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1. 北师大版小学一年级英语的学习需要掌握到什么程度


2. 北师大版小学所有英语单词

北师大版小学所有英语单词朗读视频+音标+释义字幕 点击听课网页链接

3. 北师大版小学英语单词表!急!

a, an, about, after, afternoon, again, ago, air, all, along, am, and, angry, animal, answer, ant, any, apple, April, are, ask, at, August, aunt, auntie, aunty, autumn


back, bad, bag, ball, banana, bank, basketball, bathroom, be, bean, bear, beautiful, bed, bee, before, begin, best, between, big, bike, bird, birthday, black, blackboard, blue, blow, boat, book, borrow, boots, bowl, box, pencil box, boy, bread, breakfast, bright, bring, brother, bus, but, buy, by, bye

cake, can, car, card, careful, carry, cartoon, cat, chair, cheap, cheese, chess, chick, chicken, child, children, chocolate, city, class, classroom, clean, clear, clearly, clever, climb, clock, close, clothes, coat, coffee, coin, cold, have a cold, colour, come, come back, come out, come to school, computer, cook, cool, corner, of course, cup, cut

dad, dance, dark, date, day, dear, December, deer, desk, difference, dirty, do, doctor, dog, door, down, draw, dress, drink, driver, dry, ck

ear, early, east, eat, egg, eggplant, e-mail, English, enjoy, eraser, evening, every, every day, example, excuse, eye

face, factory, family, ,far, farm, farmer, fast, fasten, fat, fax, February, feel, film, find, fine, finger, finish, first, fish, five, flag, flower, follow, fly, follow, food, foot, football, for, fork, fox, Friday, friend, fruit

game, garden, gate, get, girl, give, glass, glasses, go, go to bed, go to school, goat, good, grade, grape, grass, great, green, guess

hair, half, hall, music, hand, happy, hard, hare, have, he, head, hear, hello, help, her, here, hers, hi, high, him, his, hold, hold on, holiday, home, go home, at home, homework, horse, hospital, in hot, hotel, hour, half an hour, house, how, hundred, hungry, hurry

I, ice cream, idea, if, ill, in, in time, ink, interesting, internet, into, is, it, Italy, its

jacket, Jane, January, jeep, join, juice, July, jump, June, just

keep, key, kind, kite, knife, know

ladder, lady, lake, land, last, late, learn, leave, lend, lesson, let, letter, library, lift, light, like, line, listen, little, live, long, look, lose, a lot, love, luck, lunch

madam, make, man, many, mango, how many, map, March, match, maths, May, may, maybe, me, meal, meet, meeting, merry, message, middle, milk, mine, minute, mirror, miss, model, mom(=mum) , moment, Monday, money, month, moon, morning, mother, mountain, mouse, mouth, movie, Mr, Mrs, much, how much, music, must, my, myself

name, near, neat, need, neighbour, nervous, net, new, news, newspaper, next, nice, night, last night, no, No.(=number) , nose, not, nothing, November, now, number, nurse

October, of, office, often, oh, OK, old, on, one, only, open, or, orange, our, ours, out, outside, over

panda, paper, parents, park, party, pass, past, peach, pear, pen, pencil, pet, phone, photo, piano, picture, pig, place, plane, plate, play, please, post, post office, postcard, postman, potato, price, purse, put, put on

quarter, question, queue, quiet

rabbit, radio, rain, raise, read, ready, red, remember, repair, return, right, river, road, room, round, row, ruler, run

sad, salad, salesman, same, sandwich, Saturday, sausage, save, say, school, schoolbag, season, second, see, September, shark, she, sheep, shelf, shell, ship, T-shirt, shoe, shop, shopping, short, should, shy, sick, sing, sister, sit, size, skate, skirt, sleep, slow, small, snail, snake, snow, so, sofa, some, something, son, song, sorry, speak, spell, sport, spring, stamp, stand, star, start, station, stay, stop, store, story, street, student, study, subway, summer, sun, Sunday, swim

table, tail, take, take pictures, talk, tall, tea, teach, teacher, telephone, tell, temperature, tennis, test, thank, that, the, their, theirs, them, then, there, these, they, thick, thin, think, this, those, through, Thursday, ticket, tidy, time, to, today, toe, together, tomorrow, too, tooth, toy, train, tree, truck, try, Tuesday, turn, TV(=television) ,

uncle, under, us, use,

very, visit, visitor volleyball

wait, wait for, walk, wall, want, warm, wash, watch, water, way, we, weather, Wednesday, week, welcome, well, wet, what, when, where, which, white, who, whose, why, will, wind, window, winter, with, wolf, woman, women, woods, word, work, worker, world, write, wrong,

yea, yellow, yes, yesterday, you, young, your, yours


4. 小学英语:(北师大版)讲解一下谢谢!

C 一般现在,所以he后面要加s

B should 是虚拟语气,后面加原型

5. 北师大版小学英语单词

pron. 我
am v. (我)是
you pron. 你
are v. (你)是
driver n. 司机
in adv. & prep. 在屋里;在家
is zhang ling in? 张玲在家吗?
classmate n. 同班同学
oh, it's you. 哦,是你。
come in. 进来。
name n. 名字
nine n. 九
class n. 班
three n. 三
one n. 一
ten n. 十
two n. 二
good adj. 好的
good morning! 早上好!
new adj. 新的
from prep. 从
from beijing 北京人(从北京来的)
shanghai 上海
we pron. 我们
classmates 同班同学(复数)
desk n. 课桌,书桌
where adv. 在哪里
the art. 这(个),那(个)
on prep. 在…上
chair n. 椅子
wall n. 墙
ball n. 球
box n. 盒子
under prep. 在…下面
floor n. 地板
at prep. 在
zoo n. 动物园
at the zoo 在动物园里
park n. 公园
classroom n. 教室
factory n. 工厂
of prep. 的
square n. 广场
capital n. 首都
China n. 中国
the capital of China 中国的首都
love n. & v. 爱
motherland n. 祖国
red adj. 红的
green adj. 绿的
blue adj. 蓝的
colour n. 颜色
yellow adj. 黄的
black adj. 黑的
white adj. 白的
has v. 有
star n. 星
our pron. 我们的
national adj. 国家的
national flag 国旗
cap n. 帽子
coat n. 大衣,上衣
have vt. vi. 有
long adj. 长的
short adj. 短的,矮的
big adj. 大的
small adj. 小的
or conj. 或,还是
guess n. & v. 猜
hey int. 嗨
tall adj. 高的
old adj. 年老的
young adj. 年轻的
Chinese adj. 中国的;n. 汉语;中国人
English adj. 英国的;n. 英语;英国人
over prep. 越(过)
there adv. 那儿
over there 在那边
American adj. 美国的 n.美国人
other adj. 另外的
an art. 一(个)
apple n. 苹果
orange n. 桔子
hand n. 手
egg n. 蛋
umbrella n. 伞
school is over. 放学了。
home n. 家
go home 回家
rain n. 雨;下雨
it's raining. 正在下雨。
can't 不能
now 现在
six n. 六
much adj. 许多
how much 多少
eleven n. 十一
eight n. 八
twelve n. 十二
seven n. 七
minus prep. 减
here adv. 这儿
here you are. 给你
fen 分
money n. 钱
they pron. 他(她,它)们
twenty n. 二十
these pron. 这些
those pron. 那些
door n. 门
window n. 窗
picture n. 图画
talk n. & v. 谈
about prep. 关于
flower n. 花
some pron. 一些
pink n. & adj. 粉红(色)的
boat n. 船
lake n. 湖
skirt n. 裙子
clean adj. 清洁的
shirt n. (男式)衬衫
dirty adj. 脏的
cup n. 杯子
glass 玻璃杯
picture-book 图画书
have a look 看一看
sure adv. 当然,一定
and conj. 和
grade 年级
maths n. 数学
your pron. 你们的
their pron. 他(她,它)们的
pioneer n. 先锋
young pioneer 少年先锋队员
scarf n. 领巾
red scarf 红领巾
both adj. 两
all adv. & adj. 全部,都
school n. 学校
peasant n. 农民
soldier n. 士兵
doctor n. 医生
class is over. 下课了。
play vi. & vt. 玩
there are 有
do v. 做
what are they doing? 她们在做什么?
pingpong n. 乒乓
right adj. 对的
join vt. & vi. 参加
them pron. 他(她,它)们(宾格)
paper n. 纸
piece n. 片
a piece of 一片,一张
ink n. 墨水
bottle n. 瓶
a bottle of 一瓶
water n. 水
bread n. 面包
give vt. & vi. 给
me pron. 我(宾格)
please adv. 请
here adv. 这儿
here you are. 给你。
thank vt. 谢谢
want vt. 要
write vt. & vi. 写
letter n. 信
any adj. 任何
have you any paper? 你有纸吗?
thanks n. 谢谢
go vi. & vt. 去
there adv. 那儿
come vi. 来
to prep. 到
go to the door. 到门那儿去。
open vt. & vi. 开
close vt. & vi. 关
blackboard n. 黑板
clean vt. & vi. 把…弄干净
football n. 足球
match n. 比赛
afternoon n. 下午
this afternoon 今天下午
between prep. 在(两者)之间
time n. 时候
what time? 什么时候?
at prep. 在…时(刻)
at three 在三时
but conj. 但是
jacket n. 外衣,夹克
basketball n. 篮球
TV n. 电视
radio n. 收音机
bat n. 球拍
pingpong bat n. 乒乓球拍
maybe adv. 也许,可能
of course 当然
some pron. 一些
ruler n. 尺
knife n. 小刀
sorry adj. 对不起,抱歉
for prep. 为
can v aux. 能够
make vt. & vi. 做,制作
right now 立刻
there is 有,存在
picture n. 图画
near prep. 靠近
playground n. 操场
model n. 模型
model plane 模型飞机
model ship 模型轮船
sky n. 天空
lake n. 湖
bright adj. 明亮的
above prep. 在…上方
slogan n. 标语,口号
world n. 世界
many n. 许多
lesson n. 功课
have lessons 上课
like vt. & vi. 喜欢
table n. 桌子
let 让
us pron. 我们(宾格)
look 看
have a look 看一看
toy n. 玩具
fly vi. & vt. 飞
house n. 房子
tree n. 树
river n. 河流
dog n. 狗
front n. 前面,前部
in front of 在…前面
cat n. 猫
then adv. 那么,然后
cow n. 母牛
behind prep. 在…后面
goose n. 鹅
geese n. 鹅(复数)
moon n. 月亮
air n. 空气
mountain n. 山
think vt. & vi. 想,认为
so adv. 这样,这么,所以
animal n. 动物
life n. 生物,生命,生活
which pron. 哪一个,哪一些
nineteen n. 十九
twenty n. 二十
twenty-one n. 二十一
thirty n. 三十
thirty-three n. 三十三
miss n…. 女士,小姐
people n. 人,人民
family n. 家,家庭
day n. 白天,(一)天,(一)日
week n. 周,星期
today n. 今天
Monday n. 星期一
Jane 简(女名)
elephant n. 象
Rose 罗斯(女名)
baby n. 婴儿,幼畜
Dick 迪克(男名)
see vt. & vi. 看见
zebra n. 斑马
monkey n. 猴子
run n. & vt. & vi. 跑
jump n. & vt. & vi. 跳
all the time 一直
count vt. & vi. 数
lion n. 狮子
tiger n. 老虎
do vt. & vi. 做
sit vi. & vt. 坐
now n. 现在
exercise n. & vt. & vi. 练习
exercise-book 练习本
out adv. 出,在外
out of 向(在)…外面
talk n. & vt. & vi. 谈话
listen vi. & n. 听
read n. & vt& vi. 读
after conj. 在…后面
read after 跟…读
stop n. & vt. & vi. 停止
wait n. & vt. & vi. 等待
Wednesday n. 星期三
evening n. 傍晚,晚上
cinema n. 电影院
crossing 十字路口
light n. 灯,光
must v aux. 必须,应该
yet adv. 还(没有)…,还(不)…
o'clock n. 点钟
morning 早晨,上午
get vt. & vi. 得到
up adv. 向上
get up 起床
half n. 半
past prep. 过
morning exercises 早操
breakfast n. 早餐
eye n. 眼睛
eye-exercises 眼保健操
have a lesson 上课
draw 画
clock n. 钟
tell 告诉
her pron. 她(宾格)
stand vi. & vt. 站,站立
ask vt. & vi. 问,提问
question n. 问题
other adj. 别的
answer n. & vt. & vi. 回答
talk in English 用英语交谈
help n. & vt. & vi. 帮助
quarter n. 四分之一;一刻
play vt. & vi. 玩
game n. 游戏
home n. 家
study n. & vt. & vi. 学习,研究
supper n. 晚饭
watch vt. & vi. 观看,注视
homework n. 家庭作业
Mr. abb. 先生(mister的缩写)
Mr. White 怀特先生
Mrs. abb. 夫人,太太
Mrs. White 怀特太太
son n. 儿子
daughter n. 女儿
Alice 艾莉丝(女名)
newspaper n. 报纸
by prep. 在…旁,靠近
story n. 故事
story-book n. 故事书
with prep. 和…;用…
play with 玩…
Saturday n. 星期六
sweep n. & vt. & vi. 扫
floor n. 地板,地面
mop v. 擦,抹,拖
ready adj. 准备好了
Sunday n. 星期日
still adv. 还,仍旧
lunch n. 午餐
room n. 房间
look for 寻找
hurry n. & v. 匆忙,赶紧
hurry up! 快点!
fox n. 狐狸
news n. 消息,新闻
down adv. 向下
very adv. 很,非常 adj. 真正的,恰好的
way n. 路
come this way 往这边来
well adv. 好吧 adj. 健康的,良好的
away adv. 离
run away 跑掉
why int. (表吃惊,满意等)哎呀!什么?
know vt. & vi. 知道

6. 小学六年级北师大版的英语上册总结归纳与习题


7. 北师大版小学英语重要知识点




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