similar to the lunar surface. Meteorite st covered the ups and downs撞成hills, a few kilometers of the fault cliff high
Stretching hundreds of kilometers, large and small craters are everywhere. Looks at the sun than the Earth on large two and a half times.
Because of not enough air to scatter sunlight, the sky is usually dark. If you look up to the sky, he also
Xu will find two bright stars: a bright yellow are the Venus, the other one is blue earth.

On observations from the Earth, Mercury and the sun angle of the largest only 28 degrees at dawn or ring the day it appeared in the sky
, So its observation very difficult. In the "sailors" on the 10th visit the Mercury before the awareness of Mercury are
Very small.

Because of its revolution and rotation of the relationship between the more complex, if the sun to rise from the sun for a Down
Units to calculate, on the day of Mercury will be the day the Earth 176.

Mercury appears that it can not exist on the water, its atmosphere is very small, and very high temperatures ring the day. However, in 1991
Mercury at the Arctic scientists found an unusual bright spot. Highlights the possible cause of this are at the surface
Or underground ice. Because the orbit of Mercury is rather special, at its North Pole, the sun is always on the horizon only irresolute
Further. At some of the internal crater may never see the sun because of the temperature dropped to -161 degrees Celsius
. Such a low temperature is likely to solidification from the planetary internal release of gas, or accumulation of ice from space

Mercury atmospheric pitiful, its main components for helium (42%), Sodium vapor (42%) and oxygen (15%), and its
The average surface temperature of 179 degrees Celsius, up to 427 degrees Celsius, a minimum of -173 degrees Celsius.

Venus (Venus)
Ancient China, also known as "Venus", "Chang", "Tai", "star" and so on, the nine planets of the solar system
1. According to the order from the sun for the second. With an average distance of the sun 0.72 astronomical units, 108,210,000
Km. Size and the Earth is similar to the diameter of the Earth smaller than 5%, quality 82% of the Earth, the density of water, 5
.2 Times the revolution period of 225 days, the rotation period is 243 days, the rotation direction and the other planets the contrary, the surface cover
Covered a very thick atmosphere, the most carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapor low surface temperature as high as 480 degrees Celsius
About. Venus surface of the magnetic field only one-thousandth of the Earth also has an ionosphere. Separately in the morning because of Venus
Morning and evening in the sky, the ancient astrologers have been think there are two such planets, then sub -
Do not be referred to as the "Morningstar" and "evening." In English, Venus - "Venus" (Venus) is an ancient Romanian
Horse of the god of love and beauty. It has always been curly clouds shrouded in mystery at.

Because of Venus and the Earth in size, mass, density and weight on very similar, and almost all of Venus and the Earth
Formed simultaneously by the same nebula, astrologers will have them as sister planets. But recently scientists have discovered
, Venus and the Earth in fact very different. Venus has no oceans, it has been the main ingredients for a thick oxide
Carbon in the atmosphere surrounded by water does not. Its cloud is composed of sulfuric acid droplets. At the surface, it
Equivalent to atmospheric pressure at sea level on the Earth 92 times.

Because of Venus's thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide caused by "greenhouse effect", Venus surface temperature up to 482 photo
S degrees. Sunlight through the atmosphere will be hot roast Venus surface. Surface outward radiation of heat at the process by
Atmospheric barrier, can not be distributed into outer space. This makes Venus than in Mercury also hot.

Random surface of Venus is covered with many small craters. Because of Venus's thick atmosphere, a diameter less than 2 kilometers
Crater is almost impossible to retain it. And when a large meteorite in a small pit formed before the meteorite hit the surface of Venus, and its proction
Health and debris at the surface of the crater proced exceptional group. Volcanoes and volcanic activity of a lot of the surface of Venus. To
Less 85% of Venus surface covered with volcanic rocks. Many lava flows hundreds of kilometers, fill the lowland, forming a broad
Wide plains. In addition to hundreds of large volcanoes, more than 100,000 small crater Block embellishment at the surface of Venus. From fire
Mountain emitted lava flows resulted in a long trench, ranging up to hundreds of kilometers, one of a range of ultra -
Over 7000 kilometers.

The topography of Venus is covered with vast lava plains and mountains of geological activities undermine or plateau. At
Maxwell Hill Ishtar region are the highest mountain on Venus. Aphrodite highland region occupies almost
Half of the equatorial regions. Magellan plans to obtain more than 2.5 kilometers of Venus images show the existence of the plateau zone prescribed
Bright soil moist. However, in the Venus surface, liquid water are unlikely to exist, and could not explain the bright plateau
Reasons. There was a presumption that these bright regions may be e to metal compounds. Studies have shown that this
Some metals may be iron sulfide. It can not exist in the plain areas, but at high altitude is possible. These payments
May also be an alien, and it led to the effect is the same, but the concentrations are lower.

The Earth (Earth)
The nine planets of the solar system, according to the order from the sun for the third stars, with the sun's average distance of about 14,960
10,000 kilometers, the volume of around 1,083,200,000,000 cubic kilometers for the equatorial radius is about 6378 kilometers, the radius is extremely 6,3
57 kilometers, a difference of 21 kilometers. The average water density is 5.5 times the revolution period is 365.25 days, the rotation cycle 2
3:56. Revolution of the Earth orbit is an ellipse with the Earth equatorial plane into 23 degrees 26 minutes angle. So generated
The length of the seasons and day and night. Surface has a solid crust. An area of 51,100 km, one of the total marine table
Area of 71%, land is about 29%, surrounded by the atmosphere, nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and other gas components. Earth
Has a satellite - the moon. Used to distinguish the characteristics of the Earth are on a black background and blue water, brown and green
Land and the large white cloud.

We are the Earth's atmosphere is 78 percent nitrogen, 21% are oxygen, the remaining 1 percent are other ingredients. Flat surface of the Earth
Both the temperature is 15 degrees Celsius, the mean pressure of 101.3 Pa.

The Earth are the only known solar system planets existence of life. Express our planet's rotation and nickel iron lava nuclear
Heart to generate a vast magnetic field, together with the atmosphere to prevent almost all from the sun and other stars
Harmful rays. The Earth's atmosphere for us to block a lot of meteorites, meteorite much at their arrival and before the
Had been burned.

Since the beginning of human space exploration, our own planet there is a greater awareness. The first man-made human beings to
Ball satellite discovered a strong radiation zone, now called the Van Allen radiation belts. The causes are from
Sports Express in the charged particles in the equatorial region of a circular region to capture the Earth's magnetic field. Earth's magnetic field
By the solar wind into a droplet-shaped twist of this phenomenon is also found by satellite. We also found that once we identified
Is very calm for the upper atmosphere, they are very active, and it ring the day and evening to narrow expansion. Live by the sun
Dynamic effects of the Earth's upper atmosphere to affect weather and climate.

Apart from the impact of the Earth's climate, the sun's activities are also our atmosphere for the brilliant performances. When the charged particle
Son of the Earth's magnetic field has been captured, they are with our planet's pole impact air molecules so that these open air molecules
Sending light, this is the "Aurora."

Mars (Mars)
Ancient China, also known as "荧惑," the nine planets of the solar system, according to the order from the sun for the fourth stars. And too
Yang average distance 1.52 astronomical units, or 227,940,000 kilometers in diameter for 53% of the Earth, its size at
Ranked seventh in the solar system. Quality for 11 percent of the Earth, the density of water is 3.9 times the revolution period of 687 days,
Rotation cycle of 24 hours 37 minutes. Mars's equatorial plane and orbital plane 23 degrees 59 minutes into the corner, so on Mars also has
Four Seasons, a quarterly basis and around six months long. Very thin atmosphere, mainly composed of carbon dioxide, the surface temperature at Chek
Road ring the day and the highest, at 28 degrees Celsius, down to -132 degrees Celsius at night, white极冠of the main components of water ice
Also has a small amount of dry ice, the size of极冠changes with the seasons. Sometimes disappear in summer and winter increase. Surface
Comparing the same as the Earth has rocks, volcanic and desert regions. On Mars because of the rock, sand and sky are red
Color or pink, so the planet is often also referred to as the "red planet."

The southern hemisphere of Mars are similar to the moon covered with craters of the ancient plateau, while the Northern Hemisphere, mostly organized by young plains
Composition. Mars 24 kilometers high on the "Olympus" Mountains can be called the solar system are the highest mountains. Away from fire
Stars around tens of thousands of kilometers, have two very small stars, which are the Martian satellites.

In Chinese, the name is reminiscent of Mars to the "fire" and hot, but in fact, this red planet is
Abnormal cold and dry. Nevertheless, Mars is still in the solar system and earth are the most similar to a planet. It
Smaller than the size of the Earth, the atmosphere thinner than the Earth.

A very thin atmosphere of Mars, the Earth's atmospheric pressure is only 7 thousandths. The main components of the atmosphere of Mars are dioxoketene
CFCs, and other ingredients are nitrogen, argon, oxygen and so on. Mars atmospheric water at the proportion of only 0.03%
. Thus abnormal drying the surface of Mars.

Mars the average temperature of minus 55 degrees Celsius, while the larger temperature difference: In the summer, daytime temperatures up to
Twenty degrees Celsius, while in winter the temperature can be as low as minus more than 100 degrees Celsius. Mars often have strong winds,
And thus often leads to large-scale st storms.

Scientists have found that many areas on Mars have been signs of erosion, but it seems to criss-cross the riverbed
Telling us that Mars once had liquid water, they gather into large and small lakes, and even marine
. Scientists, it was explained that at the early formation of Mars, the planet by thick clouds of carbon dioxide
The parcels, resulting in a powerful "greenhouse effect" by the solar radiation, heat the surface of Mars have been obstructing the clouds
Separated, can not be distributed to the outer space, making temperatures rise, so that liquid water to exist. At that time, the warmth of the Martian
Humid, you may have been bred to life.

Mars has two poles at many solid-state carbon dioxide (dry ice), scientists have speculated that in these enormous ice
Cover may exist below the water-solid.

Jupiter (Jupiter)
Ancient China, also known as "岁星," one of the solar system planets. According to the order from the sun for the Fifth stars. And too
Yang average distance of 5.20 astronomical units, or 778,300,000 kilometers. Volume and quality than the other eight planets
Combined, and the equatorial diameter of the Earth 11.18 times for the 142.8 thousand kilometers. The quality of the Earth's 317.89-fold
, Density of water 1.3 times, public transfer cycle 11.86, the rotation cycle for the 9:50 is the fastest one rotation
Stars, so the shape is very flat. Jupiter atmospheric shading shows staggered parallel to the equator of the cloud band, the temperature was about -12
1 degrees Celsius. Well-known Great Red Spot are embedded in the cloud band of clouds. Atmospheric thickness of about 730 kilometers. Atmospheric depths have
Water vapor, but the total amount of less than hydrogen. There are acetylene, ethane and phosphine. Jupiter's magnetosphere has been a huge package
Around with the Earth's magnetosphere similar to, but charged particles within the magnetosphere the energy of the radiation of the Earth is about one million times. Wood
Stars than the Earth magnetic field strong 20-40 times, suggesting that Jupiter has its own energy. Jupiter has 13 satellites, consider someone
There may be satellites fourteenth. There is a halo of Jupiter and Aurora

7. 求几片英语的科普文``初中可以理解的

小小昆虫本领大 每年要为美国贡献数百亿美元



Think twice before you swat a fly or squash a bug: A newstudysays insects contribute more than $57 billion (euro47 billion)ayear to the U.S. economy.


昆虫虽小 贡献很大



诸多好处 一一列举



Think twice before you swat a fly or squash a bug: A newstudysays insects contribute more than $57 billion (euro47 billion)ayear to the U.S. economy.

And that is a very conservative estimate, said John Losey,aCornell University associate professor of entomology whoconctedthe study, published in the current issue of thejournalBioScience.

Most insects tirelessly perform ns that improve ourenvironmentand lives in ways that scientists are only beginningtounderstand, said Losey, who wrote the study with Mace Vaughanofthe Portland, Oregon-based Xerces Society forInvertebrateConservation.

There are more than 1 million named insect species _ andprobablyan equal number unidentified _ making them the mostabundant lifeform on the planet.

The study focused only on wild insects and did not count thevalueof commercially proced insect-derived procts, such ashoney andsilk.

Lawrence Abrahamson, an entomologist at the State UniversityofNew York, agreed the $57 billion (euro47 billion) figureisconservative.

Most people think of insects and go yuck. They thinkaboutmosquitoes and flies. They dont realize just about everythinginlife is affected some way, somehow, by insects, he said.

8. 初中科普英语趣味阅读百篇

Jenna盘坐在复一条腿上画了25分钟画,铃制响时站起来就觉得特神~ 感觉不到腿了


很多人都觉得这是因为切断了对脚的供血,但是实际上应该归咎于神经。神经就像贯通你全身的线,从大脑到身体传送信号。当你坐脚上的时候,就会压迫该区域的神经。这样神经就不能向大脑正常传输信号了,也就是说这时候连接就中断了,就觉不出来啥了~ 基本类似于你跟哥们打电话,结果你哥们已经挂了,你大脑还喊“喂”呢,可是你的脚已经不能回应了


1. tucked 这应该是盘腿,然后坐在腿上。
2. pins and needles 就是有针刺感
3. cut off 切断
4. nerves 神经
5. blame 归咎
6. wires 线
7. forth 向前
8. compress 压迫
9. connection 连接

9. 求一篇一百字左右的英语科普文,越简单越好,是科普类型就好,初中、小学水平都可以,及翻译

Anyway, even if one wanted to, one couldn't put the clock back to an earlier age. Knowledge and techniques can't just be forgotten. Nor can one prevent further advances in the future. Even if all government money for research were cut off (and the present government is doing its best), the force of competition would still bring about advances in technology. Moreover, one cannot stop inquiring minds from thinking about basic science, whether or not they are paid for it. The only way to prevent further developments would be a global state that suppressed anything new, and human initiative and inventiveness are such that even this wouldn't succeed. All it would do is slow down the rate of change.

10. 初中科普英语趣味阅读百篇的中文翻译

第来38篇:Jenna盘坐在一条腿上画了源25分钟画,铃响时站起来就觉得特神~ 感觉不到腿了


很多人都觉得这是因为切断了对脚的供血,但是实际上应该归咎于神经。神经就像贯通你全身的线,从大脑到身体传送信号。当你坐脚上的时候,就会压迫该区域的神经。这样神经就不能向大脑正常传输信号了,也就是说这时候连接就中断了,就觉不出来啥了~ 基本类似于你跟哥们打电话,结果你哥们已经挂了,你大脑还喊“喂”呢,可是你的脚已经不能回应了


1. tucked 这应该是盘腿,然后坐在腿上。
2. pins and needles 就是有针刺感
3. cut off 切断
4. nerves 神经
5. blame 归咎
6. wires 线
7. forth 向前
8. compress 压迫
9. connection 连接



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