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Ⅰ 八年级英语上册语法大全人教版 所有语法 所有单元

leavesbbyoneself独自留下某人needn't=don'thaveto不需it's 形容词 todosthmakesbdosth让某人做某事letsbdosth让某人做某事enjoyoneself=haveagoodtime玩得开心tellsb(not)todosth告诉某人做某事asksb(not)todosth询问某人做某事be(not) 形容词 enouth todosthbe too 形容词 todosthtakecareof=lookafter照顾each of固定搭配assoonas一……就want,agree,ask,begin,decided,listen,hope,learn以上词语后跟todosthfinish,enjoy,keep,mind,miss,practise以上词语后跟doingsthstop,forget,remember以上词语后可跟todosth也可跟doingsth。比如“forgettodosth”意思是“忘记去做某事(表示事情还没做)”,“forgetdoingsth”则表示“忘了做过某事(表示事情已经做了)”,如此类推,其余两个用法相同。seesbdoingsth看见某人正在做某事seesbdosth看见过某人做某事makeit 形容词 todosthenjoy/help/teach oneself靠自己reach=getto=arrivein/at注:arrivein表示到达较大的地方,比如一个国家,一座城市等;arriveat表示到达较小的地方,如学校,电影院等。havebeento曾经去过某地(现在已经回来了)havebeenin一直在某地(现在仍在某地)havegoneto去了某地(现在正在去的途中,还没回来)现在完成时:have(has) 动词过去分词lookforwordto 动词ingdivededinto把……分成alittle=abitof一点点too……to 动词原形现在完成时的动词短语变化:began→beoncome/arrive→beherego/leave→beawaybuy→havedie→bedeadborrow→keepjoin→beamember(in)in 一段时间表示将来将来时表达形式:begoingtodosth=willdosth=bedoingsthdoone'sbest=tryone'sbest尽力去做某事afraidto 动词afraidof 名词usetodosth过去常做某事didn'tusetodo=usen'ttodo过去不做某事nolonger=notanylonger现在不做某事fillwith=befullof装满gotobed上床去睡觉gotosleep入睡fallasleep从上床到入睡的全过程(动态)beasleep睡着(静态)on 具体某天的早上/下午/晚上makeoutof用……做出abit 形容词abitof 名词afew(用于可数名词肯定句)few(用于可数名词否定句)alittle(用于不可数名词肯定句)little(用于不可数名词否定句)many(用于可数名词)much(用于不可数名词)bit(可数与不可数两者均可

Ⅱ 英语新人教版八年级上册第一课重点短语

1.want somebody to do sth
2. be good for
3.pretty healthy
4.my eating habit
4.try to do
5.two or three times a week
6. help somebody < to> do
7.look after my health
8.get good grades
9.study better
10.the same as
11. kind of unhealthy

Ⅲ 八年级上学期英语所有的重要语法+语言点(整理)

1. be absent from…. 缺席,不在 2. absence of mind(=being absent-minded) 心不在焉 3. absorb(=take up the attention of)吸引…的注意力(被动语态):be absorbed in 全神贯注于…近:be engrossed in ; be lost in ; be rapt in ;be concentrated on ; be focused on ; be centered on 4. (be) abundant in(be rich in; be well supplied with) 富于,富有 5. access(to) (不可数名词) 能接近,进入,了解 6. by accident(=by chance, accidentally)偶然地,意外.Without accident(=safely) 安全地, 7. of one’s own accord(=without being asked; willingly; freely)自愿地 ,主动地 8. in accord with 与…一致 . out of one’s accord with 同….不一致 9. with one accord (=with everybody agreeing)一致地 10. in accordance with (=in agreement with) 依照,根据 11. on one’s own account 1) 为了某人的缘故, 为了某人自己的利益 2) (=at one’s own risk) 自行负责 3) (=by oneself)依靠自己 on account 赊账; on account of 因为; on no account不论什么原因也不;of …account 有…..重要性. 12. take…into account(=consider)把...考虑进去 13. give sb. an account of 说明, 解释 (理由) 14. account for (=give an explanation or reason for) 解释, 说明. 15. on account of (=because of) 由于,因为. 16. on no account(=in no case, for no reason)绝不要,无论如何不要(放句首时句子要倒装) 17. accuse…of…(=charge…with; blame sb. for sth. ; blame sth. on sb. ; complain about) 指控,控告 18. be acquainted with(=to have knowledge of) 了解; (=to have met socially) 熟悉 19. act on 奉行,按照…行动; act as 扮演; act for 代理 20. adapt oneself to(=adjust oneself to) 使自己适应于 21. adapt…(for) (=make sth. Suitable for a new need) 改编, 改写(以适应新的需要) 22. in addition (=besides) 此外, 又, 加之 23. in addition to(=as well as, besides, other than)除…外 24. adhere to (=abide by, conform to, comply with, cling to, insist on, persist in, observe, opinion, belief ) 粘附; 坚持, 遵循 25. adjacent(=next to, close to) 毗邻的, 临近的 26. adjust..(to) (=change slightly)调节; 适应; 27. admit of (=be capable of, leave room for) …的可能,留有…的余地. 28. in advance (before in time) 预告, 事先. 29. to advantage 有利的,使优点更加突出地. 30. have an advantage over 胜过. have the advantage of 由于…处于有利条件 have the advantage of sb.知道某人所不知道的事 31. take advantage of (=make the best of, utilize, make use of, profit from, harness)利用. 32. agree with 赞同(某人意见) agree to 同意 33. in agreement (with) 同意, 一致 34. ahead of 在…之前, 超过…;……………. ahead of time 提前. 35. in the air 1)不肯定, 不具体. 2)在谣传中. 36. above all (=especially, most important of all) 尤其是, 最重要的. 37. in all (=counting everyone or everything, altogether) 总共, 总计 38. after all 毕竟,到底; (not) at all 一点也不; all at once(=suddenly)突然; once and for all 只此一次; above all 最重要的; first of all 首先; all in all 大体上说; be all in 累极了; all but 几乎. 39. allow for (=take into consideration, take into account) 考虑到, 估计到. 40. amount to (=to be equal to) 总计, 等于. 41. answer for (undertake responsibility for, be liable for, take charge for) 对…负责. 42. answer to (=conform to) 适合,符合. 43. be anxious about 为…焦急不安; 或anxious for 44. apologize to sb. for sth. 为…向…道歉 45. appeal to sb. for sth. 为某事向某人呼吁. appeal to sb. 对某人有吸引力 46. apply to sb. for sth. 为…向…申请 ; apply for申请; apply to 适用. 47. apply to 与…有关;适用 48. approve of (=consent to, be in favor of, favor, agree to, consider good, right) 赞成, approve vt. 批准 49. arise from(=be caused by) 由…引起. 50. arrange for sb./sth. to do sth. 安排…做… 51. arrive on 到达; arrive at 到达某地(小地方);得出,作出; arrive in 到达某地(大地方); 52. be ashamed of (=feel shame, guilt or sorrow because of sth. done) 以…为羞耻 53. assure sb. of sth. (=try to cause to believe or trust in sth.) 向…保证, 使…确信. 54. attach(to) (=to fix, fasten; join) 缚, 系 ,结 55. make an attempt at doing sth. (to do sth.) 试图做… 56. attend to (=give one’s attention, care and thought)注意,照顾;attend on(upon)(=wait upon, serve, look after) 侍候,照料 57. attitude to/ toward …对…的态度.看法 58. attribute…to…(=to believe sth. to be the result of…)把..归因于.., 认为..是..的结果 59. on the average (=on average, on an average) 平均 60. (be) aware of (=be conscious of , having knowledge or consciousness)意识到,知道. 61. at the back of (=behind) 在…后面 62. in the back of 在…后部(里面); on the back of 在…后部(外面); be on one’s back(=be ill in bed) 卧病不起. 63. at one’s back(=supporting or favoring sb.) 支持,维护; have sb. at one’s back 有…支持, 有…作后台 64. turn one’s back on sb. (=turn away from sb. in an impolite way) 不理睬(某人),背弃,抛弃 65. behind one’s back 背着某人(说坏话) 66. be based on / upon 基于 67. on the basis of 根据…, 在…基础上 68. beat…at 在…运动项目上打赢 69. begin with 以…开始. to begin with (=first of all) 首先, 第一(经常用于开始语) 70. on behalf of (=as the representative of) 以…名义 71. believe in(=have faith or trust in; consider sth./sb. to be true) 相信,依赖,信仰. 72. benefit (from) 受益,得到好处. 73. for the benefit of 为了…的利益(好处) 74. for the better 好转 75. get the better of (=defeat sb.) 打败, 胜过. 76. by birth 在出生上,论出身,按血统 at birth 在出生时; give birth to 出生 77. blame sb. for sth. 因…责备某人 blame sth. on sb. 把…推在某人身上 78. in blossom开花(指树木) be in blossom开花(强调状态) come into blossom开花(强调动作) 79. on board 到船上, 在船上, 上火车或飞机 80. boast of (or about) 吹嘘 81. out of breath 喘不过气来 82. in brief(=in as few words as possible)简言之 83. in bulk 成批地,不散装的 84. take the floor 起立发言 85. on business 出差办事. 86. be busy with sth.忙于某事 be busy doing sth. 忙于做某事 87. last but one 倒数第二. 88. last but not least最后一点但也是最重要的一点 89. but for (=without) 要不是. 表示假设 90. buy sth. for…money 用多少钱买 91. be capable of 能够, 有能力 be capable of being +过去分词:是能够被…的 92. in any case(=for love or money, at any rate, at any price, at any cost, whatever happens; anyhow)无论如何 93. in case (=for fear that) 万一; 94. in case of (=in the event of)如果发生…万一 in the case of 至于…, 就…而言 95. in no case在任何情况下都不(放句首倒装句) 96. be cautious of 谨防 97. center one’s attention on(=focus one’s attention on) 把某人的注意力集中在…上 98. be certain of (=be sure of) 有把握, 一定. 99. for certain of (=for sure )肯定地,有把握地 100. by chance(=accidentally, by accident)偶然 101. for a change换换环境(花样等) 102. charge sb. with …控告某人犯有… 103. in charge of (=responsible for) 负责(某事) in the charge of …由…管 104. take charge of (=to be or become responsible for)负责管理(照顾) 105. charge…for 因…索取(费用) , charge sb. with sth. 控告某人犯有… 106. round the clock(=all day and all night, usually without stopping) 昼夜不停地 高考书面表达必背词组 (1) 首先,尤其重要的,最重要的 above all 偶然,无意中 by accident 对(于)…很积极 be active in 合计为 add up to 承让错误 admit one’s mistake 接受某人的建议 take / follow one’s advice 就…提出建议 give advice on 建议某人做某事 advice sb. to do sth. 后天 the day after tomorrow 毕竟;终究 after all 违心 against one’s will 在…岁时 at the age of 实现目标 achieve one’s aim 在空中;悬而未决 in the air 在户外,在露天里 in the open air 在机场 at the airport 火警 the fire alarm 满腔怒火 be filled with anger 因某人之言行而生气 be angry at sth. 生某人的气 be angry with sb. 通知 make an announcement 相继地,按顺序地 one after another 相互,彼此(三者或三者以上之间)one another 相互(指两者之间)each other 没有回答 give no answer 为…而担心 be anxious about 急于做某事 be anxious to do sth. 分开住 live apart 除了 apart from 因某事向某人认错或道歉 make/offer an apology to sb for sth. 与某人争论某事 argue with sb. about sth. 放在一边 lay sth. aside 请某人指点 / 帮助 ask sb. for advice / help 惊讶于… be astonished at sth. 以前,曾经 at one time 注意 pay attention to 对…抱正确的态度 take a correct attitude towards sth. 引起(注意,兴趣等)

Ⅳ 初二第一学期英语第一课语法


Ⅳ 初二上册英语第一课语法点翻译。

人教版的吗?希望还是 for it的!有什么不对,就提出来

Unit 1

1. in space 在太空

2. on a space station 在太空站

3. fall in love with 爱上……

4. go skating/swimming/surfing/fishing

/boating 去滑冰/游泳/冲浪/钓鱼/划船

5. be able to 能……

6. the next World Cup下届世界杯

7. come true 实现

8. in the future 在未来

9. hundreds of数以百计

10. in people’s homes在人们的家中

11. every home每一个家

12. in every home在每个家里

13. study at home on computers在家中电脑上学习

14. be quite different from与…相当不同

15. differences between A and B


16. be free自由,有空

17. a piece of paper一张纸

18. two pieces of paper两张纸

19. on a piece of paper在纸上

20. live to be 200 years old活到200岁

21. in 100 years 100年后

22. use sth to do 用某东西做某事

23. be useful for sb对某人有用

24. more people 更多的人

25. fewer people更少的人

26. less free time较少的空余时间

27. less pollution较少的污染

28. use sth less较少的使用某物

29. be crowded with挤满……

30. in high school在高中

31. in college在大学

32. play the guitar弹吉他

33. be married to sb与某人结婚

34. a sports car一辆跑车

35. Beijing City=the city of Beijing北京市

36. the city of tomorrow未来的城市

37. describe sth to sb向某人描述某物

38. tall buildings高楼大厦

39. live in an apartment住在公寓

40. near here附近

41. take the train to sp坐火车去某地

42. take the train home坐火车回家

43. fly rockets to the moon


44. fly to sp飞去某地

45. the answer to ---……的答案

46. the key to sth某物的钥匙

47. on a visit to sp参观某地

48. really a beautiful city


49. as a reporter作为一个记者

50. find a job as a waiter找到一份作服务生的工作

51. live alone孤独的住

52. do sth alone孤独的做某事

53. feel lonely感到孤独

54. a lonely old man一个孤独的老人

55. hate to do=hate dong sth讨厌做某事

56. many different pets很多不同的宠物

57. keep a pet养宠物

58. keep sth closed/clean/safe保持某物关闭/干净/安全

59. keep doing一直做某事

60. keep sb doing 使某人一直做某事

61. keep on doing持续做某事

62. keep sth for two days借某物两天

63. ring the week在整个一周期间

64. look smart/worried/healthy看起来聪明/担忧/健康

65. wear a suit穿西装

66. on the weekend在这个周末

67. on weekends在周末

68. casual clothes随意的服装

69. dress casually穿的随意

70. one day一天

71. might even甚至可能

72. win the World Cup赢得世界杯胜利

73. next time下次

74. last time上次

75. the first time to do sth第一次做某事

76. for the first time第一次了

77. win awards=win prize获奖

78. next year明年

79. this year今年

80. do sth for fun做某事为了娱乐

81. work for oneself为自己工作

82. by oneself独自,独立

83. need to do 需要做某事

84. sth need doing某物需要做

85. one’s job interview某人工作面试

86. look smart for one’s job interview为了某人的工作面试而穿着时髦

87. wear a uniform穿制服

88. fly to the moon for vacations去月球度假

89. predict the future预测未来

90. no sound没声音

91. no sound in movies无声电影

92. the head of---……的头头,---的领导

93. one of ---一个……

94. movie companies电影公司

95. no one没人

96. see sb do sth看见某人做某事(全过程)

97. see sb doing sth看见某人正在做某事(正在做)

98. be used by sb被某人使用

99. most people绝大部分人

100.a place to do sth一个做某事的地方

101.one’s dream to do 某人做某事的梦想

102.less work更少的工作

103.get ready to do 准备好做某事

104.get ready for sth为……作准备

105.to do sth为了做某事

106.one’s own thing某人自己的东西

107.science fiction科幻小说

108.be like 像---一样

109.help with sth帮助某事

110.help do sth帮助做某事

111.try to do sth设法做某事

112.make sb do sth使某人做某事

113.do the same things as sb与某人做相同的事情

114.this kind of robot这种机器人

115.be fun to do 做某事好玩

116.It’s difficult for sb to do 对于某人来说做某事是难的

117.wake up醒来

118.wake sb up 把某人叫醒

119.there is sb doing sth有某人正在做某事

120.look more like---看起来更像

121.huge arms巨手

122.do simple jobs做简单的工作

123.over and over again一次又一次

124.get bored变得无聊

125.have sth to do有事情要做

126.some ----others一些---另外---

127.after sth/work/school/an earthquake在某事后/下班后/放学后/地震后

128.after doing sth做某事后

129.seem possible好像有点可能

130.electric toothbrushes 电动牙刷

131.seem impossible 似乎不可能

132.happen to sb 某人发生事情……

133.happen to do sth碰巧做某事

134.go through穿过

135.discuss with sb与某人讨论

136.useful rating 有用的等级



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