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quiz to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn /《哈克贝利·费恩历险记》课后练习题

1、What is the source of the fortune that Judge Thatcher is keeping in trust for Huck?

A:Buried treasure

B:Huck’s father’s life insurance policy

C:A robber’s stash that Huck and Tom found in a cave     

D: An inheritance from Huck’s mother

2、At the end of the novel, which character informs the others that Jim is actually a free man?

A:Aunt Polly   




3、Which of the following symbolizes bad luck to Huck and Jim?

A:A shed snakeskin   

B:Jim’s hairy chest


D:The wrecked steamboat

4、Which Wilks sister is initially suspicious of Huck?

A:Mary Jane   




5、How does Huck know that Pap has returned to St. Petersburg?

A:Tom tells him   

B:Pap visits Judge Thatcher to demand Huck’s money

C:The authorities determine that the corpse found in the river is not Pap     

D:He sees Pap’s boot print in the snow

6、What is the name of the wrecked steamboat on which Huck and Jim encounter the robbers?
A:The Royal Nonesuch   

B:The Walter Scott

C:The Mississippi Queen     

D:The New Orleans

7、What is Jim’s initial destination when he and Huck start downriver?

A:New Orleans   

B:An Arkansas plantation

C:St. Louis     

D:The Ohio River

8、Where does Huck hide the Wilks family gold?
A:In Peter Wilks’s coffin   

B: In the basement

C:In a mattress     

D:In an old cabin in the woods

9、Down which river do Huck and Jim travel?

A:The Missouri   

B:The Mississippi

C:The Ohio     

D:The Chattahoochee

10、What event sets off the final gunfight between the Shepherdsons and the Grangerfords?

A:The death of Harney Shepherdson   

B:The theft of the Grangerfords’ cattle

C:Sophia Grangerford’s elopement with a Shepherdson     

D:An insult to Colonel Grangerford