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Five Famous Symbols of American Culture 课文结构分析/text structure analysis

 The overall structure of the passage is listing: the author listed five famous symbols of American culture. Each symbol is parallel to another or there is a matching relationship between the symbols. The five symbols are put together to support the central topic of the reading passage — Five Famous Symbols of American Culture.
    For each part of the passage, the author centers on one specific symbol, dealing with it from different aspects such as who created, what the creator was, how he created, when, and how the symbol was accepted, etc. One of the threads that cannot escape our attention is that the author always tries to present the story according to the time sequence. 


Five Famous Symbols of American Culture




The Statue of Liberty (Para. 1)

Who created the Statue of Liberty and what was he? When? What is the purpose to create the statue? What do we know about the creator?
Who and what: Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, French artist
When: In the mid-1870s
Purpose: Celebrating US independence and the France-America alliance
About the creator: He was in love with a woman whom he married in 1876 in spite of his mother’s objection. 
Para. 2


How did he create the Statue of Liberty?
It is said that he had used his wife’s arm as the model, but felt her face was too beautiful for the statue.So for the face, he chose his mother’s.
Para. 3


When did the creator finish the statue? How did he like the statue?
In 1886; the creator called it “my daughter, Liberty”.
Para. 4

 Paras. 1- 4


Barbie Dolls (Para. 5)

Barbie’s real name: Barbara 
Para. 6


The creation of Barbie: The model for Barbie was a German doll;the new version was named after Barbara, who was then a teenager.
Para. 7

How do people feel about Barbie?
Barbie has become the universally recognized Queen of the Dolls.
Barbara is said to have loved the doll but Ken, Barbara’s brother, was disgusted by the doll.
Paras. 8-10

  Paras. 5-10

American Gothic (Para. 11)

How do people feel about American Gothic?
Nan remarked that the painting saved her from a very boring life.
Para. 14

 Paras. 11-14

The Buffalo Nickel (Para. 15)

What do we know about American coins? Who created the Buffalo nickel?
American coins honor prominent figures of the US government but the Buffalo nickel has three actual American Indians as models. It was James Earle Fraser who created the Buffalo nickel.
Paras. 16-17


How was the Buffalo nickel created?
As most of the buffaloes were killed, James Earle Fraser was forced to sketch an aging buffalo from New York City’s Central Park Zoo for the coin.
Para. 18

 Paras. 15-18

Uncle Sam (Para. 19)

What is the origin of Uncle Sam?
Uncle Sam came from someone who was called Sam Wilson. Sam Wilson joined in American Revolution at an early age and at 23, he started a meatpacking business. During a later war in 1812, he supplied the army with meat stamped “EA-US”, identifying the company (EA) and country of origin (US). Then it was said that US stood for “Uncle Sam” and Uncle Sam soon earned his fame as a figure supplying the army.
Paras. 20-21


How did the portrait of Uncle Sam come to be known?
After the war, a character called Uncle Sam became popular in political cartoons, which came from an earlier cartoon character called Brother Jonathan. Then years later it was an American artist, James Montgomery Flagg who created the most enduring portrait of Uncle Sam, a tall man with white hair and a small white beard on his chin, a dark blue coat and a tall hat with stars on it.
Para. 22

 Paras. 19-22