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『壹』 英语四级考试写作必背范文140篇的目录

第一部分 大学英语四级考试·写作相关信息剖析
第二部分 必背范文140篇
1.The Advantages of Travel 115
2.Wrork and Health/16
3.The Rush to Cities/18
5.Protecfion of Environment/22
6.Internet and Privacy/23
7.City Life or Rural Life/25
8.Dictionaries and Students/27
10.Young People Should Have Ideals
11.The Harm of PC Games/32
12.Ambition and Action/34
13.How to Get Along with Your Roommates/36
14.We Should Respect the Elderly /37
15.Should Class Auendance Be Required/39
16.How People Spend Their Leisure Time/41
17.Sports and Games/42
18.Intemet and Our Life/44
19.Travel Alone or Travel with a Companion?/46
20.Keeping a Diary in English/47
2.Campus Lectures/51
4.My View on Job-hopping/54
5.Sense of Humor/56
6. Why Do Some Animals Die Out?/57
7.Parental Hopes and Personal Ideals/59
9.Making Friends through the Internet /62
10.How to Make FuU Use of Reference Books/64
12.The Expansion of Enrollment/62
13.On Dieting/68
14.On Hardships/70
15.The Functions of Music in DailyLife/71
1.Keeping a Good Mood/74
2.The Role ofMigrant Workers/76
3.Holiday Economy/77
4.The Importance of Social Practice/79
5.Reading——The Best Way to Acquire Knowledge/81
6.Skipping Classes on CoHege Campus /82
7.Choosing Careers/84
8.Certificate Craze on Campus/86
9.Fast Fbod/87
10.Craze for Civil Service Examinations/89
11.Multi-media Teaching Protocols/91
12.Knowledge and Diploma/92
13.Learn How to Learn/94
14.College Romance/96
15.Appearance and Capability/97
16.Cheating in Examinations/99
17.Should CoUege Students be Tutots?/101
18.How to Prevent Energy Crisis/102
19.A Witness of a Theft Incident/104
20.A F00d Poisoning Accident /106
1.Salary or Interest/109
2.Haste Makes Waste/110
3.Failure Is the Mother of Success/112
4.The Graate Mania/113
5.Environment and Development/115
6.Campus Extracurricnlar Activities117
7.Universitv Students’Pursuit of Famous Brands/118
8.School Tuition/120
9.Shopping Online/122
10.Learning:A Lifelong Career/123
11.On Punctuality/125
12.Is it Necessary to Attend Training Classes?/126
14.Manners on Campus/129
15.Mutual Understanding/131
17.A Joy Shared Is a Joy Multiplied/134
18.Silence Is Golden/135
19.Ecation for All/137
20.E-mail or Letter-writing?/139
1.Read Good Books/142
2.The Career I’d Like:Teaching/144
3.The Prevalence of Western Holidays/145
4.HOW Will Our Life Go on without Internet?/147
5.Blood Donation without Repayment/149
6.Psychological Problems of University Students/151
7.The Rise of“Shanzhai”Culture/153
8.Part-time Jobs/155
9.HOW to Deal with Peer Pressure/156
11.111e Popularity ofBlog/160
12.How to Improve Public Morals/162
13.Where There Is a Will Theye Is a Wav/164
14.Going Abroad to Study/166
15.More Academic Pressure Does Harm to Health/167
17.Blindly Worshipping Stars/171
18.How to Deal with Depression/173
19.Depend on Yourself/175
20.It’S Time to Stop Software Piracy/176
22.P0pular Music/180
23.Petroleum Crisis /182

『贰』 英语四级作文高分范文背诵:如何度过一个有意义的周末

I have met so many friends in my college life. They have exerted enormous influence on my life. However, one of my most impressive friends is my roommate, Li Ming. In the class meeting on the first day of school, Li Ming did not impress us at all. We started to notice him because he was always late for classes. We were thus impressed by his laziness. I came to know him and his situation because we were roommates and spent much time together: his mother was seriously ill and sick abed in long-term, his father left him and his mother mercilessly. Hence, it was him that shouldered the heavy burden of taking care of his sick mother supporting the whole family. Finally, under great pressures, he balanced his life and study perfectly: he was no longer always late, took good care of his mother and even won the scholarship many years in a row. The experience of Li Ming can be one of the most convincing cases of the power of persistence and will. He left a deep impression and imposed a rable influence on me. Indeed, friend such as him can be regarded as asset and property in our life. We have rights to choose our own friends,but we should also be prudent and sensible enough to choose friends who can bring us “positive energy”. 在我的大学生活中,遇到了很多朋友。他们对我的人生产生了重大的影响。然而,我印象最深的朋友是我的室友李明。在开学第一天的入学班会上,他没有给全班同学留下任何印象。李明让我们开始认识他,是因为他总是上课迟到,同学们都以为是个懒惰的人。因为我们是室友,平时的交往比较多,后来我才慢慢了解到他的情况:原来他的母亲罹患重病,长期卧床,父亲残忍地离开他们而去,照顾生病的母亲和养家重任只能由他来承担了。令人惊讶的是,在重压之下,他将自己的生活和学业平衡地很好:他不再总是迟到,将妈妈照顾的很好并且连续几年获得奖学金。李明的经历是坚持和意志的作用的最有说服力的例子之一。他给我留下的印象无法磨灭,他对我造成的影响持续深远。的确,这样的朋友被视为我们生活中的财富和资产。我们有权利选择自己的朋友,然而交友的过程中,我都应该足够理智和谨慎,选择那些能够给我们带来正能量的真正的朋友。

『叁』 求::::大学英语四级写作经典范文背诵100篇文本!!




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