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1. 求一篇英语作文 250字 在线等

There is a 25 minutes running exercise for high school students ring class break every day. Maybe there will be several opinions on this.
Some will think that it is wasting their studying time. But some get this relaxing time. Others will feel too tired to go on studying after that. etc.
In my opinion, 25min exercise is an suitable relaxing under high pressure study atmosphere. Well known that "we must work hard in high school, otherwise arrive a goal to good university will be a dream forever.". So almost nobody want to waste any time to do anything unrelated to study. But no one can work day and night, still day and night, still...still... We need to relax no matter how busy we are. Suitable relax can help us to release pressure. Then we can work more efficently with a happy mood. Then we yield twice the result with half the effort. So I support the issue

2. 一篇200个单词左右的英语作文并指出其中用了语法的句子及用了什么语法。急!!!

Generally speaking, I think working experience more or less are needed, such word, can be in we will the job have to certain recognition and for we can find a good job is very favorable.

But not to have working experience to get a good job, if you have this ability - the new work ability, such is the job experience will appear insignificant.

So, different people speaking, relative working experience sometimes is optional. As long as you are willing to do this job, I believe you will get more experience.
宾语从句 定语从句。。。。。

3. 英语作文 250字 谢谢了

生与死的距离,对于一条狗来说,它无法参透,它只相信,他的主人会回来。 它的如一注流水,一点一点在车站的青石台上年复一年地流逝。作为一只狗,它有它的原则,不离不弃,不论生老病死。它卧在那里,十年,透彻成一种风景。死生契阔,与子成说。
What is loyalty? There are many answers for us. But there never was such a story make me so to understand the meaning of loyalty.
Yesterday I saw a movie called: "faithful dog small eight", the protagonist Hachi is a from Japan to the United States of a dog.One of the professors found it, and put it back home, began to take care of it, and also taught many things in it.
Their relationship is very good, the professor went to work Hachi would follow him to the train station, Professor Hachi will come back from work at the train station waiting for him, never change.
Until one day, the professor has a heart attack, died, never to the station waiting appeared in Hachi. But Hachi doesn't know it all, has been waiting for the professor's return from work, so for the last time, until the Hachi died the moment
This is a very touching story, the place I want to go to the Hachi willwait until it Professor Hachi, perhaps really teach back to me is: the meaning of loyalty is that we should not forget that everyone loved
The distance between life and death, for a dog, it cannot fathom, it only believe, his master will come back. It's like a water passage,one point one year after year in Taiwan station on bluestone. As a dog, it has its principles, never abandon, regardless of sickness and death. It lie there, ten years, well into a kind of scenery. For life or for death, however separated, to our wives we pledged our word.

4. 求250字英语作文写法



5. 英语作文 250字

As we all know. In this world, there are poor people and rich people. The wealth nations are rich and happy. They have fresh food, good ecation and everything. However, in the poor nations such as Africa, they don't have such things. They don't have fresh food; they don't even have enough water to share around.
Most of the African kids die when they were born. There are diseases everywhere. They don't have clothes, no enough medical services... There are some lucky African families who get a chance to go to another country, such as Australia. Australian government gives them free houses, free ecation and welfares per week. Despite of this, there are still a lot of African families who can't even eat at least 2 meals each day. I think the African government should response that, it is their job to keep their citizens happy, they should give the poor families at least 100 dollars per month or more. They should look after their citizens, they should give the young kids a school, get them ecated and they should have hospitals so the citizens can solve their medical problems. They can't just let the other wealth nations help them all, the government should at least do all the best they can to help their citizens.


6. 英语作文250词要写几个段落

In china,people believe that,at the beginning,the tiger and the cat were friends,and the cat was much smarter than the tiger .The cat learned the physical skills quickly,and the tiger was always behind.Graally,the tiger had to learn from the cat,and the cat was patient to teach the tiger.Day after day,month after month,finally,the tiger could also run,jump,roll,grasp,tear,and strike as well as the cat.
One summer afternoon,the cat was taking a nap as the tiger sitting nearby.Looking at the cat,the tiger suddenly thought,why should he keep befriending with such a small animal since he had already learnt all the skills from the cat?The evil tiger decided to kill the sleeping cat as a before dinner snack.The tiger stood up and approached the cat viciously.Just as this moment,the cat woke up.Opening up her eyes,the smart cat immediately realized what the tiger was trying to do and swiftly jumped onto a nearby tall tree and climbed to the top branch.
The tiger thought he had already learned every skill from the cat .But he never knew that the cat had hidden the tree climbing from him.
“I kept the last technique of the tree climbing from you just because I suspected you might be can ungrateful friend.” The cat loudly told the tiger who watched under the tree helplessly.
The Rabbit and The Wolf’
One day a rabbit was walking near the hill.He heard someone crying,‘Help!Help!’It was a wolf.A big stone was on the wolfs back.He cried,"Mr.Rabbit,take this big stone from my back,or I will die."
The Rabbit moved the stone from the wolfs back.Then the wolf jumped and caught the rabbit.
“If you kill me,I will never help you again.” Cried the rabbit .“Ha,ha!You will not live,because I will kill you." said the wolf.
‘I helped you.How can you kill me?It’s unfair.You ask Mrs.Duck.She will say that you are wrong." said the rabbit.“I will ask her,” said the wolf.
So they went to ask Mrs.Duck.The ck listened to their story and said,” What stone?I must see it.Then I can know who is right.“So the wolf and the rabbit and the ck went to see the stone.
"Now,put the stone back," said Mrs.Duck.So they put the stone back.Now the big stone is on the wolf’s back again.
That’s all for my story.Thanks for listening.
一天,兔子先生正在山坡附近遛哒,他听到有人在呼救:“救命呀!救命呀!”他这边瞧瞧,那边望望,他发现了可怜的狼先生,一块大石头掉下来压在狼先生的背上,他起不来了.他喊道:“兔先生,把这块大石头从我背上搬开,要不然我会死的.”兔子好不容易把大石头从狼背上搬开,这时,狼跳起来,把兔子叼在嘴里.“如果你吃了我,”兔子叫喊着,“只要我还活着,我再也不帮你的忙了.” “你不会活了,”狼说,“因为我要吃了你了.” “好人是不会杀救过他命的恩人的,”兔子说,“这很不公平,你去问鸭子夫人,她很胖,她样样事情都通晓,她一定会说没有一个好人会干出这种事情来.” “我去问她”,于是,狼和兔子到了鸭子家.狼说:“当兔子先生在山坡附近坐下时,我抓住了他,因此,我要吃掉他.现在你来谈谈你是怎样想的吧.” “我从他的背上搬开好大的一块石头,”兔子说,“因此,我说他不应该吃掉我,因为我救了他.现在你说说你的看法吧.” “什么石头?”鸭子夫人问.“山附近一块石头,”兔子说.“我必须去看看,”鸭子说,“如果我连那块石头也没有看见,那我怎么说得出我的看法?”于是,狼、兔子和鸭子一起去看那块石头.现在你知道结果是什么了.

7. 英语作文250字左右

I don't agree with this opinion.
First of all, I admit the richer and more now on the society have of some people's lives are not happy. But become richer and more on is the necessity of historical development result. Is the entire human most choice, is our personal can change and choice. Secondly wealth and advanced technology greatly enrich our life, cars, trains, planes, buildings, mobile phones, computers, and other advanced procts have changed our life fong is, let us realize backward and poor cannot get convenient and quick. We have entered a new era and has adapted a era. I can't imagine if return poor and less advancedsocieties, without advanced transportation and communication tools, how do we live. Finally, even in the poverty and backwardness of times, there are still many people cannot obtain happiness, there are lots of people need to face a variety of problems. That wasn't a good society, or social also won't have evolved into position.
Anyhow, the richer and more now on the society is better than poor and less on the society. We cannot of negation of him

8. 关于写 我 的英语作文 250单词

一: Autobiography
My name is ___. I am graate from ___ senior high school and major in ___. There are ___ people in my family. My father works in a computer company. And my mother is a housewife. I am the youngest one in my family.
In my spare time, I like to read novels. I think reading could enlarge my knowledge. As for novels, I could imagine whatever I like such as a well-known scientist or a kung-fu master. In addition to reading, I also like to play PC games. A lot of grownups think playing PC games hinders the students from learning. But I think PC games could motivate me to learn something such as English or Japanese.
My favorite course is English because I think it is interesting to say one thing via different sounds. I wish my English could be improved in the next four years and be able to speak fluent English in the future.
I am . I was born in . I graate from senior high school and major in English. I started learning English since I was 12 years old. My parents have a lot of American friends. That’s why I have no problem communicating with Americans or others by speaking English.
In my spare time, I like to do anything relating to English such as listening to English songs, watching English movies or TV programs, or even attending the activities held by some English clubs or institutes. I used to go abroad for a short- term English study. During that time, I learned a lot of daily life English and saw a lot of different things.
I think language is very interesting. I could express one substance by using different sounds. So I wish I could study and read more English literatures and enlarge my knowledge.

9. 250字的英语作文!急!!

A Main Traffic Problem and the Solutions to It
As we all know, the volume of traffic is growing at a surprising rate in our country.In big cities,such as Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou and Shenzhen,the situation of traffic is even worse.It is reported that the continuoly increasing new cars in these cities come out on the road day by day,which has caused a big problem,the traffic jams.Everyday,especiall ring rush hours,the traffic jams are everywhere.different kinds of cars,one by one,fill up the streets.There is even on room for walk.It's quite often that people are late for work or school thanks to the traffic jams.But to our great delight,our government has realized the problem and has been taking some measures to solve it.For example,more and more roads are being built,the subways have been put into use in big cities,like Beijing,Shanhai and Guangzhou.Besides,when going out,people are encouraged to take a bus or underground instead of driving a car,which can lighten the pressure of the transportation. What's more,we can cut down the traffic jams by improving our city tranportation system.



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