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㈠ 苏教版六年级上册英语书


㈡ 苏教版小学六年级英语上册每课的单词都是哪些

take a walk
keep off
shouldn't=should not
make noise
look around
pick up
come up


㈢ 苏教版小学六年级英语 所有词组

No smoking 禁止吸烟
No littering 禁止乱扔垃圾
No parking 禁止停车
Do not touch 禁止触摸
No eating or drinking 禁止饮食
Keep off the grass 禁止践踏草坪
Be quiet 保持安静
take a walk 散步
make noise 制造噪音,发出令人不愉快的声音;吵闹、发出嘈杂声
look around 游览;到处察看;到处寻找
pick up 捡起;获得;收拾

a diary 一本日记
a CD Walkman 一个随身听
a roll fo film 一卷交卷
a pair of glasses 一副眼镜
a mobile phone 一部手机

cook (food) 烹饪(食物)
collect (eggs) 收集(鸡蛋)
milk (cows) 挤奶(奶牛)
pick (the oranges) 采摘(橘子)
water (flowers) 浇水(花)
pull up (carrots) 将..拉出(胡萝卜)
taste (the oranges) 品尝(橘子)

(on) New Year's Day (在)元旦
(on) Halloween (在)万圣节
(at) Easter (在)复活节
(on) May Day (在) 劳动节
(on) Children's Day (在) 儿童节
(on) National Day (在) 国庆节
(at) Mid-Autumn Festival(在)中秋节
(at) Dragon Boat Festival (在)端午节
(at) Spring Festival (在)春节

a watch 一个手表
a teapot 一个茶壶
a wallet 一个钱包(特指男式的)
a calculator 一个计算器
a skateboard 一个滑板
a comb 一个梳子
a mirror 一个镜子
a hairdryer 一个吹风机

㈣ 苏教版六年级上册英语第二单元归纳知识点

Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark .
一、 记忆下列词汇
insect 昆虫 candy 糖果 chew 咀嚼 gum 口香糖 chat聊天 闲谈
hear----heard 听见 see----saw 看见 feel----felt 感觉
notice----noticed注意 help----helped帮助 stop----stopped 停止
make----made 使 have----had 使 let让 go to sleep入睡
used to过去常常 以前常常 terrible 极坏的 可怕的 terrorist恐怖主义者
terrify 使害怕 使恐惧 be terrified of 非常害怕 极度恐惧
Daily 每日的 日常的 on开着的 接通的 工作着的 airplane飞机
no more = not…. any more 不再 no longer …. not …. any longer 不再
be terrified of insects 极度害怕昆虫 Be afraid of the dark 害怕黑暗
fly alone in an airplane单独在飞机上飞行 remember them 记住他们
speak in front of a group 在组前面讲话 hate gym class 讨厌体育课
worry about tests so much 非常担心考试 wait a minute 等一会儿
eat candy all the time 一直吃糖果 chew gum a lot 咀嚼许多口香糖
stay in school all day 整天呆在学校 chat with grandmother 跟外婆聊天
take me to concerts 带我去参加音乐会 know how to swim 知道怎样游泳
really miss the old days正真思念过去的日子 get up early 起床早
used to be really quiet 过去常常真正地文静 be outgoing 是外向的
grow my straight hair long 使我的直发长长 look like you 看起来像你
move to another town搬迁到另一个城镇 make you stressed out使你有压力的
spend a lot of time playing games 花大量时间运动
go to sleep with my bedroom light on 卧室灯开着睡觉
change one’s daily life a lot 改变某人的日常生活许多
be interested in playing the piano 对弹钢琴感兴趣
1、be afraid to do sth害怕做某事.
be afraid of sth / doing sth== be terrified of sth / doing sth .
害怕某事/ 害怕做某事
(1) The girl is afraid of the dark .
(2) Her grandmother is terrified of being alone .
(3) Many children are afraid of flying in an airplane .
(4) My son is afraid to speak in front of a group .
2、(1)“动词不定式”的基本形式是 to + V原 ,但是有一部分动词后接“不带to的不定式” 。这些动词是:
hear----heard 听见 see----saw 看见 feel----felt 感觉
notice----noticed注意 help----helped帮助 stop----stopped 停止
make----made 使 have----had 使 let 让
(2) help sb to do sth . == help sb do sth . 帮助某人干某事
Stop to do sth . 停下来干某事 stop doing sth停止干某事
1、I saw that alt stay at home all day . 我看见那个成年人整天呆在家里。
2、The mother watched her daughter chew a lot of gums .
3、The soldier heard a psychologist talk to an alt .
4、He noticed that tourist go to sleep with her bedroom light on .
5、Let’s remember them . 让我们记住他们。
6 My teacher made my mother take me to concert我的老师让妈妈带我参加音乐会
7、I felt the boy be interested in playing the piano . 我觉得这个男孩对弹钢琴感兴趣。
8、Please stop to eat candy . 请停下来吃糖。
9、Please stop eating candy . 请停止吃糖。
3、used to + V原 “过去常常,以前常常”
↘ 动词不定式符号
其否定式: didn’t use to + V原
其疑问式: Did + 主语 + use to + V原
1、----The girl used to be quiet .
----Yes , he did . Now she is outgoing .
2、----Did you use to chat with grandmother ?
----Yes , I did . But now I’m more interested in playing piano .
3、----You used to send a lot of time playing game , didn’t you ?
----Yes , I did .
4、----Her daughter didn’t use to be terrified of insects , did she ?
----No , she didn’ t .
5、----The children used to get up early , didn’ t they ?
----Yes , they did .
一、 用所给动词的正确形式填空
1、It seems that the poor boy ______ ( change ) his daily life a lot already .
2、I’m too busy and tired . I really ______ ( miss ) the old free days .
3、The problem made us ______ ( feel ) stressed out .
4、Don’t ______ ( worry ) about tests so much . It will make you stressed out . 5、I ______ ( be ) afraid of the sea . I don’t know how ______ ( swim ) .
6、All the people saw that hero ______( fly ) in an airplane alone .
7、My friend made me ______ ( wait ) a minute .
8、The player used to ______ ( be ) friendly and outgoing .
9、Who is afraid of _______ ( move ) to another town ?
10、They are afraid ______ ( grow ) their straight hair long .
11、Let’s ______ ( watch ) English—language TV .
12、The children don’t know when ______ ( read ) the textbook .
13、Help the little boy ________ ( not make ) mistakes .
1、I used to be terrified of the dark . (一般疑问句)
______ you ______ to ______ terrified of the dark ?
2、The alt used to eat candy all the time . (否定句)
The alt ______ ______ to eat candy all the time .
3、Her aunt used to be interested in playing the piano , ______ ______ .
4、The old woman was really afraid of being alone . (同义句)
The old woman was really afraid ______ ______ alone .
5、Please don’t be terrified of your test . (同义句)
Please don’t be ______ ______ your test .
一、 记忆下列词汇
death 死 死亡 dead 死的 patient 有耐心的 忍耐的
cause造成 使发生 because 因为 himself 他自己 他本身
head teacher 校长 give up 放弃 waste 浪费 滥用
exactly 正 恰恰 no longer不再 take pride in 对……感到自豪
loud大声的 loudly大声地 clear 清晰的 clearly清晰地
slow慢的 slowly慢地 easy 容易的 easily容易地
quick快的 quickly快地 different不同的 differently不同地
attention 注意 专心 留意 pay attention to 对……注意
in the end = at last = finally 最后 终于 to one’s surprise 令某人惊奇的是
make a decision = decide 做决定 下决心 even though即使 纵然 尽管
make / made a difficult decision艰难地决定 to my surprise使我惊奇的是
change his life in the end最后改变他的生活 be very patient是非常有耐心的
cause problems for himself给他自己造成问题 be important 是重要的
feel good about himself 关于他自己感觉良好 feel necessary 感觉必要
be exactly a problem child恰恰是个问题孩子 look beautiful 看起来漂亮
become much more difficult变得更艰难 after his father’s death 在他父亲死后
no longer leave the school不再离开学校 no more waste his time不再浪费时间
talk with a head teacher跟一位校长谈话 send him to a school 送他到一所学校
as … as possible = as … as sb can . 尽可能
told his kind teacher 告诉他和蔼的老师
give up trying to help him 放弃试图帮助他
was not interested in studying 对学习不感兴趣
even though cause a lot of trouble 甚至造成许多麻烦
looked after him as well as she could 尽可能好的照看他
take pride in everything good I do 对我做的每件好事感到自豪
afford to pay for her child’s ecation 负担得起支付她孩子的教育费
try to make my mother pay more attention to me 试图使我的妈妈更多的注意我
fifteen—year—old 十五岁的 two—meter—long 两米长的
fifty—kilometer—far 五十米远的
2、give up + V ing 放弃干……
Don’t give up sending him to a school . 不要放弃送她去学校。
It is + adj + for / of sb + to do sth .
形式主语 引出sb 逻辑主语 真正主语
注意:该句型中,adj 修饰sb,用of ;adj 修饰to do sth ,用for

(1) It’s very important for parents to be there for their children .
分析:important 修饰to be there for their children , 用for
(2) It was necessary for him to talk with his mother .
分析:necessary修饰to talk with his mother , 用 for
(3) It is not easy for us to learn a foreign language .
分析:easy 修饰to learn a foreign language ,用 for
(4) It is very kind of you to help me . 帮助我你真好。
分析:kind修饰you , 用of
(5) It is very beautiful of you to wear jeans . 你穿牛仔裤真漂亮。
分析:beautiful修饰you,用 of
4、as …… as …… 与 …… 一样
↘原级 adj . / adv
as …… as possible = as …… as sb can 尽可能
↘原级 adj . / adv ↘原级 adj . / adv
(1) We must change his life as quickly as possible . (= as quickly as we can)
(2) She looked after her son as well as possible .( = as well as she could )
(3) The students should waste their time as little as possible .
(= as little as they can )
(4) The boy left the school as fast as possible . ( = as fast as he could )
(5) Please read it as clearly as possible . ( = as clearly as you can )
(6) Can you say it as loudly as possible . ( = as loudly as you can )
(7) We need as many time as possibe . ( = as many time as we can )
(8) We must make children get as much sun as possible .
(= as much sun as we can )
5、no more = not…. any more 不再
no longer = not …. any longer不再 ( 四个短语可以互换,不讲区别)
(1) He is a head teacher . (用no longer = not …. any longer改写)
He is _____ _____ a head teacher = He _____ a head teacher _____ ______ .
(2) The student always pays attention to airplanes .
(用no more = not…. any more改写)
The student ______ ______ pays attention to airplanes .
= The student ______ ______ attention to airplanes ______ ______ .
(3) We take pride in that hero . (用no more = not…. any more改写)
We ______ ______ take pride in that hero .
= We _____ take pride in that hero ______ ______ .
(4) The alt wasted time . (用no longer = not …. any longer改写)
The alt ______ ______ wasted time .
= The alt ______ ______ time ______ ______
一、 用所给的动词的正确形式填空
1、The problem boy used to ______ ( cause ) a lot of trouble .
2、Last week a conversation with his mother ______ ( change ) his life .
3、My life ______ ( not become ) more difficult this year .
4、I ______ ( not afford ) ______ ( pay ) for my son’s ecation yet .
5、His mother ______ ( look ) after his son as well as she could .
6、A girl ______ ( be ) not interested in ______ ( study ) now .
7、I am very patient . I _______ ( not give ) up _______ ( try ) ______ ( help ) my son later on .
8、Don’t ______ ( send ) him to a boy’s boarding school .
9、One day he _____( tell ) his parents he wanted to ____ ( leave ) home .
10、We should ______ ( take ) pride in everything good I do .
11、Listen ! Oue head teacher ______ ( talk ) with a psychologist .
1、Martin is ______ problem child . A、fifteen year old
B、fifteen—years—old C、fifteen—year old D、fifteen—year—old
2、Teachers should pay as ______ to problem children as posible .
A、more attention B、much attention C、much attentions D、
3、The foreigner is talking with us as ______ as she ______ .
A、more slowly , can B、slow , can C、slowly , can D、slowly , could
4、Please don’t give up _______ us .
A、try help B、to try to help C、trying to help D、trying helping
5、______ is very important _____ us to feel good about ourselves .
A、That , for B、This , of C、It , for D、It , of
6、The psychologist made a difficult decision ______ the problem child’s life A、decide , change B、decision , to change C、decision change
.7、It was necessary _____ me _____ for my son’s ecation .
A、of , pay B、for , pay C、for , to pay D、of , to pay
8、I _______ English slowly ______ . A、not speak , any longer
B、don’t speak , no longer C、don’t speak , any longer

㈤ 苏教版小学六年级英语上册语法有哪些

我们教的是人教版 ,所以无法帮你。

㈥ 苏教版六年级上册英语第一课至第十四课重点 和重点单词, 句子 ,语法。还有练习题回答好了给超高分




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