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1. 初中英语语法大全新题型Exercise5-15选择答案跪求


2. 做语法选择题的技巧(广州中考专有的类型)

2011年广州市初中毕业生学业考试 英语
一、 语言知识及运用 (共两节, 满分120分)
第一节 单项选择 (共10题; 每小题1分, 满分10分)

二、 完形填空 (共10小题; 每小题1分, 满分10分)
It was the last day of school and I planned to travel to my friend’s hometown. I hadn’t seen him for years and this was a good __36__ to meet him again.
I was busy at school so it was rather __37__ when I came back home. It was already 10 o’clock at night. Time was running out. After a hurried meal I left. __38__ I found a taxi very soon. Asking the driver to drive me fast to the station, I relaxed for a while, imagining what my friend looked like now. I was soon at the station and was sure that I would be able to __39__ the train. Unfortunately, I fell on the way and lost some time. To my complete __40__ , when I reached the platform, I saw that the train had just left! It was the last train so I had to __41__ home.
My mother was glad to see me back as she had a bad feeling about my trip. But I was unhappy. I tried to relax and went to bed but I had a __42__ sleep. The next morning I was very tired. As I was having breakfast the __43__ arrived. I read over the pages and was shocked to __44__ that the train I missed had had an accident. How __45__ I was that I missed the train!
36. A. sign B. chance C. sense D. dream
37. A. strange B. cold C. late D. quiet
38. A. Finally B. Suddenly C. Strangely D. Luckily
39. A. stop B. see C. catch D. miss
40. A. satisfaction B. hope C. surprise D. joy
41. A. call B. leave C. reach D. return
42. A. deep B. bad C. great D. heavy
43. A. newspaper B. ticket C. milk D. train
44. A. find B. hear C. feel D. remember
45. A. hopeful B. thankful C. carful D. painful
第二节 语法选择(共10小题; 每小题1分, 满分10分)
Jack worked in a shop that sold clocks. He was always telling Harry __26_ a new clock.
But Harry, __27__ lived next door to Jack, said he didn’t need one.
“__28__ needs a clock,” Jack said. “How do you know when it’s time to get up?”
“My landlord Mr. Smith turns on his radio at seven o’clock and listens __29_ the news,” Harry said. “That’s my morning call.”
“Ok. But how do you know when to go to work?”
“By the time I __30__ my breakfast, it’s eight o’clock, time to leave for the office. Then I walk there. When I arrive at my office, it’s nine o’clock. That’s __31__ time I start work.”
“OK. But how do you know when it’s time to go home?”
“The factory bell__32__,” Harry told him.
“But how do you know when it’s time to go to bed?”
“The television programs come to end.”
By now Jack was really__33__. “OK,” he shouted. “Now tell me what would happen __34__ you woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to know the time.”
“That’s easy,” Harry said, “I would knock heavily on __35__ wall. Then you would shout at me, ‘What are you doing knocking on my wall at three o’clock in the morning?’”
26. A. to buy B. buying C. bought D. buy
27. A. which B. whose C. that D. who
28. A. No one B. Neither one C. Everyone D. Someone
29. A. at B. to C. in D. on
30. A. eats B. have eaten C. ate D. was eating
31. A. a B. an C. the D. 不填
32. A. ring B. rings C. was rung D. ringing
33. A. anger B. angrily C. angry D. angering
34. A. if B. that C. why D. how
35. A. his B. their C. her D. your
还是看出了一些。可以说它比完型填空还要好做!因为如果是动词的话,就是用它的不同的时态形式。如:26,30, 32 冠词就是四种形式如31. 34题是不同的连词。35题是不同的人称代词。33题是同一词根的名词、动词、副词、形容词及动名词(现在分词)
26题,其实就是给你一个(buy),你也能够变形成为to buy, 因为tell sb. to do sth.

3. 广东英语中考新题型是怎样的



4. 初中英语语法新题型参考答案

c b a b c d b b c c c d d b c a b b c d c a d c a b

5. 英语语法新题型 有什么解题技巧

语法新题型主要分为设关键词和不设关键词的 不设关键词的考点 是 连词、代词、介词、冠词、情态动词,根据句子之间的逻辑关系来选择。设关键词的主要分为形容词副词和动词,如果给的是形容词副词,一般填的是比较级和最高级,如果是动词,就要考虑动词的时态语态或者非谓语。

6. 2019广东中考英语考卷重点题型是什么




7. 英语中考语法选择题300道

Please ______ a coat with you whenyou go out.
bring B.put C.get D.take
He finished ______the book yesterday evening.
seeing B.watching C.reading D.looking
It’ getting warmer and warmer. The flowers start to ______.
come in B.come over C.come out D.come on
They will ______Qing tonight.
arrive B.get C.reach D.go
Soon Cathy ______up with me, then we were neck and neck.
taught B.caught C.bought D.brought
Again and again the doctor ______the crying girl, but he couldn’t find what was wrong with her.
looked over B.looked after C.looked for D.looked out
You ______go and ask Lily . She ______know the answer.
must, can B.must, may C.need, can D.can, may
8. I bought a new dictionary and it ______me $30.
paid B.spent C.took D.cost
9.The children planted more trees and flowers after they______Greener China.
joined B.took part in C.became D.were
10.Could you tell me something more about Hong Kong?
I am ______going there for a holiday soon.
looking up B.thinking about C.trying out D.finding out
11.What a nice bag! But she ______only thirty dollars for it.
A. cost B.took C.spent D.paid
12.No matter how hard it is, we’ll keep ______until we make it.
failed B.failing C.tried D.trying
13.I must return the camera to Cindy. I ______it for two weeks.
keep B.borrowed C.have kept D.have lent
14.I am sure our volleyball team will______the team from No. 3 Middle School.
win B.fail C.lose D.beat
15.Tracy can’t play the match now. Please ______instead.
have Gina do it B.have Linda to do it
C.make Jane to do it D.let Daisy to do it
16.----Do you like______a doctor for the children?
----Yes. To be a children’s doctor is rewarding.
be B.being C.are D.become
17.----What do you think of her voice?
----It______very sweet, I should say.
hears B.sounds C.listens D.sings
18.----How much does it ______to fly from Beijing to Qing one-way?
----About 1,000 yuan.
cost B.pay C.spend D.take
19.----Water-skiing and surfing are my favourite. How about you ?
----I ______surfing to water-skiing.
A. think B.agree C.want D.prefer
20.----It’s more and more important to protect our earth.
----I think so. If everyone ______a contribution to it, our world will be more beautifu..
A. make B.makes C.will make D.make
21.You ______swim in this part of the lake. It’s dangerous.
mustn’t B.needn’t C.won’t D.may
22.Jenny is a nurse and ______in Town Hospital.
works B.worked C.had worked D. working
23.----Where is Sandy?
----He ______to anwer the phone. He’ll be back in a minute.
had gone B.has gone C.has been D.went
24.---- ______all your things, Mary! I hate them here and there!
----OK, Mum.
Put up B.Put on C.Put down D.Put away
25.----How do you go to work every day?
----I ______on my bike.
ride B.drive C.take D.walk
26.----Oh, you painted the walls yourself?
----Yes. It was not hard. The whole work didn’t ______.
A.want B.cost C.spend D.pay
27.----How about going hiking this weekend?
----Sorry. I prefer______rather than______.
to stay at home, go out B.to go out, stay at home
C.staying at home, go out D.going out, stay at home
28.----May I ______your Chinese-Russian dictionary?
----Sorry, I ______it at home.
borrow, forgot B.lend,left C.lend, forgot D.borrow, left
29.----Your T-shirt looks nice. Is it ______wool?
----Yes, and it’s a ______Inner Mongolia.
made of, made by B.made of, made in
C.made by, made for D.made by, made from
30.Could you tell me how to ______it in French?
say B.speak C.talk D.tell
31.Bob______nearly two hours doing his work yesterday.
A. spent B.took C.paid D.cost
32.----Awould you please______this old lady?
----Sure. Have my seat, please.
take room for B.give a room for C.make room for D.have rooms with
33.Jim was so busy______the answer from Lily’s paper that he forgot ______her name into his.
to , to change B.to , changing
C.ing, to change D.ing, changing
34.The young man broke his arm in the accident and had to ______his job.
A. send up B.put up C.get up D.give up
35.The woman hasn’t heard from her son for months. It______her a lot.
interests B.moves C.worries D.pleases
36.It’s rather cold outside. Heree’s a coat. ______, please.
A. Pick it up B.Put it on C.Take it off D.Turn it down
37.They are busy______ready for the exam.
A. get B.getting C.to get D.got
38.----What are you doing, Emily?
----I’m ______the radio. The music is so beautiful.
watching B.listening to C.hearing D.mending
39.He ______the bus and found a seat next to the window.
A. got down B.got off C.got on D.got out
40.----Do you think Jim will pass the Chemistry exam?
----Sure. He ______a lot of time on it.
A.took B.cost C.paid D.spent
41.We enjoy______the moon in the open air on the Mid-autumn Day.
to see B.seeing C.to watch D.watching
42. A lot of meetings were ______because of the dangerous disease.
taken off B.put off C.turned off D.set off
43.Would you please go and ______some water for me? I am thirsty.
to bring B.to carry C.take D.get
44.----HI, Pete! Why are you in such a hurry?
----______the 7:30 train.
Catch B.To catch C.Catching D.Caught
45.Alice, we are going to spend our holiday in Canada. If you ______, we can go to Italy instead.
hope B.wish C.prefer D.agree
46.----Awould you like to have a try?
----Yes, very much. It ______to be exciting.
seem B.is looking C.seems D.will look
47.----Mike! What are you doing there?
----Listen, Mum! I hear somebody______upstairs.
going B.goes C.go D.to go
48.It was raining heavily outside. The father made the children ______in the room.
to stay B.stay C.staying D.stayed
49.After years of hard work, his dream______in the end.
came out B.came true C.came over D.came up
50.----Hello! Would you like to go to the concert with me tonight?
----I’m sorry I can’t. Mother won’t ______me to go out in the evening.
let B.allow C.offer D.ask
51.It took us a long time ______Hawaii but we thought the journey was enjoyable.
to get B.getting C.to reach D.reaching
52.The teacher asked us to stop______because she wanted to tell us something.
talking B.to talk C.hearing D.to hear
53.The car ______and stopped at the red traffic light.
got on B.got off C.slowed down D.picked up
54.I think this is the best way to solve the problem. Do you ______me?
play with B.hear of C.agree with D.get on well with
55.Let him______a rest. I think he must be tired after the long walk.
have B.gets C.to take D.has
56.The film ______for ten minutes.
has begun B.has been begun C.has been on D.began
57.----Shall we go and ______hello to foreign teachers?
----Good idea! Let’s go.
A. say B.speak C.shout D.talk
58.Our teacher did what she could ______us with English.
A. help B.helped C.helping D.to help
59.We must do something to stop people from ______.
A. to throw litter about B.to throw litter into
C.throwing litter about D.throwing litter into
60.----Have you ever ______Lintong to see the Terra Cotta Warriors?
----Yes, I have.
A. went to B.gone to C.been in D.been to
61.I hope that you ______a good time this evening.
A. have B.are having C.will have D.had
62.----Hi, Carol, how was your trip to Disney World?
----Hi, we ______a good time there.
are having B.have had C.had D.have
63.I won’t go to the concert because I ______my ticket.
lost B.don’t lose C. will lose D. have lost
64.The bottle is empty. Who ______the juice?
has drunk B.drinks C.drank D.is drinking
65.The world ______. Things never stay the same.
A.changes B.is changing C.was changing D.will change
66._______ a cold morning, I opened the window and was glad to find that It was snowing
A. By B. In C. At D. On
67. There is ________ today's newspaper.
A. nothing new in B. something new on
C. important something in D. nothing important on
68. The headmaster _________ a noisy boy from the library.
A. sent for B. sent out C. sent back D. sent away
69. _______ it goes on, hour ________ hour.
A. So, after B. Such, by C. That, after D. / by
70. Silk ________ in _______ China.
A. proce, the southeast B. is proced, southeast
C. is grown, southeast D. is proced, the southeast of
71. " Do you know if the old man is still living?"
" I'm sorry. He _________. He ______ for two months.
A. died, has died B. has died, has been dead
C. has been dead, died D. has died, has dead
72. Don't rush. There's still ______ time left.
A. more B. a lot C. a little D. a few
73. Would you please _______ fill the same bottle _______ full?
A. not, too much B. not to, too much
C. not, much too D. not to, much too
74. He asked ______ they wouild hold the meeting _____ it rained the next day.
A. if, whether B. whether, if C. whether, whether D. if, whether
75. English is taught _________ a foreign language in almost all school in China.
A. with B. by C. as D. for
76. "Which boy do you want to see now? "
"The _______ in the red hat."
A. man B. person C. people D. one
77. Peter could hardly see the words on the blackboard, ________?
A. did he B. couldn't he C. didn't he D. could he
78. The lady always ________ in white at the party.
A. wears B. dresses C. is worn D. gets dressed
79. Britain is only 30 kilometers _______ from France.
A. far B. far away C. away far D. away
80. Don't ask me to goo with him, ________?
A. shall we B. won't you C. will you D. don't you
81. " You 've got a new dress, too"
" Yes. Mine is _______ , but not so _______ as yours."
A. better, cheap B. more better, expensive
C. better, more expensive D. good, cheaper
82. Lily was busy _______ ready for the exam and was made ______ in her room the
whole afternoon.
A. getting, study B. get , to study
C. getting, to study D. to get, study
83. She didn't tell me ________.
A. which room she lived B. she lived in which room
C. which room did she lived D. which room she lived in
84. The _______now is that we have lots of ________ to ask.
A. problem, questions B. question, problems
C. question, problem D. problem, question
85. Would you please speak slowly? I can hardly ______ you.
A. talk with B. agree with C. follow D. hear of
86. Please let me know if you ________ your address.
A. move B. change C. choose D. find
87. The sign " ________" is usually seen on the box with glass in.
88. At weekends I prefer _______ at home to _______out.
A. stay, going B. staying, go C. staying, going D. to stay, go
89. The tree must ________ three times a week.
A. water B. is watering C. be watered D. waters
90. They _______ some books from the liarary last week.
A. lend B. lends C. buy D. borrowed
91. ---Do you still have a headache, Billy?
--- No, it's ________. I'm all right now, mum.
A. dropped B. run C. left D. gone
92. He is kind and always _______ his help to others.
A. receives B. brings C. takes D. offers
93. I'm sure our football team will ________ the team from NO. 3 Middle School.
A. win B. fail C. lose D. beat
94. ---Most hotels are very full today.
--- Don't worry! I have ______ a room already in the Changjiang Hotel.
A. bought B. booked C. visited D. seen
95. To their _______, they all passed the exam.
A. surprise B. surprised C. surprising D. surprises
96. ---Our English teacher often _____ us stories in class.
--- Yes, he's so popular.
A. tells B. asks C. says D. speaks
97. They were all out _________ the missing child.
A. found B. to look for C. find out D. to look after
98. The boy fell off the bike and ___________ on the road.
A. lied B. lie C. lay D. laid
99. I think the headmaster is proud of us because he usually _________ us at thee
school meeting.
A. speak loudly B. thinks highly C, is pride of D. speaks highly of
100. The funny boy _______ his pockets _______ sand.
A. filled … in B. filled…with C. full…with D. full…of
Key:1----5 DCCCB 6----10 ADDAB 11----15 DDCDA 16----20 BBADB
21--25 AABDA 26--30 BADBA 31---35 ACCDC 36---40 BDBCD
41--45 DBDBC 46--50 CABBB 51—55 CACCA 56—60 CADCD
61---65 CCDAB 66-70 DAAAD 71-75 BCDBC 76-80 DDBDC
81-85 ACDAC 86-90 BDCCD 91-95 DBDBA 96-100 ABCDB

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