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英语作文范文: My Ideal Friend

英语作文 title: My Ideal Friend
    Time limit: 40 minutes
    Word limit: 120~150 words

    Your composition should be based on the OUTLINE below and should start with the given opening sentence: A friend is better than wealth, but also is worse than poison in some cases.

                1. The good and bad effects of friends
                2. Your opinion about ideal friends
                3. Conclusion

My Ideal Friend

    A friend is better than wealth, but also is worse than poison in some cases. The above sentence contains two opposite statements and seems to be unreasonable. However, we can explain it as follows: the latter implies all evil friends who induce us to go astray and the former implies all good ones who lead us towards the right way.
    My ideal friends are of course the good ones whose goodness is shown below: he has no bad likings, such as smoking or drinking. He lives in frugality. He studies diligently so as not to waste his golden time. At home he honours his parents and love his brothers; at school he venerates his teachers and sympathizes with his schoolmates. He treats those truly who are true to him. He never speaks of others抏vils nor boasts of his won merits.
    In a word, all his characters are better than mine. I can follow him as a model. By his precept I am persuaded to go the right way. By his warnings I am aware of the danger of doing a wrong action. With his help I am free from all difficulties. Indeed, if I have such person as my friend, I shall never fear any difficulties, and I shall never know the existence of the word "failure".